But this scan tool here changes absolutely everything. So if you are interested in this tool, Im going to pop a link to this kit in the description below this video because fakes and clones do exist. So if you use the links below that will make sure you get a genuine and official product. Okay lets. Take a closer look at this package: foreign, your phone or your tablet. You need to download this any scan app and once youve done that you can open it and then you will be presented with this screen here. So everything is looking quite small at the moment because we are using it on a phone, but if you were to use it on a tablet or a bigger phone, then obviously these icons would be just that little bit bigger. So what is the anyscan? A30M by X2, well its a multi vehicle, multi system package that allows you to diagnose and do resets on your vehicle. Reset service functions as well that generally Ill only sort of dealt with by the garage or the dealer. So it effectively puts the power in your hands. Not only does it put it in your hands, but it puts it in the hands of your phone or your tablet as well. Normally these functions and features are normally only found on a dedicated scan tool which you have to buy separately. Well, this time the software is just loaded under your phone or your tablet, which makes it a really really popular choice for a lot of people.

So yeah, as I said, if you are interested in buying this, make sure you use the links in the description description below because they love fakes, there are clones, they can damage your vehicle and its not worth going down that route. So please make sure you use the links in the description Ill pop, a link in for the the UK region and also the American region as well and thats, where you really need to buy these tools from because they are the official products. So um just remember: there are fakes, there are clones out there and they can damage your vehicle so make sure you use the links in the description below price wise. This is current, coming currently coming in at 199 pounds if youre in England or UK or its about 224 US dollars as well. Okay, so thats at the time of making this video that that price can go up and down. So when it comes to the manufacturers covered well take a look, so youve got a tab across the top here and well go to America. So these are the American manufacturers which are covered. Then we go to Asia and these are the Asian manufacturers which are covered and we go to Europe. These are the European weve got high end stuff on here as well like Lamborghini Ferrari, Aston, Martin and weve got Australia and weve also got China there. Okay, so those are the manufacturers which are covered now when it comes to systems what systems are covered well effectively its going to cover all systems so on this Audi were using as an example, weve got a flashing glow plug and weve got an airbag light.

So well use these as an example, so well go to Europe and were gon na whoops weve selected the wrong see its quite touch sensitive. So youve got to be very careful where you are pressing, so its accidentally open the Opel, but we dont want to go to Opel. We want to go to Audi. Okay were clicking Audi, lets click; ok to that, so well, go manual, selection and then its going to give us like loads and loads of different types of vehicles, so were gon na go Audi. A6, 2011. After so its a 2016 model. This okay Im gon na go full system diagnosis, so basically, this is giving us a full list of all of the systems we can potentially diagnose and reset so Ill just scroll through them. Now, with this list here will depend on the what vehicle youre using it. In so, if you were using it on a BMW, you know some of these things would be called something different, um and some. Obviously, some vehicles have some systems installed where some dont, so it might give you a full list of everything that can potentially be diagnosed, but itll only connect to the certain things that I can diagnose. Okay, so were going to click on the engine, Electronics. First of all, because weve got the flashing glow plug light, and that is what this is associated with. So if we go engine Electronics and then we go read trouble code and then its telling us yeah weve got a fault code of P one.

Two three eight hundred fuel injector cylinder two open circuit. We found there. There was a loose connection with that, which was quite strange um, so what we can do is we can go on to a raise code just at the bottom here we cant do lots of other things like read, live data and things like that. But for now were just going to go into the uh, the clear tropical we can do it from this section here as well, so keep an eye on the flashing group of like when I do this. There we go so um. It looks. Like fault code has been cleared and the glow plug light is now no longer flashing. So again, its the same with the airbag system, um airbag its connecting to the airbag system, read trouble code, thats the trouble code, and that is the uh. The message we were getting from this screen: well, just do it from this screen here. Arrays DTC keep an eye on the airbag like that that one there, when I do this – yes, yes and there we go. The airbag light, has gone. No fault codes detected. So also um, you may have noticed that it can do like component testing as well. Itll do lots of live data, so you can get like live data from the vehicle. You know all of your DPF live data. Yeah O2 sensor data, your fuel trim data uh. All of your your gearbox temperatures and things like that, which is really important if you are doing gearbox changes, uh oil changes and also um, like I see like component testing.

So if you want to, if you would wanted to find out, if, like a certain motor, was wasnt working or a switch wasnt working, then you can do a component test on whatever it is. Youre testing, so thats a really really good feature: okay, um. What about the special functions so Ill go back out of this and that you can be. You can be assured that basically, its gon na actually Ill go into yes, create a PDF report. You can go into itll cover all systems on all vehicles, so you can be assured of that. Okay now what what are the special functions? So if we click into the services tab all right, these are the special functions that I can do so um. You can do throttle resets TPMS oil service, resets, injector coding, headlight adjustments, steering angle sensor, calibration ABS, brake bleeding seat, calibration electronic pump, calibration Power Balance, resets transport mode, um change, tire change up, upgrade so youre changing wheel, size, BMS, thats, new battery registration, suspension calibration airbag Ecu reset electronic parking brake, you can open and close the calipers uh windows and doors initialization and calibration DPF regeneration for forced regeneration, gear learning, instrument, cluster and gearbox matching. So those are the special functions which are really good. Actually um. One thing Ill show you as well is the um. The live data probably should have showed you this earlier. When I was in the fact this time were going automatic detection, so you can set it to just basically find your vehicle instantly without having to put all of the information in and well go full system.

So that was actually a lot quicker. We go into engine Electronics and then we go to live data, so you can go to about two different types, but it gives its going to give you like hundreds and hundreds. You can see the tiny progress bar here on the right hand. Side, which is shows you how much data it will actually give you and then, if we say, for example, you could just say, select all and then click, OK and then its going to give you all of the live data. So it has a unit on the right hand, side whether it be uh like a degree in temperature or like a packet per minute, so a speed, Etc or a time so thats, for example, 973 seconds since it started the vehicle speed of zero kilometers an hour. Obviously those theyre quite basic things, but as we go down the list, lots of camshaft information, fuel levels, air mass volumes, air intake, temperatures, throttle positions, injector positions, torque limitations, pre glow time, injector, quality, fuel consumption, pre injection, durations, camshaft, RPMs service regenerations. So then, weve got like DPF information here, so particle filter like your suit Master suit, mask measured and calculated particle Ash volume. This little theres loads more like and were already at that point of the progress. So it gives you so much information like its impossible. For me to to cover it in just one, video uh, so well, move on um updates for this tool, thats another important one updates for this are free for life.

I know a lot of tools which um, which are specifically diagnostic tools that actually cover the same amount of information as this, and they will charge you like 100 130 pounds per year after the first years, update so youre. Getting free updates for life with this tool, which is really really good, its a really good selling point. I think, for this one to update it. You need to go well just come, go completely back out of this. All right lets get no kind of got to come all the way out. You just click the menu tab here and then you can click on the update button and it will automatically update it for you. But you do need a connection to like um or Wi Fi or a data package. Okay, most phones will have that in any case. So how does it compare other tablet, phones or other phone packages? Well, this is streets ahead of anything else. This is the best one on the market and Im Im telling you that, not as like a just trying to sell it Im telling you is because Ive tried a lot of them, and that is what from what I said earlier, I dont really like using iPhone Tools or tablet tools which dont have like a wired connection, this changes everything this is is it covers so much more than the rest of the packages out there like this is the first tool that Ive seen um that it works wirelessly on a phone that does Like activation tests or bi directional tests, Ive never seen anything like that, and so this is the the first of its kind lets see um help and support you can you can.

I think you need to Im actually having that report. No, that just shows the reports that youve previously um done. So what you can do is you can either you can email that to yourself and then you can print it off that way or you can show it to a customer, show it to a customers email that way. So that would be a way of uh showing the print offs um. It doesnt look like theres a support, feature on this, where you can so. If youve got a problem or a connection, isnt working, you would need a contact X, tool directly or indeed contact the people that you bought it from okay. They might be able to help when it comes to languages, it will do with the languages, but you need to go into uh settings and then you can show all of your other languages that are available for the tool. Okay, then weve got um the box instructions. Ive already showed you the box instructions. Is it easy to use and what I recommend it to anybody. Whos ever used a scan tool before I would say, if Im 100 honest with you, somebody whos never used a scan tool before in their life. I would say, probably get them a dedicated scan tool. A scan tool that has all you can do is use it as a scan tool. This is a little bit fiddly to install the software. I wont lie about that once its installed its fine.

It runs okay, but I had a bit of an issue because when I first installed the software and did a full update, not all of the manufacturers were showing. So I had to go back to the manufacturer and then give them my serial number. Then they had to load them on for me, so it wasnt as straightforward as I would have liked it to have been. But having said that, they came back to me really quickly and they really really helped me out when I had a bit of an issue, so I would say if youve never used a scan tool before maybe try something else. First, if youve used scan tools before and youre very experienced with them – and you know all about installing apps and updates – and things like that out, then by all means. Definitely this could be one for you, the other menu icons, um weve got well. That just goes in back into diagnosis settings, as we saw here, you can set up your Workshop information, so your specific Workshop information would show up on the PDF reports. Okay for your customers, if you are using it like that and youve got about just activation information and you can set itll, be a unit, metrics, Etc. Update weve covered that and then that just shows you the reports which you previously had. So this is the kind of like example of a report, but obviously you will get more dedicated information to your business and your name on here.

If you input it from the settings menu, okay, so that is it uh? What about the delivery? The delivery of this is uh one or two working days. So if you want to say Auto on a Monday, you should get it by the Wednesday um and that is use thats using the links in the description below this video by the way um so yeah its a fantastic package, Id highly highly recommend it as like. I said this is the this: is the most advanced scan tool that Ive ever seen on a phone and its uh its worth the money, because the even the money you pay for this. The reason youre getting it for a really good price is because youre, not using any hardware from the manufacturer. The manufacturer is only providing you with software. Other tools with this level of capability are generally a lot higher in price, because youre also paying for the hardware. The tablet or the um, you know the wired box that comes with it all youre paying for is the software and the cheap dongle that comes with it as well, so um yeah its a its a fantastic package but, as I say, Ill pop the links in The description below this video make sure you use those links because theyre all fakes, there are clones out there and they cant damage your vehicle so guys.