Even the cheapest iPad can be a pretty decent productivity machine, while gaming laptops can almost match the power of their desktop siblings, and now that Windows 11 has proven very stable over the past year. Its a perfect time to give somebody a new pc upgrade as usual. First and foremost were going to recommend the Dell XPS 13., not to sound like a broken record, but its been one of the best Windows Ultra Portables you can buy for several years, and this year Dell has streamlined its design to be even Slimmer and lighter than Before the result is a laptop thats easy to carry all day and the joy to behold, thanks to its incredibly thin screen, bezels its been upgraded to a lower wattage Intel 12th Gen processor, which means better battery life without sacrificing much performance and the XPS 13 can Also be configured with an OLED screen, which makes it a good gift for somebody who wants a bright and color accurate display if youre looking for more performance and an even more striking design, Dells new XPS, 13 plus, is also a great gift option. For most users, though, the standard XPS 13 will still be a fantastic laptop now, for an apple alternative were going to recommend the Apple MacBook Air with the M2 processor. This is the follow up to Apples M1 MacBook Air from last year and we think its even more impressive thanks to its thinner designs, larger 13.

6 inch screen and a rocking quad speaker setup. If you are feeling a bit bored by Apples, older Design. This is the upgrade youve been waiting for, while its still fanless the M2 MacBook Air remains one of the fastest Ultra Portables around itll handle pretty much all of your productivity tasks and even a bit of media creation like editing, video and audio and photos without breaking A sweat and if youre, looking for more of a deal, Apples M1 MacBook Air is still a very compelling laptop, especially when it goes on sale when it comes to tablets were still recommending Apples base iPad. The newest model is basically a stripped down iPad Air. It has a new flat Edge design, a faster processor and a more convenient front facing camera, starting at 449. Its a great deal more expensive than the previous model, but all the upgrades also make it far more future proof and if you pair the iPad with Apples, new magic keyboard folio, you can even tackle basic typing email and productivity work. Now, if you cant stomach the higher price – and we cant blame you last years, 329 dollar model is still a fantastic deal, its fast enough for most users, and it also has a few keyboard accessories for riders for something a lot cheaper, wed recommend Amazons Fire HD 10. now Amazons fire tablets are basically just video first Android slates, but they also prove you. Dont have to pay a ton to buy a useful tablet anymore.

Last years, fire hd10, which is still being sold now, is a bit faster than before has 50 faster memory and features a slightly brighter screen and as a bonus, theres a Bluetooth keyboard accessory that can turn it into cheap productivity tablet. But its core selling point is the same as always: it can tackle most tablet tasks easily and starting at 149 dollars. It really wont cost you that much. There are also some kid centric fire tablets that are worth considering, which come with a more durable case and two years worth of free Replacements. Now for the gamer in your life, you really cant go wrong with the Razer Blade 15.. You can really take all the praise weve given this computer over the past few years and apply it to the latest model. Razers Flagship gaming. Notebook still has a Sleek unibody aluminum case and it packs in the latest CPUs and gpus, including nvidias top end. Rtx 3080 tie and thanks to improved screen choices, you can also gift models with fast 1440p displays which require less horsepower to run than 4K screens. If you care more about portability for a gif, take a look at the Razer Blade: 14: a sub 4 pound notebook sporting amds latest processors for another spin on gaming laptops wed, recommend asuss excellent zephyrus G14. We recommended this a few years ago for the holidays and its back, and it finally has a webcam which fixes one of the big flaws from the original model.

The G14 remains one of the best 14 inch gaming laptops around with the power of amds ryzen. 9. 6900 HS chip and either Radeon 6700s or 6800s Graphics, thats, pretty impressive for computer. That starts at just 3.6 pounds. You can choose between 1080P 144 Hertz or 1440p 120hz screens, both of which look fantastic. The G14 can look flashy with its rear LED panel, but you can also do double duty as an attractive productivity PC its a gaming machine that really wouldnt look out of place in a lecture hall or meeting room which makes it great for students or office workers Who dont want to draw too much attention, while theyre watching twitch streams in class for a great entry level laptop, were recommending Microsofts surface laptop go 2.? We call this computer basic, but in a good way in our review and that pretty much says it all its a 600 computer with the design language of Microsofts, excellent, surface laptop and some slightly lower tier specs. We love that it has a better CPU than last year, as well as faster storage and improved cooling, its the ideal computer for a high school student who doesnt need high end components and wants a sturdy computer that can last a days worth of classes and Beyond. And if youre looking for a great budget gaming machine well recommend Dells g15 gaming, laptop weve been huge fans of Dells budget g15 laptops for years, and the latest model is no exception.

It starts at 900 and includes a 12th gen Intel Core i5 chip and nvidias RTX 3050 Graphics. You can scale it all the way up to an I9 CPU and RTX 3070 GPU, all the while staying well below the price of many comparable gaming machines. The g15 isnt, as Sleek as the Razer Blade, but its a sturdy and reliable computer that will serve any budding gamer well, if youre, looking for more laptop and tablet gift ideas check out our reviews and gadget.com. If you dug this video, please be sure to like And subscribe Music.