I have been working with this vpn for over seven years. It has advanced features and is a very reliable and highly efficient assistant. Here are five very useful secrets that a few people know about but which make it truly one of the most effective vpns on the market. Now take a close look at the screen. I’Ll show you everything with an illustrated example, although is based in singapore, where censorship issues sometimes come up ivc has proven itself to be a great vpn. The vpn has industry standard 256 bit military grade security, encryption and multiple protocols, including ipc ec ike version 2, l2tp, openvpn, tcp and ud. In addition, ibc has a kill, switch that will block internet access if information leaks are detected while the kill switch usually works flawlessly. We can think of a couple of examples where the kill switch did not. Work. Ivc also does not store logs the only track, login attempts on their servers. The company has servers in over 100 locations with 275 servers and 12 000 ip addresses. You can also connect up to 5 devices at the same time, and since this service supports a lot of operating systems i’m sure you will use all 5. when it comes to streaming. Video ivc supports netflix, hulu and bbc iplayer, along with other similar sites, which you see is important and the speed will be enough to watch streaming, video without delays and stuttering. In addition, ibc supports torrenting on dedicated p2p servers.

They also have dedicated servers for kodi, and since there is no bandwidth limitation, you can torrent or stream unlimited video, but one feature that makes ivc really attractive to consumers is 24 7 customer support. Not all vpns can boast of these, but firstly, obviously is available to users in several ways and, secondly, they answer emerging questions quickly and efficiently. Although prices have not been extraordinary in the past, ivc has revised this private policy and they are very attractive at the moment. For example, i really like the tariff plan for 5 years, which costs only one dollar per month. However, it is quite a long time to use one vpn, therefore, choosing a service for such a long time. You really should be confident in your choice. On the other hand, they have a 7 day money back guarantee. So you have time to test this. Vpn ibc is easy to download and use. The service is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Overall ivc is a prominent player in the vpn market and is worthy of your choice. Ivis is available for ios, android windows, mac, linux, routers, game consoles, smart tv and many more installation is simple and fairly quick. Just go to the download page and select the file for your platform. While there are dedicated apps for the two platforms, the service offers instructions for linux, blackberry, smart tv, openly lag, kodi consoles and routers to help users. Each step is explained with screenshots, and even if, in this case, you have problems contact their support via live chat, instructions are provided for different platform versions, ivc recently changed their prices and they are now incredibly affordable.

A monthly plan is standard and is ideal for short term vpn use. If you need it longer, the one year plan will save you 66. If you plan on using the vpn for longer, you can purchase a two year subscription and get one year of use for free. If you want to save even more their five year. Subscription will only cost you one dollar per month – saving 91.6 percent. But before choosing a long term subscription, it is likely that you should familiarize yourself with the service first, their three day trial only costs 2.50 and contains everything you need, even if you choose not to purchase the trial and buy the regular subscription straight away. The service has a 7 day money back guarantee. The trial version is not advertised anywhere on the side and to connect it, you will need to contact their technical support. You are guaranteed to receive your funds if you contact support within 7 days. If you have not violated any conditions, you have not used more than 7 gigabytes or launched no more than 30 sessions. This also applies to users who accidentally paid more without turning off the auto repeat: feature refunds, usually take no more than 48 hours. However, if payment was made by credit card, it can take up to 40 days. The money back guarantee applies to all tariff plans. Payments such as paypal, credit card, speedpay and others are supported for refunds. Funds cannot be returned to bitcoin and payment wall, even though ivc already offers great service and super cheap prices.

You can save even more by using special coupons visit the coupon page to see the current promotions ivc has 24 7 customer support for a range of different tasks. Live chat. Specialists are responsible for minutes. In addition, the service maintains excellent communication via email, facebook, posts and postbacks. A team of specialists answers users, questions at a high professional level, offering several ways to solve the problem.