I have tested over 80 vpns with my colleagues and found that only a few services can be trusted. I will tell you about one of them in this short video. I will also tell you some useful life hacks that may be useful to you. Take a good look at the screen. Let’S start hi. I want to share with you my opinion and impressions of using vpn city. I have a very vast experience of working with various kinds of encryption services and i could safely say that this service is worth paying attention to. Vpn cd is a brand new vpn service in hong kong and although it is currently in beta testing, it still has some interesting and unusual features. This service already has extensions for chrome and firefox, for example, as well as apps for windows. Android and ios. Support for up to 8 simultaneous connections means you can configure the service on more devices without facing annoying usage restrictions. The website lists several protocols, including soft adder, as well as openvpn iv ev2 and l2tpip sag. The details are unclear, but vpncd’s website appears to be suggesting that the service provides you with both ipv62 and ibv4. Addresses looks like the site has some good news on unlocking vpn cd doesn’t. Just give you some vague general statement about how it lets you bypass geoblocking, but instead explicitly states that it gives you access to all content on netflix amazon, prime video, bbc, iplayer firestick and more confidentiality and registration.

Most vpns make big claims about how much they protect your privacy and vpn city is no different, sign up and get zero online threats to company private states stating that, unlike other vpn providers, we do not log your activity. Experience has taught us that many of these claims are rubbish, often contradicting vpn’s own privacy policy, but vpn city is different. Its fine print is actually worth reading and contains some very basic details about the service and how it handles logging. Your actions are not tracked, recorded logged saved or shared with third parties. We do not store connection timestamps session information used, bandwidth, traffic logs ip addresses or other data. Next vpn cd is based in hong kong and does not require data storage. The company continues to explain the data it collects to complete specific tasks and explains how it is processed. For example, if the vpn limits the number of connections a user can establish, we must use some method to track that, rather than wondering how it works. Vpn cd says that the algorithm retains its username and last session timestamp. While the session is active programs, vpn cities, windows, android and ios apps are simple and straightforward, with nearly identical interfaces that take some approaches. Many other vpns, once you’ve submitted your email address to create a free account. The app registers you with the service and chooses the closest vpn address by default. By clicking the connect button, you will connect to your preferred server.

A desktop notification will tell you when you are secured and the interface will update to reflect your new ip address. You can choose another location from a simple list. This doesn’t include any server load numbers or ping times, but you can mark certain locations as favorites which conveniently moves them to the top of the list for easier access. Overall vpn city’s apps are in a good start with their simple interface and clear focus on usability, but there is a lot of work to be done before they can deliver on the site’s promises. If you’re not sure, if you want to try the full app, you can opt for the vpn cd chrome extension. Instead, you will still need to create a free account and there are absolutely no settings in it, but the extension provides the bulk of the proxy pick. A location – and it will connect you almost instantly netflix vpn cd seems to be very confident on its website. Unblocking capabilities and the company specifically states that it can draw you to netflix amazon, prime video, pvc iplay and more. This is not just a marketing ploy whether we are connected to vpn cd through a desktop client, for example, or through a browser extension. We were able to view and stream bbc iplayer content with these. It was the same story with netflix whether we chose a location in new york or los angeles and use the client or browser extension. We could immediately view us only netflix content.

Vpn city has stomped on the limitations imposed by simple platforms that we’ve tried to like giving us instant access to american youtube. Clips. Vpn city only has a handful of locations, which could mean it will be easier for netflix and other platforms to block the service. In the future, but right now the company is doing well and the website’s commitments to unblock netflix and others suggest vpn cd will fight to keep the service running spectacle. Our speed test started from a sensible start with the nearest london vpn city server, which gives us an average of 50 to 55 megabytes per second on our 75 megabytes per second test line. The best of the competition might be 5 to 10 megabytes faster. But if you don’t download gigabytes of torrents, you will hardly notice the difference.