I know im, not the only creative person who has had to change how and where they work. Some of us work from home, while others have had to take their creative workstation somewhere else like a studio, a park, a cafe or maybe even just the backyard. The flexibility of working wherever you want, is really an asset during these difficult times, thats. Why today im excited to introduce you to a portable, yet powerful workstation that you can use to get creative work done just about anywhere in the world? This video was created in collaboration with dell technologies and they custom built this workstation just for me, so i can showcase the benefits of the precision line. As always all opinions in this video are my own. First lets go over the specs, because that will give you a good idea of what kind of power this workstation is packing inside is an eight core intel, xeon cpu, with a base speed of 2.60 gigahertz that can reach up to 5 gigahertz with turbo boost. It also has 64 gigabytes of ddr4 memory, an nvidia rtx a3000 gpu with 6 gigabytes of gddr6 and dual 2 terabyte m.2 nvme ssd drives connected through pcie 4th generation. The display is 17 inches with a uhd resolution at 60 hertz its glossy and very color accurate with a 10 bit color depth that covers 100 of adobe rgb and 99 of dci p3. It has 500 nits of brightness a low black level and it supports hdr 400.

. The display also supports multi touch gestures, so i can navigate directly on the screen with my fingers. There are four thunderbolt 4 ports. Two on each side. You can use these to connect. Perforals and even multiple displays, unlike laptops with only a single channel. The dell precision 5760 supports dual thunderbolt channels. The two ports on each side share a channel that leads to better performance with high bandwidth preferals like video capture devices and thunderbolt hdmi, displayport or usbc monitors an sd card reader is conveniently located on the side of the dell precision 5760. This is a convenient way to get your videos and photos onto the workstation. This workstation also features a built in webcam, infrared, microphones and speakers. There is a headphone jack on the side as well, and the device supports bluetooth for added security. There is a biometric thumbprint sensor, a security lock slot and a proximity sensor that can lock the computer when you walk away and unlock it. When you return, this build came with a usbc power adapter, you can charge the workstation from all four thunderbolt ports. The dell precision 5760 sports a simple design without being too flashy. I like the silver exterior and the dark gray and black interior and the large backlit keyboard, keys and trackpad feel like they complement my big hands. The operating system installed on my build was windows. 10. Pro for workstations – and i can verify that this workstation can also run windows 11.

. Okay, so that was a look at whats inside. But what can it do? What cant it do this workstation dell technology sent me is a beast and it can handle some of the most demanding creative tasks. Digital art is primarily what i do so. Naturally, i had to test that out. The workstation comes with an adapter that converts thunderbolt to hdmi and usb a so you can connect all sorts of drawing tablets. The dell precision works great for making digital art. As you can see, i was able to make this painting with it. The color accuracy of the display is superb. A display like this could be useful not only for art but for proofing, photography and graphic design as well. Although 17 inches is not as large as some of the displays im used to working on, the clarity of the uhd plus resolution makes it feel spacious with the right ui scaling. My screen doesnt feel cluttered, and there is plenty of room for pallets and windows. The screen is quite bright at its maximum setting even sitting outdoors in the sun. I could still see the painting i was working on. The touch support on this workstation is a nice bonus. I can use gestures to manipulate my canvas by touching the display. I also spend a lot of time, editing videos, so im, really impressed by the dual m.2 drives, coupled with the nvidia rtx gpu in this build video, editing and rendering are really snappy on this workstation.

The display even supports hdr video, which is neat. I can also see the precision line working well for 3d artists and animators as someone who works primarily on a desktop ive, always felt held back by the hardware found in laptops, but the precision mobile workstation has changed my mind about portable workstations forever. Dell has created a phenomenal series of workstations that im happy to recommend to creatives of all levels. The thing i love the most about this workstation is that i can bring it with me when im away from the studio, without feeling like im, sacrificing the power or functionality of my desktop. The dell precision 5760 truly is a workstation worthy of digital artists and creatives who are ready to adapt to anything. Unlike some other pcs, the dell precision is highly configurable for your specific workflow needs, so prices can range from two thousand to seven thousand dollars, depending on the components you choose. If youre interested in having dell technologies create your own custom, build check out the precision 5760 workstation on dell.