Now this is a telescopic bluetooth, controller, that’s compatible with ios, 13.4 or lower and android 6.0 or higher. It also works with windows and linux, but the way i see it, the main reason somebody would pick this up is for gaming on your android tablet via cloud gaming native android gaming or emulation. Now you might notice that the controller has a little bit of a digital camo design on it and i’m. Not a big fan of this. I mean it. Doesn’T look bad once you take it out of the box, but i would have loved to get the b version here in black, but unfortunately they’re only offering this version here in two different color variants. You can get the digital camo version that i have here, or this fire and ice version and the main difference between the 9083 s and the 9083b, which we’re going to take a look at in this video is the b version has bluetooth 5.0 and the s Version has bluetooth 4.0, so let’s go ahead and get this out of the box. I will be testing it with a couple different tablets and on their website. They claim this works up to a 10 inch tablet, but in the past i used the original 9083 on my samsung galaxy tab s7 plus, which has a 12.4 inch screen it’s a bit of a tight fit, but it does work quite well and that’s. One of the main reasons i wanted to pick this up so i’ve always been a fan of the 9083 ever since the original one launched, and we definitely have enough buttons for basically anything we want to do over here.

On the left hand, side we have an analog, stick home button d pad and we also have our select button moving over to the right hand, side, another analog, stick a b x y and start and unfortunately, on the upgraded versions they stamped upgraded right on it. It’S not a little sticker. I can’t peel it off around back here. We have two shoulder buttons and two trigger buttons. Unfortunately, these are digital buttons, they’re, not analog, so we don’t get any pressure sensitivity with these. We also have a mode switch with three different settings. The last one that it’s on right now is basically x input mode. It runs kind of just like an xbox 360 or an xbox one controller. Would the middle one is for ios and the last one that looks like an android is for their android v3 software. They have an application that you can download from google play and map the buttons on this controller to on screen touch points. So if you want to map this with a game that doesn’t support controllers out of the box, you can easily do it with their application, and even though this is the upgraded version, unfortunately they’re still using micro usb, it would have been nice to see usb type C here, but basically, the only thing i’m going to be using this for is charging the internal battery, which doesn’t take long at all. So getting this setup with your android tablet is pretty easy on one side we have what i call the ratcheting side.

It’S got a little lock on it and the other side. We have a pretty hefty spring, now be careful when you’re taking your android device out of this. That spring can come back on you and pinch your finger. It does hurt. So the first tablet i just wanted to test out in this thing was the amazon fire 10. The 2019 version i kind of put the ratcheting side about halfway out. This is a 10 inch tablet. They do have a new one coming out and i will have a review on it when placing your tablet in the controller. Just take note of your button orientation, you don’t want it pressing that power button, while it’s in the controller it’ll automatically shut off. Once you hold it for about 10 seconds, so with the fire 10, i always place. The volume buttons down does make contact for a second but there’s a little recess in this controller and it’s fine, once it’s in there and the spring loaded side definitely has some force to it. So this is not going to fall out. I mean you could shake this around. You could turn it upside down the tablet’s not going to come out of here, while you’re gaming. The main reason i wanted to pick one of these controllers up was for my galaxy tab: s7 plus we have a 12.4 inch amoled display and a snapdragon 865 it’s, an absolute beast when it comes to android tablets and having it in handheld mode is really awesome For native android gaming and emulation – and this tablet will fit in the controller, if you try to put it in a certain way, it’s just not going to go, go ahead and pull this side out.

You can see that there’s just not enough room, but if you slide this tablet down in here, it fits just fine. I mean it’s, nice and tight in here there’s still a little bit of excess on the side with that spring load, so uh it’s not like damaging the tablet at all, and it just sits really nicely with this controller pairing it up is super easy now, i’m Setting this up in x, input mode i’ll just hold that home button we’ll get a flashing led over here, we’ll go to our bluetooth settings, it’ll show right up pair it and we’re good to go, and since we’re running this in x input mode, we can actually Control the full android operating system and the way it’s set up right now, if you want to play your favorite emulators it’s, going to work with it dolphin retro arch, redream psp, we don’t have to do any extra settings here same thing with a ton of games That support controllers from google play minecraft gta asphalt, but there are a few exceptions like call of duty mobile. Now it does support controllers, but it only supports certain controllers, like the xbox one or the ps4 controller, and you also run into games that don’t support controllers at all. Yet like ginge and impact and that’s where their mapping software comes into play, you can download it free of charge from google play, it’s called shooting, plus v3, and you can also update the firmware on these controllers.

So go ahead and launch it because we need to switch this to the v3 mode. The little android icon will hold that home button again and since i’ve already paired it to this tablet, it’ll automatically detect it and the application should also detect it in a second. Hopefully there we go, and now from here we can actually download different profiles. It’S really easy to set up. We’Ll just add a game. I’Ll find kinchen impact in here somewhere and finally, there it is so we’ll add it now. If we launch the game from this application here, we’re going to have that v3 software running on top and basically what it does is – sets the physical buttons on the controller up as touch buttons on screen. And here we are so we tap on the little v3 icon. We can move these around. We can totally customize it or it’ll download automatic profiles for us. Personally, i like doing some customization, you’ll, save and close, and, as you can see, the controller is now working with ginge and impact. I got a feeling we will get real controller support soon for this game on android, because they just added it to ios, but for now you can always use something like this and, as you can see, it works really well, so we’ve got character. Control with the left analog, stick camera control with the right analog stick and you can set these buttons up. However, you’d, like now like i mentioned you, don’t, have to use the software with everything just games that don’t support controllers.

Here we are with minecraft pocket edition. This game supports controllers and it works just fine. With this we’re in x input mode, i didn’t have to do any setup whatsoever. The controller was detected as soon as i started the game up. I can navigate the menus and play the game, but i got ta say my main use case scenario for a controller like this on a tablet like this would be emulation. First up we have some dreamcast using the redream emulator i’m upscaled here, because this does have that snapdragon 865. So it’s no issue at all to run this emulator and the controller worked right off the bat i didn’t have to do any setup whatsoever. The left analog. Stick and the d pad were mapped correctly. Of course, i would love to have a controller like this connect over usb type c, so we don’t have any latency, but unfortunately, for these bigger tablets, you know 10 inches and up. We don’t have any options for usb type c: telescopic controllers, something like the razer kishi for a tablet. Doesn’T exist yet moving over to some psp emulation using the standalone version of ppsspp. This is soul, calibur broken destiny using the vulcan back in upscale to 5x, and with this emulator again, i didn’t have to do any set up, and finally, we have some wii emulation using the dolphin emulator. Now, with this emulator, no matter what controller you use, you do have to set it up the first time, but it was detected and it’s very easy to set these controllers up and overall, the controller is working great with everything that i’ve tested so far.

So, in the end, i do think that the ipega 9083b or even the 9083s, is a great option if you’re looking for a telescopic controller for your larger tablet. Now, if you’re not into the telescopic design – and you don’t need your controller to hold your tablet. One of the best controllers that you can use for an android device right now is the xbox one controller or the xbox one s controller. They connect right over bluetooth. You can set your phone or your tablet on the table and just play like that works. Just like this one over x input – and there are third party key mapper apps on google play that do work with the xbox controller. So if you did want to add support for ginger impact, like you saw at the beginning of this video, you can do it with that xbox controller. But if you’re looking for a telescopic controller to hold your tablet and kind of turn it into a handheld, i think that the ipega 9083s or the 9083b is a great option for you. The s model does come in a bit cheaper, but it’s running, bluetooth, 4.0 and really i haven’t had an issue in the past with the older one and i think that one ran bluetooth 3.0. So you should be good to go with that. But if you don’t mind spending a little more money and you do like this digital camo design, i would go with the b for sure, but that’s gon na wrap it up for this.

Video really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in picking one of these up. I will leave a few amazon links in the description.