Weve got new hardware from intel, amd, nvidia and even apple these days. Even the basic ipad can be a really useful productivity device, and there are just so many gaming laptops that can fully replace a desktop for many people. Weve also got the introduction of windows 11 this year, which makes it a good time to get somebody a new computer, because older pcs wont be able to run that os at all Music. Now, if youve been following our coverage over the last few years at all, you probably wont be too surprised by my first choice and thats. The dell xps 13. weve loved this computer for years, its been among the best windows ultra portables that weve ever seen, and it just consistently gets better and better. The design hasnt changed much since last year, but thats not a bad thing. Its still really thin and light has a really great build quality and the very thin screen bezels around the display, i think, are just among the best that you can get in the industry. You can also equip the xps 13 with intels latest 11th generation processors this year and also oled, so thats really useful for somebody who needs a very bright and color accurate display. Youve just got a lot of options to choose from. You could probably get a decent deal for last years: model with 10th gen intel chips as well, so thats always useful if youre trying to save a couple bucks and if youre looking to give something thats a little larger.

The xps 15 is still a fantastic productivity. Laptop, it has a bigger case, of course, and a much bigger display. That means it can fit in better hardware, certainly faster chips and gpus, which is useful for people who are doing some heavy duty work check out our review of the xps 15 oled edition to see just how great that screen is on the mac side were still Going to recommend the macbook air that hasnt changed at all since last year and i dont think thats a huge deal. The m1 is still a very powerful chip, for you know a computer, this size it is completely fanless, so it wont make any noise once it gets working and it has very, very good battery life, its also powerful enough to play every single apple arcade title thats Out there itll handle the basics of productivity work, so it makes a really excellent gift. Since its a bit older, you can also find the macbook air m1 on sale quite often, so that makes a really smart gift choice and if you want to gift an apple product, but you cant go all the way to a whole new computer. The basic ipad model is still very good and honestly kudos to apple for continuously, making this machine better and better every year. It now has an a13 processor it ships with double the memory as it did before. So the 329 dollar model now comes with 64 gigabytes of storage, while the 479 dollar model comes with 256 gigabytes, so thats a lot of space thats more than enough storage to fit every episode of bluey and several seasons of sesame street.

You know the stuff that will help you survive a very long car trip and sure the design hasnt really changed much, but that really doesnt matter at this point, its still a very capable tablet, and you can also equip it with accessories that make it more suitable To kids, there are a whole bunch of kid friendly cases that just make it a lot tougher. Another great tablet option is the amazon fire hd 10. weve always liked these laptops, because theyre very capable, while not costing too much either so its a good balance of practicality and utility, while also not really breaking the bank this year. The fire g10 is a bit faster, has 50 more memory and has a slightly brighter screen too. It just really excels at the basic things. Youd want a laptop to do so. You know watching video binging on netflix and maybe playing a few games too. Its low price makes it a really good option for kids and even for younger kids. There are also models that are specific kids additions. Thatll offer worry free replacements and slightly stronger cases, so keep an eye out for those too Music. Now, if you want to be somebodys absolute favorite, this holiday season, you could just gift them the razer blade 15, which has consistently been one of our favorite gaming laptops. You could pretty much take all the praise weve, given this computer over the years and just roll it into this new model.

It still has a gorgeous unibody aluminum case. It has the fastest hardware around including intels latest chips and up to nvidias rtx 3080 gpu, and you know its just very nice, its very elegant. It is the equivalent of what a macbook pro would look like if it was an absolute gaming monster. There are also a lot more screen options this year too, including 1440p display options. I really like those because theyre sharper than 1080p screens but theyre, not as intensive as 4k screens, if youre trying to run a game, natively uh for gamers. That just means you can actually get a decent amount of performance um, you know without breaking the bank like you used to and if youre looking for something slightly more portable, the razer blade 14 just came out this year, its also a fantastic machine. It has an amd processor and videos latest graphics. We reviewed it so be sure to check that out im a big fan of it. Another solid gaming gift option is the asus zephyrus g15, now its a good option for a gamer who wants something? Maybe a little more flashy than the razer blade and its also available in many different price points too, so you can often find them cheaper than what the razer blade starts at. Basically, though, what i really love about the g15 is that it just does everything youd want a good gaming laptop to do it has amds latest processors.

Nvidias latest gpus has a solid keyboard, excellent screen, theres, just so much going on with it that i just really like it as a complete package. The only thing it doesnt have is a webcam, but i think any aspiring streamer will be using a webcam thats external anyway. So thats not gon na be a huge deal unless you do a lot of video calls and if youre looking for a good option for maybe a student or a younger kid consider a chromebook. The best chromebooks are cheap sturdy and you know powerful enough to handle basic schoolwork and office work. Acers chromebook 512 is one of the better options. Today it has a spill resistant keyboard. It has a very sturdy case which is great for being tumbled around. It also has very strong keycaps that can resist being pulled off very easily its intel celeron n4000 chip isnt the fastest around by far, but you know its enough to do some decent google docs work. Do some web browsing its certainly enough for a kid to take the classroom and just follow along during the day, i think best of all its really inexpensive as well its around 200 bucks, so its not a big deal if a kid ends up destroying this somehow And another option: im just going to throw out there in terms of like a great overall computer for school and for office work is the microsoft surface laptop for weve, always liked the surface laptop line, and you know its better than ever.

The sierra has faster processors, of course, what i really like about it is that its basically a very complete package. It has one of the best keyboards on the market. I really wish more pc makers will kind of adopt what microsoft is doing with this keyboard in general, the surface laptop is just like a very attractive and sturdy machine that, i think, would make anybody happy if they got it as a gift. This year, the 50 inch model also packs in newer amd processors, which you know can let somebody do a decent amount of overwatch gameplay if they want. Hopefully, these choices will help you narrow down your gift options, but we also review a ton of laptops and tablets over in gadgets, so check out the rest of our reviews.