How goes it welcome to another video? So if you follow my channel, you know i do a lot of laptop reviews and i figured that i’ve done enough reviews recently that it kind of calls for a least likely the most likely advisory on laptops to tell you, which ones i’m most likely to recommend To you guys, and which ones, i would probably tell you to steer you’re clear of, of course, with that being said, there are a couple of caveats for this comparison. The first one being i’ve shortlisted this to a total of six laptops, and all these laptops have one thing in common they’re, actually rocking intel’s, newest tiger lake processors or chipsets. The reason i didn’t compare them to their amd counterparts or previous generation intel counterparts is because often despite two laptops being the same, just because a different processor also often means to have a different screen. Different connectivity, ports and it kind of becomes difficult to compare apples to oranges. However, if you compare intel devices to the latest intel devices it’s a little more consistent that way, if you do want to see a amd comparison or previous iterations of let’s say intel, i can always do those. Let me know in the comments section. The second caveat, of course, is that this is a honesty, is the best policy type of review. So, if you know my channel, i only ever talk about stuff, i’ve generally reviewed all the laptops i’m talking about here today.

I have actually reviewed on my channel at one point or another, pretty recently too, i will leave a link for each of these reviews. You can check them out, and the third thing to keep in mind is that this is not a review for each of these laptops. I’Ve already done that you can check that out. Like i said, the links below this is actually a highlight of some of the best and worst features of these laptops and why they rank where they do and, of course, keep in mind. This is my professional opinion. It doesn’t mean that the laptop you have if that’s, if it’s a bonuses list, is the worst laptop for you. Your experience may vary i’ve taken some general objective facts about these laptops and kind of ranked them based on that. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this comparison. It may even help you make your purchase decision if you guys enjoy the content hit, that subscribe. Button consider liking this video and, of course, as always. Thank you so much for watching without any other stuff. Let’S get started, keep in mind. I’M gon na go from worst to best let’s go starting off with number six at the very bottom of the list. Honestly guys, i take no joy or pride in putting this laptop at the bottom of the barrel, but i got ta be honest. Normally, laptops tend to be good in some areas and bad in others.

The hp, laptop 15 that’s literally what’s called it’s, not part of their pavilion or envy series manages to kind of just be bad all across the board, with very few good areas. So, starting off with the designs, this laptop it’s made of cheap, hard, tpu or plastic. If you will it basically flexes? No matter where you press on top of that, the minute you unfold, this laptop, that keyboard is just bad. The keys are wobbly, loose and there’s. So much flex on the keyboard. This is probably the worst trackpad i’ve reviewed all year long when you press on you actually feel like you’ll break it any moment. It just is really unbalanced to make matters even worse. The display is 720p. This laptop costs 900 here in canada, which is roughly the same as a lot of the other laptops i’ll, be reviewing on this list as the only one on this list that actually has a 720p hd screen, as opposed to a full hd screen to make matters. Even more worse, it has a mere 45 ntsc color rating, which means it looks washed out and bleached, and the viewing angles are nothing to write home about. The only saving grace i will give for this laptop is that its performance is more or less on par. With the rest of the competition it performs, like most other intel, 11th generation processors, and that may be some good news for some. But i really can’t recommend this laptop hp just cut too many corners and it shows as soon as you unbox.

This thing number five on our list is the acer aspire 5.. So some of you might be shocked as to why this one is so low on the list. Given its popularity. Well, here’s, the thing the acer aspire. 5 has a fantastic design. It looks sleek for sure it also uses a nice mix of premium and standard hard, tpu materials, so it actually has a metallic finish on the top and uses high quality plastic for the most part. On top of that, you actually have decent. I o port diversity. Here so you have an hdmi port, a couple usb ports, a usb c port it’s, a very functional laptop, also, the keyboard, while not the best in class, is a decent typing experience and the trackpad actually feels really nice it’s pretty premium, and it actually clicks very Nice as well, unfortunately, this laptop has two areas that really hurt it a lot in terms of points and put it right where it is the first one being the horrendous display. So this is the second worst display on this list of laptops. You have a fair 51 srgb rating, which means colors, look really really bad on this laptop just super washed out and if you are a creative user, you might get nauseous just looking at that screen, and on top of that you have one of the worst viewing Angles i’ve seen on a panel, and it just makes it impossible to look at this laptop from any sort of tilt.

The only good thing about this screen is that it’s, a full hd 1080p screen to make matters even worse. Unfortunately, you have a serious heat problem with this laptop thermals are really bad. You actually spend more time with the fans running at maximum setting than you do with them off or running at low settings that’s how hot this laptop gets doing anything as simple as opening up a word document. The fans go wild, but if you dare to exotic activities like gaming or video editing, this laptop suffers from severe frame drops very often occasionally applications crash, and there is a serious thermal problem with this laptop that can actually get in the way of its pure usability, Which is a real shame, because this laptop has some really nice premium elements to it. Number four on our list is the dell inspiron 5000 laptop. Now this one is an interesting one, because i think this is a pretty well balanced laptop in a lot of regards. So it has a fairly premium build quality. You actually have multiple metallic finishes on this laptop with some high quality, hard tpu material as well. On top of that, this laptop provides a very comfortable typing experience, so i found the keyboard had practically no flex. The keys are nice and tactile, and the back lighting is well done. On top of that, this laptop has a fantastic track pad it’s super tactile, it’s, well balanced and it’s, just one of the better track pads i’ve used on a laptop which makes interacting this laptop.

A whole lot more fun also. This laptop actually manages to stay pretty cool for the most part. So, unless you’re doing anything, super user intensive, the fans don’t go off that often it’s a pretty quiet laptop and even when you are doing resource intensive stuff, like prolonged gaming or, for example, 4k video, editing, there’s, not too much thermal throttling and you don’t see a Lot of performance drop it’s a pretty good experience. Unfortunately, like a lot of other laptops. The display here is less than ideal. In fact, it’s mediocre at best with a 1080p screen, you’d be happy, but then the sad part is you only have a 58 srgb color accuracy rating, which will again drive a lot of creative users away from this laptop. However, with that being said, if you are a business user, a student or just a general user you’ll find a lot of value in this laptop and it’s one that i can recommend for those subset of users. Music number three on our list: that’s right, we’re, getting closer and closer to the really good stuff is the lenovo ideapad 5.. So this version has been recently refreshed with the tiger lake specs, i have to say, lenovo – does a fantastic job at making sleek professional. Looking laptops, they really have a unique look in the industry, and this laptop uses a nice mix of premium and standard materials. It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in the slightest, and it looks like a great laptop and it feels like a great one as well.

The keyboard is one of the best i’ve used on a laptop in a while it’s, a absolute joy to type on it’s got such nice key travel. It also has a tactile, feel no flex whatsoever, and i could honestly type an essay on this thing and actually smile that’s right. The trackpad is actually made of a glass surface and feels really nice to the touch. Also. The clicks are, of course, tactile as well, and this one with a few track pads where i actually enjoy using a trackpad on a laptop, and i despise track pads trust me. You also have spacious palm rest space. Another cool thing about this laptop is that you have up to 11 hours of battery life, which is actually amazing, considering that this is the only laptop in this list that actually has, in its base configuration a 11 generation i7 processor, as opposed to a i5 one. So it’s more power hungry, but it still has an above average battery ratio, which is like, i said amazing also. You have relatively good speakers on here with a stereo setup. The biggest downside for this laptop is when it shares a lot of other laptops in this list, is that you have a relatively poor display in terms of quality. So while you do have a full hd 1080p display, you only have a 56 srgb rating, which i’m just getting tired of saying, seriously, looks washed out and it’s going to drive away a lot of creative users who rely on color accuracy to do their jobs or Workflows, so if you are in that aspect, steer clear of this laptop, but if you are a professional business user like an accountant, for example, if you’re a student who’s not too heavily reliant on creative activities like video, editing or photo editing, for example, this laptop offers A lot of value, one other slight downside, is that it is slightly more expensive on the other laptops on this list.

Given its higher base specifications, however, again it offers a ton of value and, if you’re not super budget conscious, this laptop might be the one for you, Music for number two on our list. It’S getting hot like seriously competitive over here we’ve got the dell xps 13. 9305 variant, so this one actually uses dell’s older 2020 design. However, has the latest tiger lake specifications it’s not the same as a 9310 variant which actually has a all new design, but this is actually the better of the two, because it has better thermal management. It runs cooler and it actually never breaks a sweat. Despite being such a puny laptop in terms of its form factor, you can actually game on this thing and do even 4k, video editing and the fans don’t get super loud. They actually they’re on, but they stay pretty consistently low in terms of overall noise level. One of my favorite things on the laptop of course is its sleek design. It has such a premium looking design it feels nice. It uses a nice mix of premium materials all around and i definitely think this is the equivalent of a macbook in the pc world. The keyboard is one of the best in the industry rivaled only by the likes of the lenovo ideapad 5 or the likes of the surface book seriously. It’S a joy to type on. You have a very high quality glass surface trackpad that clicks amazing. You have a reasonable amount of palm respace, given how little this laptop is.

But the highlight of this laptop has to be its screen. You have a full hd 1080p screen which, by the way, can operate 4k screen as well, which will cost you a ton more. However, for the base 1080p screen, you get a rating of 96 srgb colors, look vivid, sharp, lively, creative users will love this laptop. Viewing angles are fantastic. You can look at this laptop like this and it still looks so crisp there’s, no washout the view. Angles are phenomenal on this laptop and you have pretty good battery life. That goes well above the 11 to 12 hour. Mark i’ve actually got as much as 14 hours on a single charge. So again, this is a all around super versatile super premium, looking laptop with great functionality, one of the biggest downsides of this laptop, unfortunately, is that it has very limited. I o port diversity. You only have usb c ports on this entire device and it’s a real shame, because it reminds me of the macbook world. I wish they’ll put a little more creativity in there and it may get in the way of functionality for some users. Finally, we get to number one on our list, so keep in mind that to be number one on this list, you don’t have to be the most superior laptop out there. You have to be anywhere from good to great in almost every single criteria, and you just have to be a great all rounder value, and that award goes to the acer swift 3.

. This laptop genuinely won my heart, so it has a fairly premium. Build quality. It’S got all sorts of nice mix of metallic finishes with high quality plastic as well, while not as premium as the likes of the dell xps it’s, definitely top notch, given its price. Also, this laptop is heavy enough to feel a premium, but light enough to respect the weight you’d want from an ultrabook. But what really makes this laptop nice is that it actually matters to keep relatively decent thermals. So, while it’s not as good as the likes of the lenovo ideapad 5 in that regard, it’s, actually pretty good. Overall, you can definitely game on here. Do 4k editing with limited performance drops and you’ll generally have a very enjoyable experience. Also, you have fantastic. I o port diversity on this laptop, so you have a nice mix of all kinds of ports which makes this a super functional laptop. I also found you have decent battery life, ranging in the 11 hour range, so it’s right around there with the average expectations, but other areas. This laptop really does well in that. I personally found was the keyboard and trackpad. So while the keyboard isn’t as fantastic again as some of the other ones on this list, it’s a very comfortable typing experience, you have really good backlighting there’s, no flex did i mention you, have a full glass surface trackpad on this laptop as well. That actually feels super tactile and super nice with great palm rest space as well, but you’re really asking right now what makes this laptop so exceptional? How do i get to number one? Surely that can’t be enough and you’re right well, believe it or not? This laptop actually has the best display out of all the laptops i just mentioned, so you have a full hd 1080p screen, but you have a 99 srgb rating colors look super vivid on this laptop honestly.

I was kind of blown away just how good the display on this laptop looks. Like i mean it’s crazy, if you’re a creative user, you’ll really respect this laptop screen, everything is sharp crisp and the viewing angles are out of this world. You can practically look at this laptop with your neck, just spinning in circles, and the viewing angle is nearly flawless like it’s really well done. Also, i really like how, despite this is a 14 inch screen because of the high quality display you get immersed so well into it. You forget that it’s, actually an insurance and a lot of the laptops on this list, and another thing i like about this laptop – is that in general, it’s really good value, because it’s actually priced the exact same as item number six on our review. So the hp laptop 15 and the acer swift 3 are both priced at 900 dollars here in canada, and you can see there are two opposite of the spectrum. The hp laptop 15 cut every corner, it could it’s a cheap and flimsy laptop, and the asus 2f3 provides fantastic. All around value and didn’t cut any corners. To my knowledge, i really enjoyed this laptop. I think it’s earned that spot and honestly acer did a fantastic job with this particular model, so that’s pretty much it for my list. Everyone, i hope you guys actually enjoyed it now, keep in mind again. This is my professional opinion.

Your experience may differ with the device you’re using and that’s totally cool, in fact, i’d love to hear which laptops you would order from this list and why you think what you think it’s all part of the fun. Let me know in the comment section below, as always. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the content, please hit that like button and consider subscribing to my channel, it genuinely helps me grow. It means a lot to me and helps provide more quality content for you guys again. Thank you so much for your support.