Yes, the top rated games, my personal favorites and some of the games that you made right here in our little community. This year’s theme is stronger together. I think it’s gon na be fun, grab some coffee, milk or algorithm juice, whatever your favorite beverage is and remember, if you made any of the games mentioned in this video don’t, take my criticism too seriously. I kind of have to give my opinion on the games. Otherwise, there’s no point to me making this video let’s have some fun let’s not be too serious and let’s do this. On the 10th place, we have companion you wake up in a strange lab where a little droid follows you around. Your mission is to escape the lab with the help of the robot you can find clues, which basically lead you out. Personally, i find that this was maybe slightly too short of an experience, but there’s definitely potential once you figure out what to do. It’S pretty straightforward, but i’m gon na have to give this an a plus for the graphics super impressive for such a short game jam. Yeah i enjoyed it. Next is hex isles. This one is super interesting, it’s, a puzzle, game and right up my alley. You guys know i like puzzle games by now. You have this orange stone block which you can move around on these hexagons. I think they’re hexagons. If there aren’t, then make fun of me in the comments, please, you can move this little orange block around and your goal is to get to the flag.

The twist here is that the stone blocks need to always stay close to each other, otherwise they turn into stone, which is supposedly how these islands formed in the first place. I really like this. I really love when there’s a bit of a backstory to a game. Even if it’s simple like this, this is definitely one of my favorites. Next on the list, we’ve got conductor. Your goal is to follow these red circles that appear on the screen. The visuals are really cool. I don’t feel like it played well with the theme stronger together. I don’t really see how that ties in with this, and also the gameplay for me was a little simple. You just basically click on the circles. That’S just my opinion. The visuals and the audio, however, is great in this game so and yeah, judging by the score yeah exactly audio and innovation and graphics yeah. I agree with that, but still the audio and the visuals were strong enough to take home the eighth place, which is pretty impressive. As a number. Seven we’ve got death blind by code, drifters it’s, a zombie apocalypse. You are two guys and you’re supposed to survive, and this might look like your standard survival shooter. But what makes this one interesting is that the characters always face away from each other, basically covering each other’s back and each have different weapons. So you kind of have to rotate your characters to use the weapon that you want to be using in a certain situation.

The visuals are really impressive. I love the pixel art. For me, it was just too hard to control the guys like with both your hands like that and then the fact that they rotate around each other. I just like my brain just i’m, probably just too stupid, but i really like the concept. I love the idea that they have each other’s back on sixth place. We’Ve got the bendy strawman beach volleyball. This is probably the only game where i forgot. I was reviewing games and i ended up just playing the game feeling that addiction creeping in it’s pretty simple, but you basically it’s like volleyball with these thick guys, you control each character with wasd and the arrow keys. I found myself getting really into this game. I wanted to win, i was losing and i couldn’t help, but feeling that i wanted to play again and again and again get better and win. This is one of these simple games that are just fun and it really felt like when i was losing. It was my fault, not the game’s fault and i think that’s always a good sign, and it really makes you just want to come back for more. I think my only criticism with this game was that about 90 of all the shots, the ball just bounced back in my own court, a few rounds, the ai just ended up playing against itself for an entire round until it eventually lost against itself.

Apart from that, the game is awesome. This is definitely one of my favorites. This is seriously cool and i suggest you try it out. On fifth place, we’ve got already dead, you’re a group of survivors and you press the number keys to switch between characters. You have a set of objectives that you’re supposed to do and you got ta fight your way through alien monsters to get to each destination. Personally, i was not a fan of this one. I found it to be a little frustrating to switch between characters. The controls were a little frustrating and i just ended up feeling lost, i think, limiting the characters to maybe two or something would have made. It feel a little easier, also reducing the amount of aliens. I found that it just got overwhelming way too quickly and maybe an easier tutorial level to start the game off with would have helped this a lot, because i felt that i was just thrown in, and it was just way too difficult. Next, in fourth place, we’ve got solo band, you take the stage and your goal is to gain fame and the way you do that is by killing monsters on stage and when you gain more fame. You get more band members to join your group, which essentially is like a weapon upgrade. It gives you more firepower. The game was satisfying, and i could totally see this being like an infinite shooter, and the only problem for me was that the upgrades came way too frequently and that in itself is not a bad thing.

But the problem was that the game paused and forced you to choose an upgrade which, in the end, turned into a little bit of a frustrating experience, because i felt like it was pausing the game way too frequently. I would probably say make the upgrades automatic don’t force me to choose and just add members to the band as i’m playing. Instead, i think that would keep the flow of the game, otherwise it’s great taking home bronze as a number three we’ve got soulscape. I didn’t really understand this game. I’M. Gon na be honest. You zoom around with this little guy, i don’t know you can dash and you can shoot enemies. However, i had a hard time seeing the enemies, because they’re black dots, i would have probably made them a different color or given them ice, or something like that when you kill one, you absorb a soul and your goal is to make your way through this maze. But i had a hard time, navigating the maze and it was pretty difficult. The graphics are great, the controls are awesome. Everything feels really nice. I just think i didn’t really understand what my goal was. That might have been my fault, though i’m not sure, it’s a twin stick, shooter, and if you like that kind of stuff, i do think you should try this game because it feels really nice. I just didn’t, get it i’m too, dumb. I’M. Sorry anyways next we’ve got on a silver place: we’ve got hadron it’s, like physics and stuff here, i’m gon na give a solid 11 out of 10 for the graphics.

It just looks so good. The pixel art with the retro look and the chromatic aberration you’re. Basically, a little thing and you have three quarks in you and you use the quarks as ammunition, so you shoot them out from yourself. But the problem is: if you run out of quarks, you can only survive for a short period of time and if you take any damage, you die so there’s constantly this tug of war between being conservative with how much you’re shooting, but also you got ta, take Out the enemies pretty quickly, otherwise you get overwhelmed. I definitely recommend you try it it’s super polished. It feels like a legitimate game and before we go to number one i’m, just gon na do an honorable mention, which was my favorite game of this gem it’s a game called paul’s cube roll. I really love puzzle games and this one was quite unique because i’ve never really seen anything like this. So basically you roll around this three dimensional cube and your goal is to touch these little yellow pads. There are these blocks placed out in the level and anytime you touch one you merge with that cube and that becomes part of you it’s really important to merge properly with these cubes to sort of allow you to make your way through the level the graphics are. So beautiful it just feels like a finished game already. This one definitely takes home the the ponte algorithm juice price, okay, as a number one, the gold medal, the winner is team tga.

This is way above all the other games, so i definitely think it deserved number one you’re. Basically, a team of three and your mission is to infiltrate a mansion and steal a briefcase. Each member of the team has special abilities, which you need to use in your advantage in order to steal the briefcase, if you’re, a big fan of hitman, that this game is definitely for you, we have to run around and restart the level several times find little Clues and strategize a way for you to finally execute a plan and steal the briefcase it plays well with a theme definitely deserving of the first spot. So just my general thought around the game jam. I think the biggest problem for me with most of the games in this gem, including my own game. I just feel like it didn’t, really hit the stronger together. It was more like two week alone. I don’t know if that makes sense, it might sound like the same, but okay hear me out. Most games required you to sort of unite or do something with another character as in stronger together in order to finish the level. But then that makes me feel like i’m, not stronger together, it’s necessary to be together, but one game that i really felt hit the spot on. The stronger together was one of your games. Chickens run. So it works like this you’re, a group of chickens and you run around shooting these dinosaurs and when you shoot dinosaurs, chicken eggs are dropped on the ground, and then you can pick them up to increase the amount of chickens you have and as you increase in Size more chickens are shooting making you stronger and then, if you take a lot of damage, obviously you can end up with just one two or three chickens and you’re definitely weaker, but it’s not impossible, really reinforcing this stronger together.

So, for me this was a clear winner on the theme it’s just one of those things that really remind me of old, like tower defense games, once you’ve been playing a level for a long time, you’re just so powerful and you’re just mashing down these huge hordes Of enemies, it’s just a satisfying experience that was really nailed in this game. I really like this one. It was one of my favorites for sure some other games that were made by you guys were my little light. I’M, not gon na criticize your games because i just that it doesn’t. I know so my little light a little side. Scroller platformer. I love the art of this super nice like a hollow knight kind of a dark theme. Moody, i mean you guys know how much i like hollow knight unless it was an obvious and then we’ve got from our very own discord. Mod m in space we’ve got sharing soul, the game where you have two bodies, but only one soul, and you have to transfer the soul in between the two bodies to reach the end of the level. Speaking of discord, if you haven’t joined our discord already. Well, go join, it’s, really fun. We also got untitled gerbil game where you have to collect these girls, push a button and reach the end. Hopefully i didn’t miss your game. Okay, next, mind: loop: okay, now that i’ve been criticizing all these games it’s time.

For me to play my own game – and you can leave me comments saying how bad my game was it’s. Okay, i can take it, bring it home by the way. Okay, i’ve also updated. The game i’ve also made it available in browser, which means that if you’re on mac or linux, you can now play the game yay, and i also fixed some of the levels that were a little bit too difficult like level 10. Oh, if you got stuck there, it should be okay. Now, like i mentioned, i did some tweaks to the game that’s currently on itch so it’s a little easier, but i’ll be playing the version that was uploaded to the game jam because it seems more fair, it’s. The more difficult version so i’m going to show you what the intended solution for each level was: hey guys, i’m just editing this video, and i realized that this video was already too long, i’m, just going to make a separate video playing through the whole game and I’M, going to unlist it, but there’ll be a link in the description. So if you want to check out the solutions, the link will be there anyways. This was my first game jam. I had tons of fun. It was one of the best experiences ever definitely going to do it again before you go don’t forget about that. Google algorithm juice. You know what to do hit like leave a comment and subscribe to the channel.