Now its been a long time since weve had a mini console in our hands, you know its been a long time since the the Sega Genesis mini one, I think, was the last one that I can even remember getting. I know theres been a few that have come in since then um, but Im actually so happy that Sega went back and made another another one of these. First of all, just look at the form factor of this thing, its so tiny, its so cute, especially because you can generally play with all the little compartments and its definitely made to scale and look made to look exactly like. You know. The the Sega Genesis console that Im the most nostalgic for which is, you know the Sega Genesis model 2.. I think a lot of people um would kind of fall into the same candidates as well. Even though we had a Genesis model, one in our household, we did actually quickly upgrade it to the the model 2 when it became available. So I do really enjoy this console a lot. I love the form factor, but lets talk about the mini console itself. What you get within whatnot now, quick heads up, youve, probably noticed already from looking at my unit here. I am working with the Japanese model, but after talking to some of my friends who got the North American model, I can assure you that everything Im going to say here pretty much applies to the North American model.

The only difference is some of the games that are included in this one, because the Japanese version are different than the North American version, but otherwise the interface the way the games play. All that is exactly the same. So, first up with this mini console, you get over 50 games included with the console expanding both the Genesis and Sega CD and I honestly think its a great lineup. First of all, I think the North American lineup is really good um. If you are looking, for you know, side scrolling action games, things like you know the two Shinobi games, revenge of Shinobi, as well as Shadow Dancer uh, you also get stuff like desert, strike this cool, like isometric helicopter game um. You also get you know stuff like vector Band 2 and Shining Force 2 and a lot of really good games. You also get Sonic 3D Blast. If you really want that um, but I actually really like and Im actually kind of happy with the the the Japanese model, I actually like the library on the Japanese model, a lot um. There are a lot of weird games on the Japanese model that well talk about a little bit that you know I never played before uh, but I certainly got a chance to play here, but one of the cool things about this console – and I love that Sega. You know put put this much detail into this. Is that uh they decided to give you um different variations of the console depending on what region you want to select.

So, for example, again on this Japanese console, it normally comes in Japanese as the base language, and it gives you um the look that of the the Mega Drive 2 to match kind of the box that came out in Japan with all Japanese box art for all The games and it plays all the games in Japanese if you want to play it that way, but you can actually change the menu to English and when you do that, it gives you the Sega Genesis menu instead, which again is the same menu you actually. That comes you know, by default on the North American unit and then gives you access to all the games in English that are available on the console in English. Again in the Japanese version. Not all the games got a North American release. For example, weve got the the working designs games that, unfortunately, are not the English versions. They only have the Japanese version so unfortunately lunar looter, 2 pop full mail, like all those games, would have been awesome to play, but unfortunately, even though they did get a North American release um outside of Japan, when, when the console launched, I mean I actually do Have you know boxed copies of that of lunar and lunar 2 on my shelf here um? The problem is, you know the the rights to those are kind of stuck in development hell with uh with working design, so unfortunately they werent able to get them for this console.

So, unfortunately, we dont have the North American versions of those games available to us, which is why they dont appear on the North American console. They are on the Japanese console only likewise. Youve also got games like Shinigami pensei on here, as well as some trivia games and stuff that again, just didnt get North American translation and they didnt do new translations for this collection or anything like that which, which I I kind of wish, they did. In all honesty, especially a game like shimagame tensei, I would have loved if they went back and did that, especially because uh were gon na get into it a little bit, but they they brought out. Unreleased games, as well, as you know, tweets certain games that are in this collection and I would have loved to see you know some of the games get localizations for the first time in this collection. I think that would have been really sweet, so the collection itself, pretty good collection, as I mentioned, both across the Sega CD and the Sega Genesis side. Youve got you know my highlights: anyways from this collection, Sonic CD, one of the best Sonic games of all time. Its actually my personal favorite Sonic game of all time, um youve got shining four CD, one of the best strategy role playing games of all time in this collection also super expensive. If you want to buy um the actual CD for a Sega CD, its really really really solid, very expensive, um youve also got shining in the darkness, a really good first person role playing game uh and if role playing games arent your thing youve had outrun.

I was like a really fantastic racing game. Uh that I really enjoy Ranger X is a really solid action. Uh side, scrolling game youve got all kinds of amazing games in this collection, and I actually think like this collection, even though I think its still its missing a lot of the Heavy Hitters that were on the the previous, you know mini console because I think Sega Just didnt want to duplicate um on any of the the ver, the games that were already included in the first console. I think what you get here is a pretty solid collection of Genesis games and honestly, there was also a lot of stuff in in this collection. As well, that I didnt even know was a thing, or I kind of learned about for the first time as well, and a lot of that obviously was on the on the Japanese side, with the Japanese games. Definitely on the North American unit. Um begin selection. There Im much much more familiar with um, but getting to to play some games for the first time is just super interesting and I didnt know that game freak did a Japanese, only Sega Genesis game that was like a side, scrolling action, platformer um, but thats in This collection, if you have the Japanese it didnt, actually make it to the North. American Genesis Mini 2. If you got that model, but it was super fun to play too, and you can totally play it.

You know not understanding the dialogue thats there, because there is some talking between the characters um, but for the most part I found I had a great time playing that game, despite the fact that I couldnt read the Japanese and you know what little was there, I Could, in theory, just whip my phone use, Google Translate and have it do its best to translate the text. Word honestly, I actually thought it that was like a good solution for some of the stuff. I actually tried that out on uh lunar, for example, a game that I know super well um because uh, you know, although a lot of the dialogue kind of by heart at this point, because I played that game so many times and the translation using Google translate Was actually pretty close to what I know from the North American version? Obviously, though, there are some games I wish we would have gotten in here. Besides, you know the North American working designs games, for example, snatcher, is an obvious one. From from Konami, I mean that game has been stupidly, expensive for a long time, just just because it had like a rare print run, but also because its an amazing game from hideo Kojima and its one that just most people, just havent played um and thats thats. Like such an obvious oversight in this collection, or even you know stuff like haunting uh starring polder guy, I would have loved to see here.

Uh Zombies Ate My Neighbors uh from lucasfilm, especially because that did just get a re release. I would have loved to see them put this in that collection, because weve actually seen that before from other companies, um them kind of do like a re release, um and then it appearing in the Genesis mini. We saw that with the original Genesis mini with the the Konami collections came out already at the same time as the Genesis mini did, but we had Castlevania, Bloodlines and, and you know, Contra hardcore in there um, both of which had received. You know newer collections for those games, so I would have loved to see you know, even though that the excuse would be oh well, you know they just dont want they just want you to buy the zombies aint. My neighbor collection theres precedence for this before I would have loved to see something like that in there um also just Im gon na throw it out there. I would have loved to see more FMV games from the Sega CD. I mean in the North American version. Youve got um, sewer shark and then Night Trap are the two most famous ones and then the Japanese bottle. It only has Night Trap um, although you know, obviously, almost all of the Sega CD games involve FMB cutscenes of some kind um, but I would love to to see more of that stuff like I would have loved to see.

The pen and Teller game would have been awesome, especially because that didnt get re released. This would have been a great way to put this out there or something like Tomcat alley. Um or you know, Ground Zero Texas, like stuff like that, would have been like really cool again. Those games are like super cheesy, but theyre also kind of kind of fun to play honestly. So I think, if anything they might have been actually more playable than something like date. Trap is in this collection because you know, if, for anyone, whos never played Night Trap before its just one of those things where the newest Night Trap collection is just so much more playable because um, you can see all the surveillance camera feeds at once. So its a lot easier to get through the game plus, I love those cinematics in HD versus what we have here. The Sega CD version is actually just really hard to play, and you really just have to have memorized everything in order to be able to beat that game Lets also talk about some of the customization options you have in here um. So, first of all, you can by default the games play at 4×3, which is obviously the way you should play them, but you have a 16×9 option if you want to stretch the the games out. You know theyre not natively, built for 69, but you can certainly play that game them that way.

If you choose to do so, all the games support save states as well um, so you can definitely save. However often you want to um or definitely you know, spam save states if you want to do that. One of the nice things too about the included controller here is the mode button on the top of it that Im clicking here. That actually opens the menu for the Genesis Mini 2, and you can actually then use the sub the the saves right from there. So theres actually an included button on this controller, specifically used for that um. None of that, but youve also got different borders and if you dont, like just black borders, you also have the ability to select between um the sound for the games sounding like a Genesis. Mini or sorry, the the Genesis model 1 or the model 2 because they did have like a slightly different sound to the the sound cards of the two consoles. So you do have that option in there. If you choose to do so again by default, you know its set to the Genesis model 2 and I actually think that thats probably the best way to play it. But if you prefer the model one sound, you can definitely do that as well and theres. A lot of you know cool little features and stuff like that that I love with this console and little tweaks that they went along the way again it definitely.

You could definitely feel like the love from Sega, like someone from Sega obviously really cares about this stuff and cares about. You know the the Genesis and really wanted to put together like a great pack overall package like this is the overall package that you get here. Not just from the games are concerned, but you know the interface itself to the way the games play because they play with very little latency, like I really didnt notice, much latency going between This and like a analog Mega SG um. There might be like a millisecond or two, but beyond that you know its nothing, nothing. You know thats gon na distract from the way these play a um and the games just visually look good as well. On top of all that, so I really love all the Care and attention that went into this package. On top of that lets talk about those control. Well, because you know I mentioned this in the unboxing video um and I definitely felt it while playing it. This controller is a little bit tinier than the original. You know. Six button controller Ive got the the retrofit one here, um, which is also a little bit smaller than the normal one, but its like, oh its only by like less than an inch, whereas this one, the one thats included, is definitely much smaller um. So for someone like me, whos got like really long like piano Fingers um. It actually made like kind of crept up my hands a little bit uh for long plane types using this controller so um, I definitely kind of switched back pretty quickly to the Retro bit USB controller and again, if youve got a USB Genesis, controller of any kind, Whether its three buttons or six buttons, you can totally use it with this console, not a problem uh, I mean Im just glad that they included this six button controller with the console, especially because we do have.

You know Super Street Fighter 2 turbo in here, as well as some of the other Japanese games. Take advantage of it like the sumo wrestling game or Ranger X, actually takes good advantage of this button controller, so Im glad that they included it here. But if youve got bigger, hands, youre going to want to get your hands on one of these controllers or just another USB Genesis, controller of some kind, one thats, you know more comfortable with your hands. So overall, what do I think about the Genesis? Mini 2? I mean, if Im being completely honest here, I think that this is probably the best mini console Ive ever played in my entire life. I love this console so much again its gotten. Given me, you know new introductions to weird and wacky Japanese games. I also love, you know the way that the North American games play on here. Um, I just like the game selection. A lot. I love the interface. Just everything about this console was worth every dollar I spent on this. This is going to be a great addition to my my library Im, probably going to definitely be pulling this out every once in a while to play some of these games. Of course, I also have you know a mega SG and I do play a lot of games there as well, because I do like to play a lot of Genesis, games and Sega CD games, but having someone like if I want to play a game, thats included In on this collection, Im gon na go back and just pull this out, rather than you know, playing it on my mega SD, especially something like shining 4cd, which I actually again have the CD4 or on my shelf, but obviously with the price of that game.

I dont want to always pull it off my shelf to play it especially causing you know, wear and tear to the CD and stuff like that um. So, if Im gon na ever play Shining Force CD again, its probably gon na be on this console. Instead of you know, pulling out my CD and playing it that way, no, not too it just takes up so much less space than the Genesis with you know the Sega CD attachment and stuff like that. So again, any of the Sega CD games that are in this collection Im, just gon na opt to play them this way, because the most convenient way to play those games and again they run really well here they sound great. They play great. I just dont have anything bad to say about this console other than I just wish. I just wish we had more. I just wish we had more stuff in it and I know thats a lot to ask and I dont I mean I hopefully, even though this means, because weve got another model of the Genesis out there, weve got the Genesis model 3. like I would love to See you know like Sega, go back and do another one of these, even if they wanted to copy like the CDX model or like do one with like 32x games and stuff, like that. I think this idea is great and I think Sega really likes these mini consoles, so whether or not they move on to the Dreamcast or do Saturn or they do another Sega one um.

I just really really like this console and Im glad Sega. Just put so much effort into this one and honestly I I am kind of sad that youre not really able to pick these up anymore, because I know you know if you didnt pre order, one um the link is just down and youre not able to get These anymore, so which is too bad because I know they made them in like a super limited Supply. So this is something I wish more people would have been able to get their hands on its probably not worth. You know the insane act, asking price Im already seeing on eBay for this product um, so its just one of those things where, if you were able to snatch one up, awesome and uh. Unfortunately, if you werent able to Im sorry to say that sorry to report that this is actually a really awesome product, anyways thats, going to do it for my review of the Sega Genesis Mini 2. But what do you think about this mini console? Let me know in the comments below also, let me know what Sega does that Nintendo? I would love to hear from you as for me, you can find me on Twitter at Ryan turford. You can find us on Twitter at carpool gaming right here at, carpool gaming and on podcast services around the globe. Im Ryan turford. This has been our review of the Sega Genesis, Mini 2.