My name is cole calcumis and welcome back to the channel, as a lot of us begin to return to school, whether that be for high school college university. Whatever, i think was a fitting topic to talk about one of my favorite tech bags that i think you may want to check out. This is the in case icon, a backpack designed to store laptops or tablets up to 16 inches. That means pretty much any device. Youre using for school, whether it be an ipad pro macbook, pro surface, laptop, etc, etc, will fit perfectly for context. Ive used the bag for over an entire school year, as well as several road trips and plane rides getting straight into it. Im a really big fan of the design as they went with a very clean and minimal solid black look. You can also pick up a navy blue one, but in my opinion this looks a lot better. I really love that they kept the branding on here to a minimum with a small logo on the front, the zippers inside of the bag itself, the strap and then just one more indented in the back padding as far as build quality, its really good being built With 840d nylon, its held up pretty well with over a year of regular use, theres just some small nicks around the sides, indents on the padding and a couple of these small white stains. Overall, i say its a pretty average sized bag.

This is what it looks like on me standing at around six foot one while i honestly love the shape and how it looks overall, its pretty much impossible to stand this thing upright, which is a real pain if you just want to put your bag down in Class without it falling over now onto another important aspect, is comfort theres plenty of padding on the back with three different sections, one dense pad on the bottom and two on the other sides, which provide you with a good amount of back support. The inner side of the shoulder straps uses breathable mesh material, its really good for hotter weather, especially since this bag is all black and its gon na trap. In a lot of heat on top theres, some extra padding to help distribute the way a little more and get it off your shoulders, which can be adjusted using the two little bands on the side. Adjusting the fit is really easy. You just got ta pull on the shoulder. Straps theres only one buckle here that goes over the chest, but i think that, because of its size, you dont really need that much support. Now i may be nitpicking with this, but when youre buckled up theres nowhere to put the remaining straps so its kind of just dangling there when it comes to storage, this thing is suited with loads of different pockets for all your various gadgets and school supplies. On the side, there are these two zipper pockets, one of them that has a port pass through, so you can keep like a battery pack in there or just put your headphones through there if you still wear wired headphones for some reason, however, i would have loved To see a water bottle holder on the side, honestly, this is kind of one of the things about the back.

I really dont like because i try to stay hydrated throughout the day and so having to use storage inside of the bag just to carry a bottle makes me less likely to even bring one in the front most pocket. You have a large compartment as well as two smaller ones on the back wall in here ill, usually keep my journal or a smaller book, and then just some gum and breath mints next up is the accessory pocket, as i call it, which has just a bunch Of different compartments to store various different items here, youll have three of these large pockets, which ive used to throw in my master locks, staplers and some extra staples. Then you have these thin pencil holders, which i really like, because you can get quick access to them. Whenever you need it below, you have two of these large padded pockets with a velcro cover in here, i usually like to keep charging breaks and power cables for my phone and laptop on the bottom, outside of any inner pockets, theres still room to store items so Ill usually keep my sony headphones just because the case is so bulky and then my logitech mouse and the last pocket in here is on the very front which is like a super nice perfect fit to keep something like my calculator attached above is a keychain hook, Which is really great to keep my car keys secured now next up, this is actually a phone pocket which is really soft and make sure your screen isnt going to get all scratched up.

I never really keep my phone in here, though so ill, usually just throw in my airpods case and then in the main compartment is, were going to be keeping like books, textbooks binders all that kind of stuff. What i will say, though, is that there isnt a lot of room to store like bulky binders. You can really only fit probably a textbook, and maybe a couple folders so just be wary of that up top here you have a zipper pocket, thats fairly small, but can fit something like a small book below. You then have two pouches that can be used to put other folders notebooks or even a tablet now onto the outside. You have both the laptop and tablet compartments. The one on the outside is a little smaller and fits the 11 inch ipad pro perfectly on the very back. The zipper opens the laptop compartment which is similar to the iphone pouch, and then it has this really soft padding. This is perfect because insurers are going to be keeping your device, probably your most expensive, one protected as you move around, like i mentioned in the beginning, its going to fit any device with the screen size smaller than 16 inches im planning on upgrading to the m1x Macbook pro, whenever that drops, and so its good to know that im still going to be able to use this bag now, with that all said, the incase icon comes in at 200 retail, so its definitely not a budget option.

I do want to mention, though, that i actually picked it up for 140 on their site, so definitely keep your eye out for any sales. While you are paying a pretty penny, i think its worth it with the build quality. The various different storage options for the variety of tech gadgets you travel with in the sleek and minimal design. I love that im able to carry around my ipad and macbook, along with power cables and my school books while still staying comfortable. It honestly does a really good job at distributing the weight all around, even when the bag is completely full and heavy. It doesnt feel uncomfortable on my back overall, if youre willing to spend the money. I think that the icon backpack is a great option for students and techies alike to all of you have made it to this point in the video i want to say thank you. I really appreciate it if you enjoyed and want to see more tech, related content in the very near future be sure to drop a like and subscribe to the channel study hard and until next time take care.