Tell you why this HP victus is the best gaming laptop that you can buy under 60, 000 rupees, but first things. First, you get this big box and you get this cardboard casing very environment friendly, and then you have this laptop covered in plastic, not so environment friendly and you have this charging brick and a power cable. I really wish laptops came with just one good slim charger, because it becomes a hassle to carry this big charger everywhere, like the tech has upgraded, MacBooks have one single small charger. Even the real me laptop has a single small charger. Laptop manufacturer should seriously upgrade and theres also a few paperwork. I wish there were stickers or something gamery RGB lights. Now it looks like a normal laptop sharp edges, and it is big now well come to this build quality and all in some time and Ive been using the laptop for about a month now so Ill share. My practical experience, because I found some really good pros and some cons that you should know before buying this laptop, but before we get to that heres a quick word from our sponsor surfsharkvpn, fair thing. We have been using surfsharkvpn before they even approached us for this video now youre, obviously being tracked on the internet for everything that you browse or watch. So there are two important reasons for which you should get surfsharkvpn number one. Subshackvpn works on all websites seamlessly with good privacy, and you can even unlock content from other parts of the world that are not available in India.

Heres. A good video for that number. Two sub shop VPN starts as low as 130 rupees per month, but you get unlimited device access, so you can share it with your friends and family now sub shop you can partner with us and for team TW. You get 83 off and three months free. If you subscribe at surfshark.comizer for 83 off and theres also 30 days, money back guarantee so theres no harm in trying, but the biggest advantage of this laptop is its performance, which is pro number one. So this comes with the ryzen 5 5600h processor, 6 cores and 12 threads 8GB ddr4 Ram 512gb SSD storage and RX 5500m dedicated GPU for the price. These are some of the best specs you can get now. I know these processor names are very confusing. So listen carefully Ill say it in simple words: we have ryzen 3 ryzen, 5 ryzen 7 and ryzen 9 higher the number better, the performance and more costly. It is so straightforward, but now you have the U series and Edge Series. So, U is good for web browsing writing documents and watching videos, its pretty low power, low performance and the edge series can handle games at full HD with medium to high settings as well as play 4K videos and fun fact: h means high performance and, u means Ultra performance, but Ultra performance is not as fast as high performance and then there is also HX and HS series anyways back to the laptop day to day simple tasks like browsing.

The web running multiple Chrome, tabs, 10 15. It can handle those with ease, but almost all laptops can do that so whats so special here. Well: firstly, it can handle video editing pretty smoothly so see here. I have a Premiere Pro project file open. Now, if I drag and drop the videos on the timeline, there is no lag, even if I scrub through it can handle it pretty. Well now, let me add a layer of color grade and see. It still gives me a smooth playback and we also ran some benchmarks like cinebench R23, and it has a good score. It scores slightly below I5 12th gen, and this is the 3D Mark score, which rates the GPU. So this is better than 1650 and slightly below RTX 3050.. So in short, it can handle video editing tasks pretty well. But yes, this is only 8 GB Ram. So if you intend to do more heavy video editing like 4K editing After Effects graphic rendering Etc. I would suggest upgrading it to at least 16 GB and you can manually open the laptop it doesnt void the warranty, and this is where the extra Ram slots go, and this is the SSD card slot. Now normal games like CS, go and Valor, and you can easily play on this machine so well test some heavy again. So first of all lets start with Cod Warzone, which is kind of a medium heavy game we are at recommended.

Settings lets go so we are getting constantly around average 74 75 FPS, but now lets move to a little more demanding game, Forza Horizon 5, the best racing game. As of now in default settings at full HD Im getting a pretty stable, 60 FPS. Now, yes, you cannot crank up the settings to ultra or enable Ray tracing and all of that those are not possible with the RX 5500m GPU, but you will get a good gaming experience at 1080p on medium to high settings on most modern titles. Another point I should mention is: it has a longer wake up time like see here. If I open the lid, it takes around two to three seconds to wake up, and you will be doing this thing multiple times every day, so you will definitely notice this delay. Okay, another good thing about this laptop is the ports. It has all the necessary ports like to the right. There are two USB 3.0 ports on the left. You get another USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, ethernet, Jack headphone jack and a type c Port. Also, there is an SD card reader, which is the nice inclusion, because a lot of people buy a gaming laptop for video editing as well, and the SD card slot comes really handy, nice, one and also you get a type c Port. But there is something very interesting about this Ill get to that in a moment: okay, Pro number three keyboard and the trackpad.

Firstly, this comes with a full size keyboard, so you get the normal Keys function keys as well as the entire numpad on the right helpful for gamers or, if you do excel. Also the keyboard is backlit. So, if youre working at night its helpful, although it has only one brightness setting, also there is some deck Flex, nothing major, only a slight bit. Second, the trackpad is pretty smooth like Ive, been using this for a month now, and I have had no issues. No accidental touches also the trackpad is Big, so scrolling, swiping and all its fluid and windows has gotten much better in that track. Ipad game, like with the recent Windows update you get this four finger. Gesture like I can increase and decrease the volume smoothly. With this four finger gesture, I can even change tracks if I swipe left with four fingers and if I swipe right with the four fingers number four display, so you get an IPS display and it is a really good display like see here Ill play a YouTube. Video, it looks very good and even if I watch it from any angle, the colors and all they are pretty good. Also this is an anti glare display. So if I have a light behind me – and I turn now, if you see it, doesnt reflect on the screen and the display is average in brightness like for this price. It is a good display, if only it had 144 Hertz refresh rate, but at 57 000.

I wont complain, but what I will complain about is the size of this display, which brings me to the first con build quality like firstly, the display alone is 16.1 inch display most normal laptops max out at 15.6 inches, and just to give you a perspective, this Is a 16 inch MacBook Pro and if I keep it on top of this, its is so comparatively big, and if you see here it weighs about 2.4 kg – oh my God, so carrying this laptop around with you every day to the office or college. It is a bit of Hassle and secondly, this hinge isnt sturdy at all. So if youre using it on a desk like a desktop, it is fine. But if you use it on your lap, like a laptop because you bought a laptop and then when you type it wobbles quite a lot and if you have the habit of shaking your leg, its do what I saw many other reviews on Amazon. They had the same problem with HP, Victors laptop and thats. Not all remember that interesting thing I mentioned with type c. There are two icons over here on the USB port one. This Ss icon is a normal, USB 3.0 icon, which means that a high speed SSD can be connected to this. That is good, but this other icon. This looks very similar to the Thunderbolt icon, but it is not, and you would assume it will charge through this type c Port.

But if I connect a Type C charger to it, see nothing happens. I dont know what this second icon exactly means, but this type c Port is just for transferring data, and this is slightly wrong from the brand. Second, would be speakers like just to give you some perspective. We have the realme laptop, which cost more or less the same than this laptop and Ill pay, the same song side by side, Music, Music. So if youre, watching movies or listening to music alone, its okay. But if youre putting it in a hall and listening with two three people, youll have to use a Bluetooth speaker, the only good thing about the speaker is. It is positioned over here, so it is directly facing the user, but then again whats the point. If the speaker quality is poor and thirdly, is the battery life so on full charge under normal load like web browsing and all you will get around six hours of battery life. But if youre doing heavier tasks like photo or video editing, then that can come down to as low as 2 3 hours and if youre gaming well dont even think about doing it on battery, you will always have to connect it to the power else. You will have very low battery life and you will also encounter frame drops here and there well listen carefully. If you want to buy a new laptop, I would recommend stay away from GTS 1650 because as per 2023 standards, it is pretty good.

So if you have a budget of around 60 000 by default, you wont dont get that many options like this HP. Vectors currently cost 65 000, but it keeps going down to 55 56 000 recommended for performance and video editing, or else there are various HP vectors models. You can get the same: ryzen 5600h laptop with RTX 3050 graphic card or the SNS player 7 that we reviewed. You can see that video over here here, whichever you can get under 60 000 and let us know which laptop you want us to review next.