. But we have the fifth generation here and it looks incredibly promising.. They havent changed very much, but what they have changed, I think, will make a big difference.. Do you wan na see the 13 and a half or the 15 first Brandon Big. Alex Big Okay. Alright., Its 12th gen. Weve got the P Cores E Cores.. I think its looking pretty good. Nice, simple packaging., I dont, know why they went with a nice fancy one for the 13 and not for the 15.. Here weve got our power adapter, and this one is 65 watts.. One thing that I love about these surface chargers is that it also comes with a type, A port right here.. It only does five watts, but thats more than enough to just like plug in your phone and get a super easy charge not having to worry about packing all of your stuff.. Here we have the silver model. On this side. All that you get is Microsofts proprietary, BS, Surface connector port. On one hand its pretty great. So I really appreciate that it has sort of like the MagSafe technology, so you plug this thing in here and then your child or dog or whoever runs by they hit the cord.. Your laptop doesnt fall on the ground. Excellent.. That said in the past, pretty much everything that you want to do had to be done through this port, so you wanted to connect it to external displays, docs or stuff like that.

, You needed to do it through Microsofts proprietary, BS, one that was incredibly expensive., Not Anymore 3.5 inch headphone, jack. Excellent.. We also have USB type A, I believe, thats a 3.1., The bit that is incredibly exciting.. We finally have Thunderbolt Thunderbolt four port right here., So you can chuck this right here into the garbage and instead you can use your just normal thunderbolt doc, like you would for everything. Else. Awesome. Thank you! So much Microsoft.. It only took you five generations to do. The absolute bare minimum that the first generation really needed., They did it though., They did it.. Here we have the 13 and a half, and this one is in their new fancy sage color. On the overhead right there. It just looks like gray, like sort of like apple space, gray or something. In person it looks. Green. IO is also identical in the 13 inch., So surface connect port 3.5, thunderbolt 4 USB type. A. Excellent. Thunderbolt is such a game changer for this.. I cannot put into words how much Microsoft has finally done. The thing that was obvious. Lets go for the 15 first. A little open., Oh wow. It logged me right in.. I set this up earlier with a facial recognition and, as you can see, it works great. On their surface devices. It seems to just work the best with them like the way that it worked right. There. I just open it up. Boom youre immediately in.

Everything else. It might take like a half a second or something.. We already opened these up, but before I can tell you about that, I need to tell you about this fantastic segue to our sponsor brilliant., Thanks to brilliant for sponsoring this video. Brilliant is a hands on and interactive way to learn STEM topics.. They offer thousands of courses with new topics to learn each month like their new Computer Science Fundamentals course., Their services can be used to supplement a college education or you can use it if youre getting smart just as a passion.. If you dont understand the basics. Behind a problem, where do you even start troubleshooting? The first 200 people that had the brilliant.comshortcircuit would get a 20 off annual premium. Subscription. Lets have a look at just how these feel. They fixed it Brandon.. So the first two generations of the surface laptop had fantastic, build quality.. They were some of the best on the market.. Third and fourth generations were not the same.. That is because the service laptops one and two were held together using glue.. So if you wanted to take it apart, you ruined it, you destroyed it.. This is a big problem, because I had a friend that bought a surface laptop too, and it had a very simple just BIOS failure.. Well, they bought a MacBook afterwards because they could not fix it because it was completely unrepairable. Man. They did a good job on this.

. One interesting thing that you can see here is that its all aluminum, except for this top portion right here.. So that would be your wifi antennas cuz. Those have a lot of trouble going through. You know, aluminum, like this.. Okay lets do a little tour here.. So this one right here is 2256×1504.. Now one of the annoying things here is that they havent really updated.. I was hoping, especially after the Surface Book, Studio, that they would come out or Surface Laptop Studio, doesnt matter.. It had a three by two display that was 120 hertz and it was fricking awesome.. This right here has not changed at all Im pretty sure.. This one right here does have some Dolby stuff that helps with you know, correcting for your room and how you would be perceiving this stuff., But this is essentially the same display that was on surface laptop. The first. Theres a lot of things like these bezels are pretty big for 2022 dont really care its just a bit. Annoying. Brightness is fine. Colors are fine, its all good, but it no longer like wows. You like it would if it was an OLED display or a mini, LED thatll, see your eyeballs or something.. The display on the 15 is very similar, although I think it gives you a little bit more resolution. Excellent displays wish the bezels were a bit less bezzly.. Microsoft has some of the best touch screens available., Just the way that youre able to move around on it works great.

. Actually, now that I think about it., Everything that you interact with on these laptops is just fantastic. The track. Pad. Excellent.. That said these days, like the one on the 13 and a half excellent. Im, pretty sure they just reuse the hardware on the 15, which is kind of disappointing.. This could definitely be larger, like I have a 14 inch MacBook here., As you can see its very possible to fit a larger track. Pad. Im guessing that Microsoft, just doesnt do the kind of volume of the 15 inch Surface Laptop to justify, making a whole new skew for this., Also fantastic, the keyboard. Across the board on their surface devices. Microsoft does an excellent job with the keyboard and it is no exception. Here.. The Surface Laptop has always had a fantastic keyboard, although the three and the four werent, quite as good., Going back to that whole when they switched to having repairability the chassis wasnt. Quite as stiff., The chassis stiffness is a huge factor of how good your keys, feel., How good your keys switches are, does not matter at all if its gon na be in a squishy chassis. This right here, they stiffen it up for the number five and once Again, this is among the best on the market., Its a little bit softer so theres like a lot of travel., Its really nice and soft. Its also super quiet. Ill. Just give you a little listen., You probably cant, even hear it.

Someones walking up the stairs and thats way louder. For comparison. These are some of the quietest keys around but like even thats way louder than the MacBook. One of the biggest upgrades with the fifth generation. They have new processors. Wow, who wouldve thought So in here we have the I7 1255U, which is not the most powerful of processors ever.. You have two P Cores, so only two performance cores and those ones have the hyper threading. But then you also have eight E Cores, which in total lets, have a look at specs, here. Wow. It goes up to 4.7 gigahertz., So that is still really fast and a maximum turbo power, 55 watts damn.. Okay, I wan na run Cinebench on this thing.. I guess the Ryzen 7 1700X, so 1st Gen gets nearly 9000, maybe well hope for 8000 10 Cores 12 threads.. How are you doing there? Microsoft, 3.3 gigahertz., Not too bad, not too bad.. I was expecting for it to fall off worse actually, but I guess they only have two performance cores so its not like. They have a whole lot to cool.. Oh there we go. Its falling off now. 2.7 gigahertz. Still above the base clock of 2.6.. You can get a much much faster machine if thats, what you care about for this price. 8765. So that beat my guess right there.. So that puts us right around a Ryzen 7 1700X.. So that is an eight core processor and a 1st Gen Ryzen.

, Not super fast by todays standard., Its faster than I7 7700K for everyone that remembers when that used to be really fast.. What else do we need to do Speakers? Do you wan na hear some crab rave Brandon So far, so good. Microsoft has done such an excellent job, giving you nice detail and bass through the keyboard. Somehow. upbeat music, Not bad, not bad. Switch it up for the MacBook Pro. upbeat music. The MacBook Pro 14 inch just torches the surface laptop too., Although one thing that I do have to say is that the MacBook has a super aggressive, just V curve on their equalizer., So base is super boosted, trebles super boosted.. It makes it nicer for people that dont know a whole lot about audio, but the surface laptop definitely has a much flatter response.. You can actually hear the MIDS and I would guess, for video calls and stuff. Hearing. Your friends will be easier on the surface laptop compared to the MacBook. – I guess somewhat surprisingly, but also not all that surprisingly, these two displays look nearly identical. Thats kind of surprising, because Microsoft advertises 400 Nit Peak brightness for this, and I think Apple advertises 1600 or Something stupid like that when, in practice they dont deliver that to your eyeballs ever really.. Unsurprisingly, two color accurate displays beside each other. Both just looks like color, accurate displays., Who wouldve thought Good job Microsoft. chuckles. Interestingly, the 15 inch does have a stronger processor.

. So here we have the I7 1265U 1265U has 100 megahertz higher boost clock than the 55U.. Both of them have 16 gigabytes of RAM 5200 megahertz, which means these are not going to be upgradeable. 500 gigabyte, SSD from SK Hynix and Intel Iris Xe graphics. Lets give those a little try.. I dont have very high hopes for the gaming performance of this, but at the same time its not a gaming laptop.. So if were able to do 1080p ish low in Valheim., I will be happy.. This is way better than I expected. Honestly. Were currently running at 60 frames per second, so this is not quite 1080P., This is 1440x900P, but we have it on medium lowish settings and were getting 60 fps.. This is honestly shockingly better than I was expecting.. As long as your expectations are in place, you can probably do 1080P low gaming and get away with it.. As I said before, the Windows Hello, facial unlock on this is fantastic.. The webcam, however, is just fine. Here we go.. This is a perfectly adequate webcam on a laptop. When the surface laptop first came out, it blew everything else completely out of the water and much like everything else. With this laptop it now is fine to kind of add. But yeah. This is pretty soft compared to 1080P, that you can get on lots of other laptops now.. So if you wan na do video conferencing and stuff, this is okay lets.

Take it apart. Shut up, train. Were gon na take apart the 15 inch because I dont like it as much and Im very, very curious if theres, just a bunch of space on the inside thats not being used by anything.. So, first of all, thank you. Microsoft. For allowing us to get inside of the surface laptops since the 3rd Gen huge improvement over just being glued together.. That said, this is a pretty beep way to do. It. Wed have to remove these rubber feet right here to access the screws., And when you do that these rubber feet they might go back on, but even if they they do theyre gon na fall off sometime pretty soon.. This is one of those weird laptops where it comes apart. Top. There we go., Aha, when this pops out, you have to be incredibly careful about the little ribbon cable. You can see. Maybe right there. Yeah if you screw up that ribbon, cable, your track pad and keyboard no longer work be careful.. This looks very much like the internals of a 13 inch laptop in a 15 inch laptop.. That said this little heat shield right here is pretty fun.. I was kind of concerned when I was using the 13 inch in Valheim there that my fingers would be getting a bit toasty. Actual heat. Sinkage is anemic at best., Have single heat pipe right, here. Thats, not a whole lot of cooling., Also in the 15 inch they without a doubt could have fit a larger battery like we just have holes here, bunch of empty space.

, And the battery itself is only 45.8 Watt hours. They advertise 17 hours for this guy and 18 for the 13 and a half. Youre gon na be lucky to get eight., And that said, youre gon na be lucky to get anything because of Windows. Modern Standby., Its actually fucking terrible. Microsoft Ive complained about this to everyone for the past year, because Windows, modern standby, is the worst thing you have done in years, and that is saying. Something. Youre losing Windows die hard people here to Mac because its so bad. Anyway, the Surface Laptop 5 is fantastic, and I do really like this.. Microsoft has changed just a couple things specifically Thunderbolt 4. Actually thats, like the only thing that they did but thats all. They had to do for like the past five generations.. It has a fantastic display., Its nice and light three by two. Love it.. I do wish that this had Alcantara.. That is an option still, but I just like how smooth and soft the Alcantara is. Keyboards great track, pads great screens great touch. Screen. You dont get that on a Mac.. It starts at a thousand dollars which dont buy that one.. Eight gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabyte SSD. For that price, get something with 16 Gigabytes of RAM or buy something thats on sale., The first one that I would recommend is 1500. Thats kind of rough.. So that gets you an i5 16 Gigabytes of RAM and a 512 Gigabyte SSD.

As tested this one right here is 1700 and that is pretty steep. Like the surface. Laptops have always been pretty steep. Its a premium device. It feels really good.. I can understand it. Its lots in between the MacBook Pro 13 inch and the 14 inch, which makes sense. 13 and a half inch right here.. I really like it. Just fix your stupid battery life.