Android tablet from dragon touch testing out some gaming with it. Some emulation see what the do, how it performs, how it looks all that good stuff. So this company dragon touch they reached out to me saying: hey, we have a brand new version of one of our best selling 10 inch tablets, the new max 10 plus. Would you like to take a look? So i looked at their amazon reviews and i was surprised they have tons of different tablets. They sell and they’ve had thousands upon thousands of positive reviews on them. So i figured why not let me give it a shot. I recently bought my son. A 10 inch tablet a samsung a7, so i figured my angle could be since this is cheaper. Around 60 70 dollars cheaper than the samsung a7 similar specs, not exactly the same, but my angle could be after having used this. What if i rather bought this form and saved some money or stuck with the samsung tablet, so that’s, where we’re at we’re going to be testing some stuff out? This is listed to have a 1080p screen 10.1 inch, the back of the box and all the specs. Even when you look at the tablet it’s a 1920×1200 screen, so i you know, i guess maybe i’m a little confused by why it’s listed that way because it’s listed 121080, you know on the box kind of strange quantum dot technology has a higher color gamut than Their previous version – this is a three gigabytes ram version.

They do have a two gig ram version. Has that eye care? A lot of these tablets have that blue light thing going on octa core processor and android 10. The most recent android release 5 000 milliamp hour battery supposed to give you around 8 hours battery life and that that holds true. That is pretty much where we’re at so i have the tablet i’ve been using this for past couple days does come with the charger usbc and the power brick. You don’t really need to look at that. The only negative review i seen on their tablets was like. We don’t, like the manual just a freaking tablet. You turn it on and you go. But after looking at this manual i’m like it’s, actually pretty in depth with getting everything set up more so than i think most people would need. So maybe they’ve changed that or maybe just some people expected more. I don’t know, but we do have the specs listed in the manual if you want to freeze frame on that and really read up on everything: bluetooth, 5.0, pretty good stuff. So we have 32 gigabytes built in storage, space, expandable micro, sd card slot. So when i first started messing with this thing, it feels really nice. It has a good build quality to it, touch that dragon all up. You got your your rear facing camera and your front facing five megapixels and eight megapixels on those usbc on the the top there.

You could take off this this little thing right here to expose the micro sd card slot, which that’s one of the things i really don’t, like it kind of feels a little cheap coming off of there, but you have micro sd on the side sim card slots. There but they’re blocked so probably for a different market. They have sim card capabilities, but this one does not have it now. I did run some benchmarks on this thing. We have our volume and our power up top over yonder. So when i compared this to the samsung, the samsung’s definitely a little bit more snappy responsive, you know going into things news articles and whatnot opening up. Google chrome it’s a little more sluggish, not crazily, so but yeah it. It feels fine. The screen looks really good mind you, but i did run some uh benchmarking on geekbench both on this and the samsung tablet. I don’t have the samsung tablet, but i do remember the benchmarking numbers on that. If numbers mean anything to you, but let’s go to my history, real quick, so for cpu we got a single core score of 141. Pretty low multi core score of 644., now mind you, the samsung a7. The scores were pretty much double a little more than double. On both of those on the single on the multi core, so there’s that really nice looking tablet playing games on it. You know i tested a handful of games.

First off fortnite is not compatible on this device. You cannot play fortnite on this tablet here, oh and we do have our speakers on the bottom just want to point that out, but you cannot play fortnite on this if that’s something you’re interested in, i don’t know if there’s a way to side load it to Make it run, but it doesn’t have enough ram to run on this device but plan things like call of duty and pubg which are not games. I typically would play this way. You know i did test it just using the touch screen. I couldn’t get a controller. Sync to it right away, had the charger controller, and then i wound up charging it and using it, and it was fine but playing those games call of duty. It seems to play fine, not too much in the way of performance. Dips. Pub g seems okay, but they both of those games, take a hell of a long time to load compared to playing them on the samsung tablet. It just seems like you’re, going to give up after a while before the game actually gets into the game. Starting. You know loading up the actual game, so there’s that, to keep in mind playing things like dreamcast through redream, really a mixed bag. Some games, just stutter like hell. Some games maintain that buttery smooth 60 frames per second, the audio is good. Then some games will have glitches, so it’s going to be a mixed bag with that kind of stuff, very capable device to emulate a lot of the older consoles.

But don’t really look too far past, like playstation one type of thing you know, for these kind of tablets being lower priced than like a cell phone spec wise, the cpus that are used not gon na, be the same performance that you would get out of. Even a 400 phone, sometimes even less with you – know how much you’re paying for this you’re not going to get that kind of performance, so that’s, something to keep in mind watching videos on this thing, it’s actually not been too bad. The speakers sound really good. In my opinion, haven’t had too much of an issue with that. Let me pull up a video but youtube loads. Pretty quick everything looks good. I mean obviously part of that’s going to be your internet connection, but video audio sounding and looking good. So ultimately, the question is, would i have chose this over the samsung. The samsung is just so much more snappy than this, so so much quicker things load faster, better performance overall i’m, the kind of person that would rather pay a little bit more to get. You know a name brand that runs a bit better. You know if this was closer to the performance than the samsung. Maybe i would consider it but it’s not a bad tablet by any means whatsoever. It’S it’s a decent tablet, if you’re in the market for a tablet, say you’re looking at one of the newer amazon fire hd 10 tablets.

This might be something to consider, but if you’re looking for something that is just android based without any kind of shell over it and whatnot, i think the samsung tablets are pretty good. I mean for the the lower end ones if you’re trying to keep it under. You know around 200 or so so there you go my review of the tablet. I think it’s, all right, not a bad one, pretty good build quality, not much else to say about it! So appreciate you guys watching check out and i will catch you guys.