As remote workers, hybrid workers work from home, sometimes workers theres something for everybody out there. There are some big themes and cut across a lot of the laptops and tablets and computers that were seeing here at ces 2022. I think the primary thing is were finally getting systems that are designed around what were doing now, which is hybrid work and remote work going to the office, sometimes in hotel desking, and that includes things like having a full hd 1080 resolution webcam as a default, which We really have not had in a lot of systems up until now, even though were doing these web meetings and video meetings. All the time were also seeing a lot of gaming laptops with amd chips, a lot of new stuff. There were seeing a lot of laptops and tablets that have gpus whether its nvidia or amd or the new intel arc. That dont really look and feel like gaming laptops. That hardware is getting into a wider range of systems and another interesting theme is secondary screens are getting another turnit bat. For years now, weve occasionally seen pc makers try to put a second screen into a laptop either inside, like next to the keyboard or on the back of the lid theyve, never really taken off. I would have thought everyone would have given up on that by now, but weve seen several laptops this year that have that secondary screen again. Ironically, this video was a lot easier to do last year for ces 2021, because we all knew the show was going to be remote and pc makers could send their products to me and my team to look at the checkout to get hands on with this year.

For ces 2022, i think the decision was made by a lot of companies and a lot of us not to go to las vegas in person kind of late in the game. So our impressions of a lot of these laptops come from the spec sheets from seeing the companies post their own videos about them and talking to them about them. However, there are some that we did get a chance to go, see in person and check out and that definitely helped us form our opinions. One of the laptops i did get a chance to go see in person was the dell xps 13 plus now the xps line has always been one of my favorites. It gets a little bit better every year. The 13 inch model is a really good macbook air alternative, but this year dell decided to make a more premium version, theyre calling the plus well, what makes it plus there are a bunch of design differences. There are some component differences. I think the first thing youre going to notice is the fact that theres no touch pad per se, its just a big long piece of glass covering the entire front lip of the laptop now thats, not all touch pad. The actual touch. Sensitive part goes from kind of the alt key on this side to the alt key on this side. You have to develop some muscle memory. I think over time to figure that out, but i like the look and the function key row on top, has been replaced with a capacitive touch strip that does the function, keys and then flips and does the media keys? You might say its a little bit like the touch bar on macbook pros that has been discontinued now, i think, thats a legitimate criticism.

I think this is a little bit easier to use because theres only two sets of buttons and you dont have to try to figure out whats happening contextually every time. That said, i think they took these out, so they could fit higher power components inside this can support more powerful cpus than a regular xps. 13 can and also to keep it thin. Theyve taken the top layer, the protective layer of glass off the screen basically reduced. One of the layers and kind of the sandwich that makes up the display dell says thats not going to affect the ruggedness of it were going to have to wait and see, but overall its a really nice looking package, theres one weird little caveat about it: its One of the first laptops ive seen that completely eliminates the headphone jack, which we thought was really scandalous when it happened in phones many years ago, but we got used to it so maybe well get used to it in laptops. Also one of hps more premium lines is the elite. Dragonfly theyve had windows versions of that for a couple of years and its a really nice system and the gen 3 they had at ces 2022. Also very nice. You can get a big 3000 by 2000 resolution. Oled screen on it, but i was more interested in the hp elite, dragonfly chromebook, because its a very rare premium, business chromebook and its the first chromebook. I think that supports intels vpro, which is a platform that basically lets your it department remotely manage your system and not having that is a real deal breaker for a lot of big companies if they want to get chromebooks in peoples, hands which may make a lot Of sense, but if the chromebooks dont support their business needs and their it needs, then you cant do it, so i think this system will help businesses get more used to using chromebooks, which, frankly, remote schooling has taught us, are frankly really good for a lot of Things its also interesting to note the windows version of the new dragonfly is a clamshell laptop.

The chromebook version is actually a two in one one thing im seeing a lot of at ces this year is that the really premium gaming laptops are going amd and ryzen versus nvidia and intel. A great example of this is a new alienware, m15 r5 ryzen edition, and that has got the latest parts from amd inside and, of course, its a big 17 inch screen, which we always like in gaming laptops. So inside you can get the ryzen 9. 69. 80 hx cpu and the rx 6850m xt gpu, and if you dont know what those mean those are just amds latest parts and frankly they promise to be very power efficient. So this could be one of the first 17 inch gaming laptops that actually gets okay battery life, but its not only big screen, laptops that are doing interesting. Things in gaming were seeing some more unconventional forms. Weve got the asus flow z13, and that is a gaming tablet. A very rare thing i remember seeing some gaming tablets years and years ago. They didnt really work out this time inside this tablet. You can get up to an nvidia 3050 ti gpu, which is frankly pretty good, especially considering its all packed into that slate form, but you could also add an external gpu box and asus makes one of those. Also thats, where you put a desktop cpu in like the separate box with its own power supply, and then you plug it into your device to get that extra gpu power.

And then you just unplug it and just take the slate part with you when you dont, want to carry the whole thing around. Lenovo always has a lot of interesting things for ces im, going to be a little bit of a contrarian here and say that our pick for the best thing is not um a fancy consumer system or a gaming system, its actually the thinkpad z series theyve got The z13 and the z16 13 inch and 16 inch models that are really really evolved. Business laptops the things that really stood out about this that we liked were, you can get 16 by 10. Oled displays number one. Oled is cool number two: 16 by 10. I think is more useful for remote and hybrid work, because you get a little bit more uh vertical space there, especially when youre viewing documents and doing a lot of paperwork online. That means a lot and theyve also got those full hd webcams. I talked about that. Are really important to have these days theyve got ir facial recognition and theyve even got haptic touch pads, which gives you a little kind of you know, force feedback based on how youre, using the touch fan thats. Something else were seeing show up in a few systems. This year and i think its really cool another really interesting gaming laptop, we saw was the asus zephyrus duo 16.. Now that is one of those laptops thats, adding a secondary screen thats, why its called the duo? I guess, because its got the 16 inch main screen its got a long kind of strip screen below that thats.

14 inches diagonally 4k resolution, its a touch screen and when you open the lid that that secondary screen moves up into position underneath it and i guess in games, you could move like maps or inventory of things onto it or if youre doing productivity things you can Move certain menus or or rough text that you want to copy and paste from down there theres a bunch of different ways to use it as a secondary display, its not the first time, weve seen this or even the first time, weve seen this from asus. But this years model with updated components and a really nice big screen size and a really nice secondary screen size, i think thats really impressive. Those are probably the overall favorites among my team. We did have some honorable mentions, though, im definitely going to give a nod to the alienware x14, which is a really thin gaming, laptop from alienware a new screen size from them. They used to make 13 inch gaming laptops. I always thought were really cool. They dont make those anymore. Now they got a 14 inch, which is kind of the same thing. Its main selling point is that its 14.5 inches thick, which is you know, pretty thin its a little bit heavy about four pounds and you can fit up to an nvidia rtx 3060 inside im. Also going to give an honorable mention nod to the azus zenbook 17 fold, weve seen laptops and tablets with folding displays before a couple years ago.

They were all the rage, everybody had a prototype, nothing really came of most of those. This is an ambitious new version of that, where its a 17 inch display, but its that flexible type of screen kind of like a galaxy fold phone has so you can fold it over. You can either leave it, set up as a big 17 inch screen and put a wireless keyboard in front of it kind of like a little all in one system, or you can fold it over and have an on screen keyboard on the lower half and a Screen on the upper half its about a 12 and a half inch size laptop, if you do it that way, is it going to be practical? Who knows, i think we havent worked out all the kinks of folding screens, but the ones ive seen ive liked, and i like the idea of having a really big one im, also going to give a nod to two other lenovo systems, the yoga 9i, which is Really, the flagship of the yoga line, its got a redesigned hinge with a 360 degree, sound bar in it. Its got some new function keys along the side, so you dont have to do the function and hold down a function. Uh the fn button and hold down a function key to do something: uh and also the 7i, the yoga 7i, which frankly, is not as fancy, but we think is spec for spec the best bang for your buck in this product line.

Right now and im also going to give an honorable mention nod to the acer swift xs, a new 16 inch size, the swiftx has always been you know a very thin, very attractive laptop line id like that. This is one of the first laptops were seeing. Maybe even the first with intels new arc graphics, which is intels latest, not quite a discrete gpu, but not integrated graphics, something thats supposed to be a step up. I have not had a chance to test any arc systems in person, yet im really looking forward to it and having that in a nice 16 inch screen could make this a good laptop thats. You know an everyday multimedia and work laptop, but can also do some. Gaming were gon na have to wait and see, but i am excited to check it out. So these were some of the most impressive laptops we saw some based on in person, impressions, some based on reading the specs and looking at videos of them that we saw at ces 2022. I think that were going to continue to see laptops evolve as we go through this year and we figure out.