Today i have here the macbook air 2020, with the new apple m1 chip i’m, going to be giving reviews on how the macbook air performs in each different task let’s get to it Music. I have been using this laptop for a while now and so far it has been really great using this. The performance from this macbook air is really great. It should open tabs and applications really fast and smooth Music during my daily routine. With this laptop to start the day, i open my macbook and unplug the charging cable, i would never have to worry about battery because of its amazing battery life. I can go through the whole day using this macbook and without it dying on me after that, i like to check some important email messages which reminds me, according to youtube analytics, only a small percentage of my viewers are actually subscribed. So if you do enjoy and would like to support the content, please do subscribe. It’Ll mean a lot to me so much and support me too. Back to the video continuing the day. I go to my online class and do my work. I attend classes and finish my assignments. I would say this is an amazing laptop for school, which needs a fast processor to handle all the files and work to do Music. One question that gets asked a lot is whether you should buy the 18 gigabyte or 16 gigabyte option, which are the two ram options for the memory in the new m1 max so right here i have the 8 gigabyte option and even though it is the base Option for ram it still performs really well.

I would think that the 8 gigabyte option is enough for most people, if you’re planning, to get this laptop and use it for a simple task like online school and simple gaming. Like me, i would recommend just getting the 8 gigabyte option. This is just my statement, and different tasks require different standards now on to the parts of the macbook, starting with the keyboard. It is a really great keyboard and was actually a big improvement from the other 2020 macbook air. The keyboard is smooth, easy to type on and really responsive Music. I wouldn’t see this keyboard having problems anytime soon for the screen. The macbook air m1 has a 4k resolution, retina display, which makes work and gaming experience really clear to the speakers it has surround. Like sounds to make immersive sound experience for the ports of the laptop. There are three ports: two usb type c ports and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. I think the amount of ports on this laptop will not meet the requirements for most people to use, but you can always buy an external adapter for your sd cards and usb files. Music accessories i like to use accessories for the macbook, because it makes it easier to do stuff. I recommend a headset mouse and mousepad for the accessories for this laptop Music using a mouse makes it easier to drag and drop scroll and even play games. You also might want to top that off with a mouse pen for better usage of mouse scrolling and to prevent scratches on your desk or table using headphones.

Also could be handy. I like to listen to music play games, or even edit my videos using headphones. This makes it easier for me to focus what i’m hearing from the laptop Music. Now we have reviewed most of the aspects from the macbook air m1. I will now be giving my opinions and statements on how it performs in each different tasks for online school or work at home. I’D say this laptop is perfect for apple users. There is an outstanding performance for handling tabs files and going through calls every day. It processes everything easily and meets the right requirements for work Music. If you are planning to buy this macbook for work or online school and you are an active apple user, i would totally get it and 100 Music recommended gaming. Now people say apple macs are not great for gaming, but if you’re using it to play simple games such as minecraft roblox among us, nobody plays that anymore and more other games. It can handle all of that, while still having amazing graphics note that sometimes many games aren’t compatible with mac os, but other than that. I would also recommend this for anyone who are into computer gaming, but not a fully hardcore gamer Music. There are many tasks that you do using a device and you need to find a suitable device for your work or emails. This laptop here is a great option for you. The macbook air m1, with the outstanding performance, has the ability to process amazing, screen, graphics, quick performance and ability to retain a cool temperature.

Those are three reasons according to statistics, and experimenting myself and that’s, why? I think you should get the macbook air 2020 with the new apple m1 chip that’s it for today’s review. I really hope this video helped you. If you don’t mind, please slap a like and comment what you think about this video. If you would like to support me – and my channel please subscribe, subscribing, helps me a ton and makes me able to create more content like this.