It is their 10th anniversary model. The special edition of the meat 10 and they've just packed in all they could possibly put in a phone with a maximum tech here, xiaomi and wow it's. Just really it takes the spec sheet is crazy. Okay, 120 watt fast charging that's under 25 minutes to fully charge it 50 watt wireless charging. We also have 120 hertz refresh rate screen. We'Ve got a 48 megapixel custom, main camera 48 megapixel five times optical with a hundred and twenty times. Hybrid maximum digital zoom oil painting mode really is what it is, and then we do have: okay, the snapdragon 865, eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. Ufs 3.1 blazing fast storage. So it comes with a special extra long box here because it does have a larger charger, this one being 120 watts and it's all about their 10th anniversary xiaomi. So this particular one here. No, i did not get sent this by xiaomi. This i bought myself from trading shenzhen, and here we have a little bit of text there in chinese. So someone in the comments, i'm sure will. Let us know exactly what this here is talking about. I think it's just all to do with them and of course, their 10th anniversary, probably talking about their fans and whatnot. So here you can see again, 10th anniversary so there's the phone, so we'll just pull that out and i will focus on that shortly.

But let's have a look first at the contents right here, so we've got the 120 watt charger now. This thing is very, very quick. This can charge the phone in under 25 minutes officially, and i will time that and give you the exact time later on and we've got the cable too, of course. So this is a slightly different cable it's, slightly thicker larger gauge wire than the other typical xiaomi cables, of course, to cater for that 120 watts sim tray tool right there and we should have a case included. Hopefully, oh there, it is okay, underneath all nicely packaged up, and this is a rubber style one around the outside here, but with a hard plastic with a texture on the back of it. You can hear that probably, and they did include a type c to 3.5 millimeter adapter. They haven't been doing this for a long time, but they did also include one with the k30 ultra, which i have here and there's going to be a video on that. One later on too in the channel, so here's what our me10 ultra looks like inside the case here, so we can still look at all the transparent back of it, which is great good protection for the cameras. So you can see about here that there is a little lip around the outside, which is good. So that means, if you place it down on the table, it's not going to scratch that rather large camera lens.

In fact, the two different camera lenses right there edges are covered quite nicely, it does say designed by xiaomi and then all the ports are covered too, as well and our buttons on the right side. So the first thing that got me when i pulled this out of the case is that it's, a thick phone, okay, let's, have a look exactly because it does not seem that's limit, or rather chunky, so about 10.2 millimeters, including now the cameras that brings it up. Then, to about 11.6 and it's hefty too, this is a heavy phone. It does have a four thousand five hundred milliamp hour battery, but because it's got a lot of tech, packed in here it's kind of understandable that it is heavy uh, 222, 21 grams, heavy to be precise, so we do have obviously the transparent version. Now what you're? Looking at the internals right here is, in fact just like a decal it's, a sticker over the components, there's a bit of a gap just right here where the camera module protrudes out, you can actually see a little bit of circuitry and things behind it. You'Re not actually looking straight at the internals, but that does let us know where the coil is right here for its wireless charging. It supports 50 watt wireless charging, nfc is right here, and the glass has a curvature to it. This is gorilla glass, 6 and a very good build quality this to this phone, even though it is yes, a little bit chunky, as i mentioned before, it's thick it's, not thin it's, not light, but it's a solid quality build that it has.

Now, when you take a look at the cameras with this particular phone here, xiaomi has done an excellent job just to give us a broad range of cameras. So we have a super wide 12 millimeter, equivalent 20 megapixel ultrawide camera f, 2.2 aperture, and which is this one right here now 20 megapixels means it captures a lot of detail. We then also have a 12 megapixel portrait camera two times optical zoom. It does also have dual pixel: auto focus the main camera. The main sensor is 48 megapixels. This is a custom sensor from them. The lens on this one is f, 1.9 and then the 120 times digital zoom camera also 48 megapixels. This one has an aperture of f 4.1 now at 20 times digital zoom, as you'll see later on. From my samples, it is an oil painting, but at around 20 and 10 times zoom you definitely have usable photos and, of course, at the five times optical. It is a periscope camera, but it's more marketing, 120 times zoom. I doubt people are gon na actually use because it doesn't produce a usable photo and a front facing camera. This one inside the cutout is 20 megapixels, with an f 2.3 aperture right at the top. We do have an ir transmitter, which is kind of rare, actually in a flagship phone and 10 align can be seen right there top microphone, and here is a little tiny port. This is, in fact, a little gap here for our loudspeaker, so that's, where the sound is transmitted through the one of two loudspeakers and the other loudspeakers in the typical location, microphone, type c port and our sim tray.

The sim tray takes two nano sims. Only no micro sd card support, there is a gasket around it, but we don't have an official ip rating with this phone, and we also don't have video out support from that type c port and the power buttons on the right. These ones are made of metal and i have very easy access to it to unlock, which is good and they don't rattle. It is of a premium high quality, build everything with this phone, so this phone has a full hd plus screen in it. It'S 120 hertz is the maximum refresh rate, and yes, it is an amoled panel in here or oled and it's a really nice screen. Now maximum brightness tops out about 750, so nets it can be seen and it's legible, indirect sunlight, which is great. Not all phones are a lot of amoled panels out. There will only be about 400 nets, but this one is very, very bright. It is very fluid now the screen on it curvature on the edges i'm, not a huge fan of curved amoled screens, and i would have preferred to have had a flat screen. But i do know why they've done that, because of yes, the thickness of the phone. It does, however, one thing with the gestures: having the curvature makes. The gestures easy you don't have screen, for example, protectors digging into your finger now. Yes, there is a screen protector, pre applied with this one when you get it out of the box, which is great because i don't know about you i'm hopeless at putting them on so the screen very, very bright, really good uh, the adaptive brightness.

I find i don't like addict brightness myself, but i find it's actually pretty good in this model, not bad at all fingerprint unlocking time, so you can unlock with your fingerprint in about you see what is that, like one two seconds or so? It is very quick face, unlocking is even faster and so far in my well about a day using this phone. It is very quick and accurate, so i don't have any issues with that now. Miui 12 is what it's running android 10. You can by default, essentially by default it's, not with the app store, but i enable it. I prefer to have the app store. Another reason is because this is the chinese rom and that's. All you can get at the moment. I don't know if there's going to be a global version. If i was to swipe up without the app straw enabled you get, the chinese search engine come up, so there's a little bit of bloatware, originally i've removed it and more on that later too. First, let's get into a few things with this brilliant display that's in here. I really do like it now you're, seeing some terrible banding coming through now. Why i haven't got this on at the moment, is just to show you what some people actually see with their own eyes at lower brightnesses. I don't have this problem but anti flicker mode. This is our dc dimming really good. To have this.

You watch as soon as i enable this there we go like magic, it is gone and it's perfect, for so many people so great to have this feature. This is something that my tab – s7 plus i just reviewed in the channel recently is missing and i really wish it had dark mode of course, color scheme so by default. It is on the auto, but i do actually prefer standard. That looks a little more correct. So really nice screen good brightness. Everyone is going to be super happy. I believe with this one, even though yes, it is curved now there is one thing i want to discuss too still talking about the display and then, as if i jump in here to the settings, you'll see that we can then select 120 hertz, of course, but What happens it disables, the dc dimming, so dc dimming – is only working at 60, hertz, unfortunately, and that's a shame. I don't think the tech actually does work for 120. Will it work of 90, hopefully now i'd love to see a third option in here xiaomi. Please, are you watching this video 90 hertz, the combination of then battery life and performance and smoothness? Now, at the 60 hertz 60 frames per second ui, you do sometimes notice that hang on these animations just look a little stuttery janky at times, and they could be smoother. Something i've been talking about for a while with xiaomi, but overall performance and launch times is so good and excellent it's.

Just those areas of improvement uh, i think, with the touch response times, could be a little better with this phone and yeah. I think the animations could be smoothed out. So what about performance? Synthetic benchmarks here? This thing is an absolute monster that gpu score is the highest i have seen so, even though this is not the snapdragon 865 plus, we don't actually need it, not with this kind of optimization here from xiaomi, so pushing really good scores here, uh this. In fact, i think is the best i have seen now even beating out the republic of gamer's three phone, which also does that one has the snapdragon 865 plus this model doesn't very, very good scores here now it does have dual carrier frequency gps. That means it picks up on the level one and level five which you can see now accuracy, because it's, a qualcomm is limited and will sit at three meters of accuracy and the compass is working well that's in this hardware, of course, now excellent, just absolutely blazing Fast storage speeds look at this ufs 3.1, but the main area to focus on is look at these random reads and writes so quick this. I think this is almost the fastest. I have seen it's right up there. I have to check my spreadsheet with all my scores, but i believe it's definitely in the top three. This is a really fast phone, so getting out of that one let's have a look at camera.

Two api support level, three great so gk imports for this particular phone in the future, and we do have a wide vine level, one cert being a chinese phone. I didn't expect this. Normally the chinese roms don't have it but they've started to do this recently, xiaomi, which is really good to see now netflix it's, not actually in the google play store. You need to sideload, it find an apk file, download it and install it, and then it will work. I am on the latest firmware version at the time of this particular video here and you get about 220 gigabytes free on this 256 gigabyte version onto our audio quality, so i've placed one voice, call and things sound normal, fine, there's, nothing there. That worries me and i tested out the type cd 3.5 adapter very, very good quality. Very happy with that, and of course you can use bluetooth. Audio xiaomi's, bluetooth, optimization to me, happens to be one of the better ones out there from the mobile brands, so loudspeakers we've got the speaker right at the top and then, of course, the one down the bottom here, and this is the red magic it's. The 5s, with its dual loudspeakers, which i think happens to be the loudest and the best in terms of loudspeakers so do a bit of a comparison between both of these and just how they sound. To me, the meten ultra is good, but not quite as good as this one: Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music Applause.

So this is the front facing camera and i'm shooting this one at home, because i don't have to wear a mask here, but by law you have to wear masks, but not at your house of course. So what we have here is really different from xiaomi and finally, finally, finally, after how long so many years of complaining about no electronic image stabilization, we finally have it with a front facing camera on the me10 ultra, which is absolutely great, now audio quality across all Video is very, very good as well 320 kilobits per second, and as i walk ahead, you can see the stabilization is doing a very good job here at removing the shakes and tremor. So this is 4k 30 frames per second, you can shoot 4k 60 as well, but my video is in 4k30 and i'm walking ahead. Very steady footage really good electronic image stabilization here now, when you pan around, depending on how fast you pan, you will see some jutter coming through because of the electronic image stabilization i'm, now just going to run ahead. Small jog and you can see that stabilization is excellent, very very good. This is the ultra wide now, so we fit so much more in the shot, not quite as sharp. However, the quality and again very good image, stabilization walking ahead and now i'll jog it. And lastly, this is 4k 30 again using the five times optical camera. Very good i'm. Just doing this all handheld i'm going to start walking ahead now, but pointing at the clock – and you can see a few trimmers coming through, but remember this is five times optical overall.

That is very good. Most people will stand still when they're shooting and we do have a little bit of digital zoomy here, i'm gon na do very slowly. Take a look at this pigeon, oh he's, flying away – and this is 8k video now which does have some electronic image stabilization it's. Not 6k upscale to 8k that's. Why it's, only 24 frames per second and depending on where you're shooting you may see some huge frame dips that's more in lower light in difficult conditions, so i'm going to pan around here very very slowly, but this quality very sharp. Does look really great, especially when you look at it on even just a 4k monitor you notice, it's, so sharp but it's a shame: it's not 30 frames per second Music Applause, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, my Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so gaming performance no surprises here that all the titles out there super fluid playable frame rates, now real racing, three that i'm playing right now and driving really bad. By the way, this one runs with an unlocked frame rate, so there's no frame rate cap and you can get these very smooth, 120 frames per second, the whole entire time. Other games like, for example, call of duty this one on the highest possible settings runs only at 60 frames per second, but it does look very, very good and super fluid. I don't see any lag or slowdown with this one at all.

Another game that does support an unkept frame rate is grim, valor, good, looking game side scrolling one here and yes, super smooth at 120 frames per second, so all the games out there they are going to run pretty much the best that you will see on android. No problems very, very smooth and fast thermals are good as well. It only gets up to about 43 degrees and, as you see later on in the end of this video very shortly, i will show you that actually gets hotter charging and not gaming. So we have some impressive wireless speeds. If you're close to your router connected up to my wi fi 6 router, i am seeing over 900 megabits per second on average speed, which is great. That is super fast it's, a new record, the fastest i have seen yet on a phone. However, at a distance in my spot to where i test my other phones, it doesn't actually perform that well at distances. So if you have your wireless router on the other side of your house, you're going to get very low speeds here, because it's just getting over 127 megabits per second now. To put that into perspective, the redmi k30 pro zoom that i have that can actually get 360 average at the same exact spot, so something's up with the wireless speeds, if you're not close to your router with lower signal strength, i hope it's just a firmware update As needed to improve the performance of the wireless speeds here now, battery charge time is so so quick.

This is a new record setter. Of course, 20 minutes is all it took to go from 16 to 100 and to fully charge you're looking about 25 minutes or even slightly under really really quick. There amazing speeds now battery life is the the biggest con with a phone with 120 hertz screen. So i calibrate my display to 200 nets. I run a fixed battery life test because the other tests that i used to do they were variable and there's there's too many variables, of course, but what i have here is an average result. This is not amazing. Considering that the k30 ultra with its demensity 1000 plus chip gets a much better score here, as you can see, 11 hours and 37 minutes versus 8 hours and 47, both of them were at 200 nits of brightness and both were running the displays and 120 hertz An amazing result here for the k30 ultra, not so great from the snapdragon 865 from the me10 ultra here now. Of course, one of the trade offs of charging a phone in under 25 minutes at 120 watts. Is it it's going to get quite warm. So this is the back of the phone which will reach up to. I have seen a maximum of 42 degrees it's. Almost there i'll flip it over now to the front, and you see the front it's getting up to quite a toasty now 43, but it's still not as hot as the power supply.

That will reach 50 degrees. Are these temperatures? Okay, i'm sure xiaomi's engineers has tested this a lot. I think it is fine as long as my phone's not getting up to 50, then i'm, not too worried about this really premium, build fast, fingerprint, unlocking i mean it's, not the fastest. I have seen, i think, still the p30 pro from highway happens to be one of the fastest for me, but it is quick it's, probably the animation slowing it down a little bit there now there's a lot of things that are going on with this phone. In terms of cameras from the samples you saw that it does perform really really well now taking up to about i'd, say 20 times or even sometimes 10. For me personally, 10 times, zoom will be about as far as i will go, but yes, we've got that opportunity that you can take 120 times zoom photo. Other flagship phones have similar features as well and is it usable i mean it's, not it's, like an oil painting, you saw, i mean it's great, to say, hey, look. Those are people it's, just washed out it's, not really who's gon na be using it. I think it's just i'm gon na classify it as a gimmick, and i know there – probably some extreme fanboys in the comments are going to have a massive got me for saying that. But it is come on i'm, not talking just about this phone i'm.

Talking about the samsung's as well and anyone else using a crazy digital, zoom it's, just not usable instead of that just give us, i don't, know up to 20 max or something that's fine. I think for most people anyway enough about those cameras that they are really really good, very impressive, low light great. What about the other things to do with the os, very good performance and speed? It is very fast. I mean you expect that at 120 hertz there seems to be no lag. No starters launch times for everything is excellent, but i did notice that using it at 60 hertz, the animations are still not running. You can clearly see at times at 60 frames per second, which would be matching the ui, then the refresh rate, but when you put it onto 120 hertz, obviously it's pumping out way more than 60. We could be up to 120 frames per second, the ui there and you don't see any of those detectable problems. There was the occasional time you may have seen it in the video that when i touched the screen, it didn't seem to respond quite as good as i would think there with the gestures and the touch response time now. It could be just because i need to remove the screen protector. I will probably end up doing that, but i want to keep it on for now, because i don't want to scratch it it's such a nice phone.

The other thing too well, the battery. The battery looks like the biggest con, and this is to be. As expected, i mean you don't need to even have a phone in your hands or review it to know that 120 hertz is going to absolutely kill a batteries. A battery and the screen on time is going to be horrendous and i've seen this with other phones, okay and with tablets as well with 120 hertz. So we got the option of 60, but i would really love and i'm sure it could be implemented with software. Xiaomi, if you're watching this video come on, please firmware update 90 hertz just give us that at least it's a good sweet spot between the battery saving and then the fluidity of the ui. I think a lot of people would probably be using that as default. So so many people ask me: do you think it's worth this phone to import it? Is it a viable option here in europe? Well, if you don't need lte band 20, i would say: go for it if you don't also need other languages. Okay, that's! Really the only major things holding this phone back here or outside of china. That is, if you need lte band 20 or 28, if you're from france it's, not here, okay, so you won't have that you'll be stuck on slower speeds. You might have to be on just 3g, okay, which is not great. The other thing is well.

You can have a bit of bloatware, but that's, not too much of an issue. The bloatware in chinese can all be removed and uninstalled. It is there in the beginning, but yeah um it's really down to that. I think i would go for it if you're after a phone with some fantastic cameras and zoom performance. So far with my testing here, i think this is it. This is very, very good.