Ive already done one video on this, and that was basically my first impressions video i didnt have long to mess around with it. Only a couple days, but since then ive had this in my possession for around two and a half weeks and its been my main go to handheld for native android gaming and emulation ive tested a lot of handhelds on the channel. But we dont get many android handhelds with built in controls, but this is definitely the best one that ive tested so far when it comes to performance, build quality and overall usability. I think theyve done an amazing job with this unit and in this video i kind of just want to go over what can and cant be done with the odin pro ive also tested out the battery extensively charge rates and discharge rates so well get a good Idea of what kind of battery life youre going to be seeing on the odin pro, but before we get started im going to give you a quick refresher in case youre, not familiar with the odin pro. So as for the cpu, this is using the snapdragon 845. But they have overclocked the built in arduino 630 graphics by a bit. Weve got active cooling. The pro model has eight gigabytes of lp ddr4 x, ram 128 gigabytes of internal storage, plus a micro sd card slot and ive tested a 400 gigabyte card in here. No problem at all its got a 5.

98 inch screen at 1920 by 1080, a 6000 milliamp hour battery, and this is running android 10 right now. Its actually a really clean rom and the only things installed are some google apps, and they also have some of their proprietary odin software built in which really does help out, like their own odin launcher a gamepad mapper. You can display the fps on screen and fan control for the built in cooling system couple things i really love about this unit. We do have linear triggers back here or analog triggers weve also got a mini hdmi port, so we can do display out and itll do 1080p. It looks really good and fills the full screen. It also supports display, over usb type c, plus theyve kept the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack down here when it comes to the built in controls. I havent had any issues with them, but i have seen a few people complaining about the wiggly d pad. I really didnt. Even notice it while playing it doesnt present an issue whatsoever. They might tighten this up on later versions, but it works fine for me and ive had a really good time with the d pad and the dual analog sticks on this thing around back. We do have two extra buttons that can be mapped from software and with their built in mapping software. You can get these built in controls to work with any game that doesnt support a controller natively on android, something like ginge and impact, and it does work out really well for games like that.

So you dont need a third party application installed to get that working. So what im going to do now is just connect this to my game capture, so we can get a better look at the screen and the operating system display out does 1080p and it fills the full screen, unlike some other devices that do hdmi out over usb Type c and kind of cut off either the sides or the top and bottom all right. So, like i mentioned most of this is just going to be video capture. One of my favorite things about this unit is the hdmi out support. We had that micro hdmi port on the top and something i actually didnt realize it does video out of usb type c and thats. How i have it running right now, so ive got a usb type c to hdmi adapter. I can charge this unit and have it plugged in at the same time, and just have video out. I think it does a great job outputting. That 1080p picture looks absolutely amazing on a bigger screen and right now, as you can see, were in the basic android operating system, but with this unit here we have the odin launcher, which comes in very, very handy, very easy to navigate. We can actually change this background here now. Ive got that same background. You can download whatever you want here, nice animations and our layout can be changed, so we can have these smaller tiles.

I, like the larger tiles. It just makes it a lot easier to navigate swiping over from the right hand, side we have our performance setting so were in high performance mode right now we can set this up for a dark theme. Light theme, its really up to you, swiping from the right hand, side got some more settings here, shows us the cpu temperature and right now i actually have the built in fan on. So if we swipe down from here, weve got a few settings from the fan. We can go to smart or sport or we can turn it completely off. Usually i leave it in sport that way we have that sustained performance. This will not thermal throttle with this fan on, and this 845 can keep its clocks up on the gpu and the cpu im really glad that they did add a fan to this thing. It really does make a difference for sustained performance, so if youre playing a game more than 30 minutes on a regular android phone with no active cooling, the cpu and gpu start to underclock itself. But with this the fan on either smart or sport, this can go all day long at its highest clocks without thermal throttling. Another thing i like about this unit is their updater, so it doesnt rely on just regular android updates. If we go to the updater. This is a totally customized version of android 10 for the odin. They have their own updater.

So we can check for an update. We can get our version info and when they find bugs and things like that with different launchers, maybe different emulators. They can always hotfix that very easily by throwing an over the air update out, and hopefully they also keep up with security patches, but so far i mean this thing has been performing really really well. Definitely one of my favorite android powered handhelds. There are a few on the market, but this one takes the cake software performance and the overall design of the unit itself keep in mind. This is the pro model. They do have a light model with the mediatek demincity chip. This is going to be the best performer with that snapdragon 845, at least as im, making this video, hopefully down the road. We do see something with a little more power like an 870 or maybe even an 888, but for now with emulation native android gaming and cloud gaming. This has been a really awesome handheld and i personally think its definitely worth the price. But one thing you need to keep in mind is this: is using the snapdragon 845, which is a few generations behind something like the 888 or even the new gen 1.. So when it comes to emulation performance, youre definitely going to feel that in the higher end stuff, like ps2, gamecube, wii and even 3ds, using the citra emulator dont get me wrong because for what it is, this does perform amazingly well, but dont get your hopes up.

That youre going to be able to run every ps2 game using ethers x2 on the odin pro, but it does a really good job with emulation. Here we have some dreamcast using the redream emulator im at 1080p, and i think we could go a bit higher but were kind of locked at 1080p either on the built in screen or over hdmi crazy taxi 2 running at a constant 60. psp is another one That performs really well im using the standalone version of tpss vp vulcan back in 3x resolution and in my original video we did test out some harder to run games. They work fine, either using vulkan or opengl. The citra emulator on android is still kind of in early development, but there are games that will run at full speed, 1x resolution. This does use the opengl back end performs way better than i thought it would for the snapdragon 845 now were going to move up. The gamecube emulation and im using the standalone dolphin emulator from the official website. This is a development build. There have been some recent updates to android and on opengl. The 845 does really well with a lot of games, but it doesnt mean youre going to be able to run every single game at full speed. As for wii emulation, the odin pro is definitely holding its own with this one. Here i did swap over to vulcan because i was getting a few dips with opengl or a few more dips, but one i always like to test is f zero, gx its just a harder one to emulate on arm and even x86 ive tested it with the Opengl back in ive tested it with vulcan and the odin pro is definitely trying its hardest, but its just not going to cut it.

With this game. Ive tried all kinds of hacks in the background and unfortunately, i cant get it to run at 60., but one emulator that everybodys talking about on the odin pro is ether sx2, the new ps2 emulator for android and with a lot of the stuff. I was surprised at how well it ran. This is actually just a really good. Emulator were using the opengl back end. You can swap over the vulcan if you think its going to help out, but with these first two games i have no hacks. This is in safe mode, so were good to go with kingdom hearts 2 and even gran turismo 4.. This is one i always like to test and with this emulator ive just had really good luck with it. So, as you can see, the odin pro can definitely handle some ps2 games in safe mode, whether you want to use opengl or vulkan, but this doesnt mean its going to run every ps2 game well in safe mode. When we move up to something like god of war 2 in safe mode, whether were using opengl or the vulcan back in its just not going to run at full speed. Unless we turn some cycle hacks on in the background. And then we really get some frame skip so here it is safe mode opengl. You can see that were not quite at 60.. I also tested this with vulcan and it seems to perform just a little worse than opengl, at least with this game, but, as you can see, were not at full speed.

So with something like this, you will have to turn on some cycle hacks or just hacks. In general, in the background, and then we kind of get a choppy experience, but it does feel faster on screen now, ive played this game so much. You know on the original ps2 and emulation that i can really tell that theres some skipping going on, but most people might be fine with playing it. Just like this and remember, ethers x2 is a newer ps2 emulator for android its in early development. I suspect that well see some better performance out of the 845, but i dont think its gon na be perfect. In the end, when it comes to battery life, i was really impressed. Weve got a six thousand milliamp hour battery from zero to fully charged itll. Take about three hours with a quick charger and in my rundown tests i had the screen brightness set at 60, so 1080p youtube video playback. I got 9 hours and 37 minutes out of the battery psp emulation 5 hours and 12 minutes, not bad at all. That was at 3x resolution and gentian impact, which is just really hard on these devices three hours and nine minutes, so not bad at all, i mean were getting anywhere from three hours up to close to 10 hours of battery life out of the odin pro. So, in the end, i really do like the odin pro and, like i mentioned this – is the best android gaming handheld that weve seen so far.

I suspect, if this is really successful, well see more come to the market with higher end chip sets, but for now with the snapdragon 845, the odin pro is definitely the way to go. If youre looking for an all in one emulation native android gaming device with built in controls, now you can always go out and buy a phone with something like a snapdragon, 870 or even an 888. Add a controller like the razer key sheet and still get really good performance out of it. You might already have one of those in your pocket right now, so you can do that really easily. But if youre looking for an all in one android powered gaming, handheld console with built in controls, cooling fan, dual stereo speakers and really great battery life, then the odin pro is something that i can highly recommend but remember its not the most powerful android device. On the market still get great performance, like you saw in this video but theres some stuff, that the probe just cant do but thats gon na wrap it up for this. One really appreciate you watching if youre interested in learning more about the pro or even the light model, ill leave a few links in the description. If you have any questions or if theres anything else, you want to see running on this.