Today, we’re going to be checking out the msi gf75 thin uh. This computer is a new computer with the 30 series in it, uh it’s, actually sorry it’s a laptop when i rephrase that uh but yeah let’s just get into the unboxing okay guys we’re gon na flip over. As you can see, the top here has a seal we’re gon na get out the trusty old knife outside okay. So we are in the box right now. As you can see, the actual packaging for the msi laptop is right here on the front. Let’S pull it out of this. Like other box there, it is the msi logo on it and everything, as you guys can see here really nice with the dragon logo and stuff. So this computer does have the actual 3060 in it and it has a intel i7 for the processor, which is really good for the time right now, so let’s lay it down and actually open. It has two latches and stuff here, open it up. We have just this case, got some foam and stuff and there is the laptop right there, but let’s not get into that too soon, because on this side we actually have some cables here, uh open that up. So this looks to be part of the charging cable. As you can see on their previous uh laptops, like the one i have currently, it has this type of input into it and they’re into its actual charging brick.

So this is part of the charging cable let’s. Put that to the side. The laptop’s in here let’s get that out, see if there’s anything else. There is there’s some manuals and stuff. We should probably look at that, but uh that’s for later open this up and yes, we have the power brick here, which is much slimmer design than the previous pro power bricks. I can show you my laptop right now. Here’S the picture actually has a huge power. Brick this one like can fit in my hand, and it looks really slim so let’s move the box aside since there’s, nothing else in it the laptop here. Hopefully, you guys could see it. This is my first time in this type of setup, uh laptop here, we’re gon na slide. It out actually not slide it. This is expensive there. It is. You can see the reflection of you guys there so laptop here. We got some really nice, like steel finish on it. Almost i don’t know if you could see that that well the light on it, but we got the msi dragon logo here and we got this top little peel off here, oh nice. So this is the laptop itself here, the gf75 thin. This computer is really, as it says, thin really lightweight there’s, the back of it. You can see all the copper pipes, the cooling pipes and all that stuff here – factory steel, all that stuff uh let’s, just open it up, then so when we open it up here, oh this is supposed to be down here.

This is like a like cover for the screen and from the keyboard keys. We got another foam piece in between this is the laptop itself, as you can see the keys right there, all really nice. This can light up with rgb we’ve got the power button right up here. A little touch pad here. You guys can see that and then the very large screen which on the screen, if i could turn it around up here, there is a little spot for a that. That’S, like your webcam, basically so yeah. This computer is really nice really white actually compared to the one. I have right now, the msi one that i have right now with the 1060 in it it’s it’s like leopard series. I don’t remember that one’s weird this one is actually really nice quality. I would highly recommend it. This is one of the newer laptops that are just released and stuff, because this does again have the 30 series in it and an intel 7, which is really good for a gpu and cpu. The memory on this is looking around 16 gigabytes and all that stuff, uh there’s, not too much else in specs, that are that uh like crazy special, except for the 30 60, which makes this really good at around the price. Point price point of this much right here: yeah 1400, really good, so 1400 for a laptop that’s, really high quality has a larger screen than a lot of the other ones, with 30 series in it, uh it’s really cheap.

Comparatively a lot of the 30 series have like uh the same specs and the same like rtx, 3060 they’ll be like 2, 000 and stuff all like that, and this one is actually way cheaper for the same stuff and it’s really light and thin and i’d highly Recommend it for any gamer, because this is a really nice laptop here so real quickly. I just wanted uh before this whole review, end of or the unboxing and uh. These are the cables, the power, brick and stuff. This uh three pin goes straight into the power brick right there, so you just plug it in like so, and you get your large power cable. This is actually really thin. It’S really cool compared to the other one that i have currently okay to wrap up i’m. Going to tell you guys about what’s in the box and the actual specifications of everything about the uh laptop itself. So in the box it includes the gaming laptop itself, the power cord and then a part to connect a like hard drive into the piece and into the laptop because it doesn’t come with a hard drive itself to get that extra bonus memory and stuff you’re gon Na have to upgrade yourself by that pick up yourself like a one terabyte of fifty dollar like hard drive, install it you’ll have that piece and it’ll uh basically come with screws or you can screw it in, and all that this is gon na, be a picture On screen right now, that’s also included.

I didn’t really mention that throughout the video i just kind of threw it to the side with the manuals and stuff. So with the specifications we have the cpu being intel core i7 with six cores, the gpu being the nvidia geforce rtx 3060. Both really great the memory is looking to be 16 gigabytes of ddr4, and then it has one terabyte of nvme ssd. So, for your solid straight state drive, the display is a 17.3 inch, 144 hertz refresh rate display with a 720p webcam right above it, as i showed you guys earlier, the usbs on it include three usb ports, uh one on the right side and two on the Left, which is really good, the power supply is looking to be a 180 watt, ac adapter, and that is all for the specifications are all that they provide. Besides, for just saying like it has two audio speakers but yeah, okay – guys, so i wasn’t expecting to do this, but um we’re, gon na turn it on. I just wanted to show you guys the whole thing how much that works stuff like that, if it loads there we go so it turns on it. Has the it’s not even focusing on that it has the dragon logo there and then all this keys are rgb. You can barely see it with this light, but there you see all the keys there, all rgb customize, that with their own programs and stuff there’s, the dragon logo right there and it just start up – starts up right now with the windows thing, because this does come With windows 10 on it, reinstalled and also this keyboard looks really nice.

It does have on these keys. It has the little in or the little divots here on the wasd for gaming and that f and j, like normal, select the language – oh okay, guys almost there that didn’t take too long, whoa okay, so we already get some things at the bottom and use it. We’Re, just gon na dismiss that for now uh. What did it say for the notification? Oh, i thought it said something so right now it just pops up with the start of uh edge, so let’s get started with that sync browser data. Sure, since i don’t have like anything and there you go so we got all this stuff on here – uh pretty cool where’s, google where’s, my chrome. How do i get google, i don’t know, but that is gon na, be it pretty much so the computer is set up, and so, if you couldn’t, you just have to add in all your stuff like that uh there’s, probably more settings and data and stuff you Could set up yourself, i personally don’t know i don’t want to act like i know i want to be their average person who’s doing this, so i just set it up. Basically did all that pretty keyboard and stuff. You know so guys that is going to be it for the reviews uh. This is my haul from going to microcenter recently, so we got the 360 gf75 msi laptop here, really nice laptop uh.

I will be using it a lot and i’ll be sure to update you guys, like throughout streams and stuff uh and the headphones here. The hyperx cloud alpha s’s was the 7.1 surround sound and stuff so yeah. Hopefully you guys did enjoy these videos. It’S kind of rushed – i i don’t really remember how to review and stuff in this setup, as you can see, like kind of janky really janky, i don’t really have good lighting either, but that doesn’t stop me i’m trying to produce these videos, because this is a Really, nice computer, that not many people have reviewed yet not really talked about uh on, like the gs, 66 and 60 uh series of the msi laptops. But if you do come in contact with a g, f, 75 thin highly would recommend it. Don’T get all of them there’s certain ones like this one is the is the 10 uek uh 064 version there’s others that are like the 10 eu 069 version, which doesn’t have the actual 3060 in it. This is the only one with the 360 in it. Please i’m gon na put the name right here if you’re getting it, do get this this exact model because it’s, the one that has the rgb keyboard, this really nice steel, like finish really big screen webcam and the 3060 in it, with the intel i7 in it. So i would highly recommend you guys to get this if you guys are looking for a laptop, i know, because of school being online and all that people are looking for laptops and with gamers and stuff laptops are really good and with gpus being out of stock.

For the 30s and stuff, this is a really good price point from fourteen hundred dollars for a great pc or great introduction into like computers and pc gaming and laptops, and all that so yeah peace out from bobsy dragon. Hopefully you guys did enjoy subscribe.