Let me first begin with this display and boy. Oh boy, this display is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I think that those folks who create content creators, designers, you’re gon na enjoy working on a display like this just some specs here. This is a 12.4 inch 1752 by 2800 pixels super amoled, 120 hertz hdr 10 plus display this display is so good that, when viewing instagram facebook and even twitter pictures and videos, you actually begin to see how bad compression is on these social media platforms like here. They really compress the hell out of your high quality videos and picks, but regardless the viewing experience is, as you would expect, from watching movies playing games or even editing photos, it’s, super immersive and captivating. Of course, the multimedia experience won’t be complete without great speakers and the four that’s included. Yes, i said four tuned by ekg does not disappoint when i take some time to thank malik’s tech for the nurse’s device for review check his facebook page out for top quality devices link is in the description. Having this good over display will be futile without some good performance and battery life to back it up. Samsung’S one ui 3.1 on top of android 11, continues to show us that it is one of the best software experiences on an android device. The days of lag are long gone, given a constant tweaking by samsung to make this experience as smooth as possible in aid of this performance comes the snapdragon, 865 plus processor, which by no means is a slouch in this area.

This model carries six gigs of ram with 128 gigs of on board storage. Speaking of storage, it can be expanded via its memory card slot, doesn’t matter, which configuration of this tab you choose to get everything thrown at this tab is handled beautifully, even keeping apps in memory. Gaming on this device is an experience now, given its large size. I prefer that you use a controller with a stub here i’m using my xbox controller, which connects easily as an avid gamer myself. There’S no complaints here. Battery life is great and having the adaptive refresh rate really helps with battery life. But i think that given there’s a 10 000 90 milliamp battery in here having 120s running constantly shouldn’t, be a problem if you do need faster charging, there’s a 45 watt charger, that’s sold separately can’t talk about this style without mentioning samsung decks, and for those of You who don’t know what samsung dex is well it’s, basically a feature which turns the tabs interface to more of a desktop experience, and i must say this is what android on a tab should be like. Let me just run to you a bit. Remember: android honeycomb. It was android’s answer to the operating system for larger displays, namely tablets and well that’s, not in existence anymore. I truly believe if there was more serious thought and development into this project going forward. Apple will not be leading the charge right now in the tablet market.

Basically, the app experience on an android tab is the same on an android phone it’s, basically blown up versions of what we get on an android phone, and this should never be the case between iphones and ipads. The app experience on both can clearly be seen because apple actually took time to develop their tab ecosystem. Thankfully samsung has somewhat taken a bit slack and is trying to offer a unique tablet. Experience where you won’t necessarily need a full fledged laptop to do certain tasks. Samsung decks makes it easy to share your display to something larger like a monitor or even a tv, then via bluetooth, connect, a mouse and keyboard or even samsung’s keyboard cover that has a built in trackpad. So, basically, what you’re getting is a super portable laptop on the go? I advise anyone going for this setup to get the anchor hub, which is going to connect everything you need for the full desktop experience. Samsung dex is only going to get better and i’m all here, for it, let’s not forget the trusty s pen and this s pen is nice writing with this feels so natural. I can only imagine what artists can do on here, given that samsung has reduced both the s pen and display latency to 9 milliseconds, which means you’re gon na get much faster response times than before. All of those familiar air gestures are here to stay and the s pen easily attaches to the back of the tub via this magnetic strip.

I must say i have had issues with a magnetic strip on last year’s tab s6, where the s pen will fall off too easily. However, on ita7 plus, this trip is strong, no more falling off and, of course, the s pen charges while connected to the tub. This is a big tub and it may be too big for some folks, so there’s, a smaller 11 inch tab s7 available. I must say: it’s well built aluminum back and frame with glass up front let’s, not forget! Yes, an in display fingerprint sensor that works. Okay is not the fastest or the best, but it works alongside samsung’s face unlock. As for the cameras, not much already see here, but i won’t expect anyone to be walking around with a tub taking pics, because if you do, you’re gon na be disappointed with both front and back picks. While the camera system is not terrible, it’s, not that good either and i think samsung should have at least given us a better front piece in camera. Seeing that most people are gon na be using this tablet for zoom calls conference calls at home um it’s, not that bad as you guys can see, but it could be better overall. This tab is the real deal sure it’s not perfect, but if you are someone looking to be super portable, this is the way to go. I can say, while this tab is great, there are just some things that a laptop is needed for, for example, if you need to install ext applications that won’t be possible on this tab, hopefully samsung’s decks can reach this level of functionality in the near future.

This is the samsung tab, s7, plus lacking nothing and prepared for everything. If you guys enjoyed this content liking and sharing, it will be awesome and subscribe.