My new mac mini so i’ve got a macbook pro. I have since 2009 it’s mac os x ancient. It runs on coal and it’s kind of starting to struggle with those big files. Now i do still use it day to day i decided to go for a desktop, because i’ve realized that i don’t really take my macbook anywhere. It stays on the stand in the corner of my desk plugged into a screen has done for several years. The mac mini has the m1 processor it’s got a lot in a very small package, and the value for money is great, 699 dollars or pounds all the way up, depending if you get the the larger ssd so i’m going to unbox it see what’s inside. I did make a slight error on my first video, so i’m, just gon na narrate. The rest apologies feel free to stay till the end. You’Ll get a bit of wholesome love, a random little story. Perhaps it’ll make you smile and also feel free to subscribe and like and that’ll help me out loads hope you enjoyed the video when you first go onto the website, you’re going to see lots of numbers, it’s going to be colorful you’re, going to see six times Faster 15 times faster, but really it’s a lot of power in a very small unit and that’s. What you’re purchasing let’s go into the unboxing in true apple fashion? You’Re not going to get a lot of fuss in the boxing it’s going to be tight, it’s going to be small, and you shouldn’t expect more than perhaps the unit and a power cable plus some paper.

Let’S have a look and see what we’ve got m1 core processor, 8 gig memory, 512 gigabyte, ssd 2 thunderbolts hdmi, ethernet, headphone jack and it’s, only 1.2 kilograms, it’s, nice and light. This is really ideal for those compact or tight desk setups. Perhaps something you might move around occasionally as well, it might be a bit fiddly if you’re constantly taking out usbs because there’s only ports in the back, but it shouldn’t be too bad, perhaps with an extender. A slicer open apology, there’s no noise, but this is a second recording because i messed up the audio in the first one, so we’ll take the film off and we’ll see what is inside. Now, admittedly, i have quite big hands, but really you can tell the size from here i won’t throw out measurements but hand comparison, it’s, not very big, so let’s perhaps take the lid off a bit of suction and see if it drops out eventually, eventually nearly there And there you go so classic mac setup right. On top, it looks exactly like every other mac, any macbook, nice and cool to the touch, the aluminium, and you got your little tab. Squeeze right in to the box. No fuss just going to pull up the tab and pop it right out. So you’ve got your standard bit of paper fodder what’s, going to be inside a bit of booklet, see what the mac looks like some poor explanations, the usual stuff, no fuss and then we’ve got the other usual bits.

Some legal jargon some stickers, perhaps as you’d, expect in an apple product and that’s about it, then you’ve got your cable. The cable is actually a really really lovely material, really strong. You can tell it’s, durable and it’s just a better quality. It’S apple you’re, gon na get good quality product, so let’s have a look again hand. Size, i’ve, got big hands, but still it’s, a really nice feel but it’s exactly the same. They got it right. The first time, 10, 12 years, they’ve used the same materials same, feel save curves. It feels great. It feels like a quality product that 1.2 kilograms is weighty, not too light. So you know there’s a bit of quality in there as well. So let’s have a look around you’ve got the light at the front on switch most likely. You can tell if it’s on or off around the sides, no fuss at the bottom you’ve got a kind of plasticky feel to the bottom. I think it’s just to lift it off the surface. Embossed with mac mini a nice touch and then really we’ve got all the ports at the back that behind this sticky tape, so we’ll pop that sticky tape off and there you go – apologies if it’s slightly dark. So straight off the bat on the left: you’ve got your power, switch power, cable entry and then you’ve got some thunderbolts right. There you’ve got a couple of those hdmi is standard and then two usbs and a 3.

5 millimeter jack, so nothing exciting. But enough to play around with now, because it is at the back, it can be a bit fiddly and i’ve been using it for a couple of days now i am constantly adjusting the usbs got myself an extender and a multi usb just so i don’t have To play around with it too much so the overall quality of build is fantastic it’s. What you’re gon na get for an apple product, it’s built very well it’s, solid it’s got the same designs. It has for years, and they got it right. They keep reusing it and, in my eyes, it’s brilliant it’ll look really smart on my desk. It does look really smart on my desk and i definitely recommend it if you need something small and powerful here’s. Some wholesome love isn’t that just lovely good on him.