On the request of many amongst you today, I have brought for you the review of a pretty good yet quite cheap 43 inches 4k smart TV, which you get at the price of a FHD TV. On this TV. You get many latest features which you will not find in any other same sized TV being sold at this price point.. But before I start with this video, I request you that if you have still not subscribed to this channel, then please do so and do press the bell icon next to the subscribe button, so that next time, when my video gets released, you get instant information regarding It. So now let’s get started with the unboxing of this TV.. This is the Coocaa 43 inch TV which comes packed in this cardboard box. Inside the box. Apart from the TV, you will find a remote two triple A batteries wall. Mount tabletop stand some screws. This quick start guide and this warranty card.. The TV has been fully constructed out of plastic material., However, going by its price, the built quality can be termed as decent.. The TV is almost bezel less from three sides, and a slim bezel is provided on the lower side in the center of which the brand name has been printed. On the rear. The TV gets this designing and all ports are given on the left hand, side.. The remote of this TV is exactly like the one that comes with the Motorola ZX Pro TV.

. The built quality of the remote is pretty good and it gets direct buttons to many applications.. The remote also comes with a Google Assistant button. Talking about its Connectivity options. This Coocaa TV has 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports apart from a headphone jack AV port optical digital port, antenna port and an Ethernet port.. The TV comes with a single band, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, v5.0, and it has both HDMI CEC as well as ARC on it.. Coming to its Specifications, amp Features this Motorola TV comes with an IPS panel and DLED backlighting.. According to the company, it has 465 Nits brightness a contrast: ratio of 3000001 HDR10 Dolby Audio DTS Android 10.0. Google Assistant Alexa support smooth motion rate digital noise reduction feature along with Chameleon Extreme 2.0 image processing Engine.. The company claims that this TV comes with the support of standard video codec AV1, because of which it has the ability to compresses videos up to 30 without any quality loss.. This feature in turn saves the Internet Data.. This Coocaa TV runs on Android 10.0 OS and it has a 2 GB RAM along with 32 GB storage., The TV comes fitted with Cortex A53 Quad core processor, along with Mali G 52 Graphic processor.. So these were the specifications as claimed by the company.. Now let’s talk about its real performance. The color reproduction of the TV is pretty good and you get to see accuracy in colors.. The picture. Clarity and sharpness of this TV is also decent.

, And you get to see very good viewing angles on it.. The best performance of this TV is seen in a bright room, whereas in dark rooms the Blacks appear more of grey., As it has an IPS panel. The contrast ratio of this TV is pretty low. The brightness is sufficient for watching SDR contents on a 43 inch screen and they look appealing.. However, the brightness falls pretty behind the minimum mark for viewing HDR content. Talking about its set top box performance, HD and SD. Both channels look pretty good on this TV.vv Like other budget category TVs, the refresh rate of this TV is also 60 Hz, which fails to stop motion blur during fast action. Scenes. Now coming to its picture upscaling capability, The TV surely does upscale low resolution content to a higher resolution.. The picture upscaling capacity is decent enough for its price.. Talking about its sound, The TV comes with 16 Watts speakers that support Dolby, Digital and DTS studio. Sound. The audio of this TV is pretty good.Though. The TV’s audio is not very loud. There is clarity in it., Even without a soundbar, you can enjoy programs on it. In a medium sized room., The TV also comes with a 2 way Bluetooth.. You can hear the TV’s audio on your headphones and also play the songs stored on your smartphone on this TV.. This is an Android Smart TV that comes with many latest features.. It runs on the Android 10.

0. You get, Google Play Store on it.. Apart from this, you can side load outside applications on it.. The UI of this TV is pretty smooth and all applications run smoothly without any lag.. The TV’s 32 GB storage allows you the liberty to download more games and applications on it. Gaming on this TV is pretty smooth.. This low cost 4k TV is a decent option for gaming. In the budget category., You can also pair multiple compatible smart devices. With this TV and easily operate them., This TV supports Alexa, through which you can switch onoff or control the volume of your TV.. The voice command feature is highly responsive and it promptly follows your commands.. Google Chromecast is present on this TV and casting is smooth on it. Coming to its aftersales services. This is a Skyworth product and the company offers doorstep services through Jeeves.. Overall, this 4k TV, which comes at the price of a FHD TV, offers good picture quality with decent audio.. Apart from Android 10 OS and high storage, you get many latest smart features on it.. In my opinion, this TV gives full value for the money spent on it..