Regardless of that, I do love it and I think the reason I love it is because Ive built this kind of iPad Tech stack. I hate that phrase. Sorry Ive basically got loads of accessories that Ive gone through and filtered down into a bunch that really make the iPad as useful as possible, and I think theres gon na be something for everyone in this list, as always Ill link to all of these products. In the description so lets just get on with it first up, we have you guessed it paper like now. I know Im a broken record about paperlike but thats for two reasons. The first one is because I genuinely love it and use it every single day, and the second reason is because they do support this channel. So thanks to paperlike for sponsoring this video now this is the paperlike 2.1, which is firstly more like paper weird, I dont know how they managed to do this, but theyve managed to make you feel even more like paper, and so. Secondly, you can barely see it when its on the screen. I stayed away from iPad screen protectors for for years, actually, because I didnt like the way that they kind of dulled the colors and just made the screen. Look a bit rubbish, but with this paper like 2.1, like I say you can barely notice it on the screen, it doesnt dull, the colors it feels nice. Actually I, like the feel of that matte finish, that it gives your iPad.

But more importantly, if you use your iPad for writing, drawing sketching anything basically to do with the apple pencil, then I really encourage you to check out the paper like and even better news. If you buy any paper like product now, you get their digital Pro planner, completely free its perfect for your 2023 planning, and it gives you 10 different planners to work with, and you get yearly monthly, weekly and daily pages on which you can create to do lists. Set your top priorities for this year, take notes and loads more now, this is a keyboard. I know it doesnt look like a keyboard. This is actually the case that it goes into its made by by Newfie, who makes some very nice, keyboards and stuff like that, and if I open this new folio case in here, we have the air 60 keyboard and this is a fully mechanical keyboard. So its got the nice clickety clackity sound and feel to it. I think its a superb addition, particularly to the iPad mini, and the reason for that is that you can take this folio case flip it around like so, and that gives you this space on which to place the keyboard so that magnetically attaches there. And then you get this kind of platform on which to place your iPad and, like I say I use this for my iPad Mini mainly, but you can fit any iPad on there or even your iPhone if you wanted to, but its just such a convenient way To carry around a proper mechanical keyboard, admittedly its, not the sort of thing that you want to take to a quiet place of work and start bashing away on because they are quite noisy.

But if you do like traveling with your iPad – and you want a very nice keyboard to type on – and you can use it in places that youre not going to really annoy people, then this is such a good option. Im in the process of setting up a little iPad Pro workstation at home – this is my home office. Although long term View of this channel May recognize it as my first studio now, I will go into this in more detail in a future video. But for the time being, I wanted to mention two actually, no sorry, three iPad accessories that are in that setup. The first one is another new fee keyboard. This is the Halo 65., its another mechanical keyboard, its a bit bigger than the air60 that Ive just shown you, but its just as nice to type on its got those backlit RGB lights and a halo effect that goes around the basically its got some lights on It which are completely pointless really but look really cool, but what I love about the Halo 65 is that its very compact, so it doesnt take up too much desk space and also its got that very kind of minimalist appeal that really works with this iPad setup. That Im working on its also got a massive 240 hours of battery life and you can connect it to up to four different devices. So if youve got your iPad on the desk, but youve also got a Mac, for instance, you can connect them very easily.

As you can see, the iPad is mounted on the charge end Pro Pro Mag flow stand. This is a magnetic iPad stand which is so neat its got. This really nice Cable Management, where the cable feeds through the back, and it has a kind of L shape on the end just to make it very tidy. When youre charging your iPad, it tilts it swivels its very well made its not cheap, but if youre looking for a neat and attractive way to turn your iPad into almost like an iMac, basically its a brilliant option and to round off this iPad Pro setup at Home Ive picked the magic Trackpad as the input device. There are other options for this. Obviously you could just use a regular Mouse, but if youre not using a magic keyboard case, I still think Apples. Magic Trackpad is the best option. Next up, we have something that has been attached to my iPad Mini or my iPad Mini has been attached to for the last few months, and this is the combination of the I always have to get this right. The mag easy case Pro and the mag easy charging stand from pitaka and this solution has stuck, if you excuse the pun, for two reasons. The first one is that the case is actually a very good iPad case. It protects the iPad really well, it looks pretty good, but when you combine it with the charging stand its just genius, basically within that case theres a USB connection, so that goes into your iPad.

When you put the iPad into the case, that enables the case to charge the iPad, and it does that when you attach it magnetically to that stand, and that means that my iPad mini is always charged its so easy to forget to charge them that you regularly Run out of battery, but with something like this pataka setup, you dont, you just attach your iPad to that stand when youre not using it and its charging its just brilliant. It may look like it, but this is not a apple pencil second generation, its actually a Banks. Stylus. There are two caveats: the first one is that it doesnt have pressure sensitivity. The second one is that you have to pair it via shock, horror, Bluetooth. However, I think the pressure sensitivity only really matters to people who are drawing illustrating that sort of thing with their iPad and, secondly, the Bluetooth thing. You do it once and its done. The key thing with this banks pen is that its 40 quid, whereas the apple pencil 2, is 1′ pounds. So if you dont care about pressure sensitivity, if you dont mind pairing it once via Bluetooth, and if you like the idea of having every other aspect of the apple pencil, so it has the same design, it looks the same. Its got the same charging method. So you attach it to the side of your iPad and it starts charging. The battery life is really good, its just as sensitive and accurate when you start using it on the iPad.

If all that stuff is fine by you get it 40 quid Ive shown you two magnetic iPad stands in this video so far, but neither of them are particularly portable. This one is, and again this is made by Banks. So, just like every magnetic iPad stand, you attach your iPad to that section. There very easy it swivels around like that that its got this base here, which allows you to set it on the table and swivel it around like that which is really good. But the key thing is it flattens like so so you can pop that in your bag and take it to your favorite coffee shop. Take it to a client meeting, and this is designed for the iPad Pro, both the 11 inch and the 12.9 inch version. But it also works with the fourth generation and fifth generation iPad Air, its also a bit cheaper than the two iPad stands. I showed you a moment ago and I love it its great. The 10th generation iPad that was launched in 2022 is just weird. I still cant work out who its for, but it also saw the launch of this, which is Apples best version of the magic keyboard, and this is for several reasons. The first one is that, as you can see its detachable, so once youve got your iPad attached. It performs like a normal magic keyboard, so it keeps the iPad, nice and safe, but you can take the keyboard off like so which gives you this well, it gives you the iPad as an iPad without the keyboard and keeps the back protected.

The other really cool thing about this is that it has a a very Microsoft surface like kickstand, so you basically flip that out its very similar to Microsoft. This is Tim, but well let you off. And lastly, we have a function key row at the top, which is something missing from the magic keyboard which has been around for ages. So basically, although this is only compatible with the weird 10th generation iPad, if this is the way magic keyboards are going for, the iPad bring it on the next iPad accessory isnt, actually technically, an iPad accessory and its probably the most boring thing on this list. But its also the most practical, the reason its not an iPad accessory exclusively is because its a charging cable, but its a charging cable with a very neat trick. Firstly, its got three different charging methods, USBC, which is compatible with new iPads lightning for old iPads and then micro USB for other stuff, its also 100 Watts, which is fantastic. But more importantly, it has this little puck thing which, if I pull both ends, you have a much longer cable, pull it again like that. It retracts goes into its little hockey puck thing and its just a very, very neat way to charge your stuff. Once again, this next accessory isnt exclusively for the iPad, but if youre going to buy an iPad or if youve got an iPad and you want the best possible and the most convenient Sonic audio experience, get yourself a pair of second generation airpods Pro.

They sound better than the first version have a better case which has got this nice lanyard Loop thing and also a proper speaker in it. So you can find it easily much better noise canceling. The transparency mode is just epic theyre, still not the cheapest noise canceling earbuds on the market, but if youre a regular iPad user – and you want the most convenient and best sounding pair of earbuds for music, FaceTime calls, Etc. Theres no competitor.