They were sent out to me free of charge. In exchange for this video right here, you're watching so these ones have an ipx7 rating. They will go for seven to eight hours on a single charge and you get an additional 40 hours from the case they're selling for about 59 us dollars. So, are they worth it that extra you have to pay versus, say the more budget ones to my ears? Definitely as you'll find out in this review from me in the box, you'll find two small tips. They'Ve also included two large ones. It comes pre installed with the mediums and the air hooks as well, and if you don't want to use the air hooks, you can change that outside rubber. They do include another set. We get a quick start guide user guide, usb to type c cable for charging and there's also a card here that, if you register you can extend the warranty up to 18 months, which is great, so we've got a nice case. That is quite compact. It weighs just 50 grams. The earbuds themselves are 6 grams, each status leds, so you can see one on either side. That is telling me that the earbuds inside are charging. It goes out once they are fully charged pretty straightforward here. Magnet holds it in place and you can see clearly labeled left and right once you pull the earbuds out, so they will turn on and pair up straight away with any devices that they have been paired to before.

And if i close, the lid now you'll see that that is the remaining battery life of the case. So this gives us an additional 40 hours. Each one of those leds represents 25 battery life and the back just a few markings on there and there we have the type c connector there for charging charge. Time of this case is around about two hours at five volts. One amp look at the design. Now of the earbuds, so they're very light, they're only six grams, each and interchangeable tips clearly marked left and right as well on them. Now make sure you get a tip that seals very good in your ear and gives you a great fit, because if you don't have a good seal, you don't get the base. You expect and you don't get the fit either. Now the air hooks on the top. This is this little bit of rubber here that presses into your ear. That means you get a very solid fit and you can jump up and down they're not going to go anywhere. These also have an ipx7 rating. We'Ve got a status led and this air hook. You don't have to use it, so you can change it over to just the rubber but there's rubber all around the outside, and this means the fit – is very comfortable wearing these for a couple of hours, i'm, not getting any fatigue with them down the very bottom. We do have a microphone on each one of them and here on the back, you get the taotronics logo, and this is where you need to touch for the capacitive touch controls.

Now i find the touch controls they're a bit hit and miss they're, not always working for me. Volume up and down seems to work well, so that's just a single tap, but when you have to do double taps for things or triple it's, when it sometimes doesn't work – and i find myself repeating the tapping – and this happens with most of the tds earbuds. I review, i prefer physical click in buttons, which i hope, maybe the next models will have, or at least improved capacitive touch controls. So how do they sound out of the box? I have noticed that the tune of them is definitely favoring bass and highs. I did feel that the vocals and mid sounded a little bit flat. Now this can be corrected with your favorite media player. So just increase those a little bit. Then you can get excellent results, so they do sound premium to my ears. They do not have a cheap, sound to them at all, very good high volume. Once you set the tws earbuds themselves to be at maximum volume, because when i first got them and i started testing them out, i thought hang on they're, not that loud, but once you increase by tapping on the right ear, the volume up you do notice, then That you can push it very loud with no distortion in the bass. Sound stage is good stereo separation on each of them very good. Overall, these do sound excellent and i would rate them as premium it's.

Just out of the box the tune just lacking a little bit in the mids that's, where you need to just give it a bit of a tweak with your favorite equalizer. So how was the latin c so this i'm talking about here is the delay between the video and audio with bluetooth, tech, there's, always a minute delay as some it's really bad. Some it's very good i've noticed that using amazon prime video right now watching an episode of hunters that the audio is synced very well there's, a minute tiny bit of a delay between the video and the audio when i'm, seeing it so it's syncing with people's mouths. Almost perfectly but there's a tiny bit noticeable there when watching, for example, youtube it's a little bit bigger the delay and quite frustrating so it's not going to be as good as wired tech when it comes to latency, of course, now sample of the mic. So we've got one in each ear and i would rate the quality, as average to maybe even a bit below average it's, not certainly the best. I have heard in terms of microphone quality here i would rate that to others that have four microphones in total. The two in each ear this has only got one in each ear. It'S apparently meant to have some active noise cancellation but i'm, not really hearing it. I can still hear background noises coming through in calls, and even with this sample, you can probably hear some birds in the background all right.

So let me quickly recap here: i've got them in right now and i can wear these for a couple of hours and i get no fatigue with it whatsoever using the air hooks. These just do not feel like they're going to fall out whatsoever. These are rock solid. I can even pull a t shirt on and put a new one on without them being pulled out because of the air hooks on them, they're really that solid. So i have no problems recommending these ones for people who do a lot of sport with the air hooks and as long as you get a tip of course, that gives you a very good seal that's. The main thing you do get some ambient noise isolation. A little i mean these aren't active noise cancellation, of course, not not for this price, but very good, sound quality. I think these have got nice deep, strong bass. You can push the volume up very high with no distortion, and the highs are excellent as well as i mentioned. The sound quality i feel is very, very good. It just seems a little bit flat in terms of mids and vocals out of the box. That is, they give it a bit of a tweak with an equalizer, and these things do sound very, very good. They sound excellent, fantastic to my ears, so are they worth the 59 us dollars? I definitely think they are having reviewed a lot of more cheaper tbi best tech, for example, ones that sell for say 29 us dollars or 23 or 30 mid 30s, paying that extra you get almost double the run time of most of those are only about four Hours you get up to eight hours with these ones here an additional 40 hours from the case, it is a very nice case.

They connect up really well there's a little bit of a delay too, with a typical bluetooth problem, and that is the latency between video and audio. There is a split second delay and most of the stuff you're watching so for movies and for gaming they're not going to be perfect. The best choice really for that, if you don't want any lag whatsoever, is to use wire, but a lot of phones. Now, of course, don't have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so you have to opt now to use tws tech, so overall the sound liberty, 79's, very good, twc earbuds. I think they're worth that 59 us dollars. They are selling for definitely, and thank you so much for watching. I will have some more tbrs earbud tech reviews coming up in the channel, including some active noise cancellation ones as well.