U also test some switch ps3 ps2, some gamecube and wii. Now, if you’re not familiar with the ineo, this is an upcoming handheld gaming, pc powered by an awesome little ryzen, 5 4500u cpu actually it’s an apu because it has built in radeon, 6 graphics. Now i’ve done a video on this showing off some pc gaming. I went over the specs. We did. An unboxing ran some benchmarks if you’re interested in checking that video out i’ll leave a link in the description, but this video is going to be dedicated to emulation. Now this will soon be launching on indiegogo in the united states. I’Ll leave a link for that in the description, if you’re interested in checking it out. But basically, what we have here is a ryzen, 5 4500u apu six cores 6 threads base clock of 2.3 gigahertz with a boost up to 4.0 built in radeon 6 graphics. At 1, 500 megahertz 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x, ram running at 4, 266 megahertz, a 7 inch 1280 by 800 ips touchscreen lcd 512 gigabyte user replaceable nvme ssd and a 47 watt hour battery okay. So before we jump right into gameplay, i just wanted to take a look at how big box runs on the neo and overall, it runs really well by the way. This is actually not even running from the internal m.2 ssd. This is running from a usb 3.0 hard drive. I just personally didn’t want to wait around, for my whole build of launch box to transfer over to the internal drive, and this will slow it down a bit but, as you can see, it’s running great on the neo.

So if you do pick one of these up in the future, just note that launch box and big box is a great option for this little unit here and, if you’re not familiar with launch box and big box. Basically, what we have here is a front end for our emulators it’ll, download, metadata box art. We can change the themes and just have a really nice little interface to launch all of our games from all right. So, starting off light here we have dreamcast using redream upscale to 1920×1440 and in the past i have tested this on kind of the same chip and a little mini pc, the 4500u apu and i was able to upscale the 4k. So this unit will play these dreamcast games in 4k, but just remember the built in screen here is only 1280×800, so i just went up a bit and it still looks amazing on this built in display Music next on the list bsp with chains of olympus. Really great performance here using the standalone version of ppsspp, the vulcan back in and upscale to 4x. Really when it comes down to it, you shouldn’t have any issues with psp games on the neo here’s sega saturn. This is one i always love to test we’re using retro arch with the beetle core. Now, if you did want to go with the obasanjiro it’ll also work just as well, but personally i love the accuracy of the beetle core and it works fine on this apu.

Moving up to gamecube and wii, using the dolphin emulator vulcan back in 1080p, again i’ve tested this same chip in a smaller pc and i’ve, been able to do gamecube and wii at 4k. This will do it. So if you wanted to plug in a usb type c to hdmi adapter and use this kind of in a dock mode on a bigger screen, you can go up to 4k with these Music moving over to we from gamecube still using the dolphin emulator vulcan 1080p. Amazing performance on this Music, you Music, you just hit me moving over to ps2 using pcsx2 with the directx 11 back in upscale to 720p i’ve, had really good luck with ps2 emulation on the neo. I got three games here to test. First up we have sly cooper and, as you can see, it’s running at full speed, even upscaled, a bit Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign moving up to ps3 using rpcs3 and the vulcan back in we’re sitting at 720p. We have tekken 6 here and it’s running at full speed. A lot of these easier to run. Games work perfectly fine on the neo with rp cs3. But when you move up to the harder to emulate games like skate 3, the system will have trouble running those and it really comes down to the cpu, not having those extra threats. Now, if we had 6 cores and 12 threads, we could probably run skate 3 at full speed, but we’re working with the 4500.

U, which has six cores and six threads but, as you saw like tekken 6 and demon, souls will be fully playable on this device. I also tested skate 3. we’ll, take a look at that next and just show you the performance there, but it wasn’t great and finally, for ps3 skate 3.. I tried to lock this at 30 and we still can’t get a constant 30 out of it. You’Ll see it jump up to 60 when there’s not a lot of stuff on screen, but then, as soon as everything gets in the view, it drops right down on its face and if we take a look at afterburner in the top left hand corner. This is maxing out all six of those cores. So if we had a couple extra threads to lighten the load, we might be able to run this at full speed. Next, we have some switch emulation with yuzu got the vulcan back in going here. This is pokemon sword in a battle it’s, pretty good. When there’s lots of effects on screen you’ll see it drop down every once in a while, but as soon as we get into the over world, it does drop down to around 22 to 24 fps. I was really hoping that we’d at least be able to run these games at full speed, which is 30 fps and the yuzu emulator, but in the overworld we’re averaging around 23 fps, i also tested odyssey and in some spots.

Yes, we can get 60 fps out of it. It actually works pretty well when there’s not a lot of stuff going on, but as soon as we zoom out kind of just like we saw with skate 3 using the rpcs3 emulator it drops on down. And finally, at least for this video we have the wii. U version of breath of the wild running with cemu and it’s running great here i do have fps plus plus installed and i’ve, set it to 30 fps, but this game here is fully playable at 30 fps and it works amazingly on the neo. Now i did try to get this to run at 60, but it only averages around 48, but as soon as you turn this to 30, you can have a really good experience with this game, so overall really impressed with the emulation performance of the io neo. Now, when it comes to switch and stuff like that, i mean you saw, we didn’t get great performance here, but you can get the switch light for 199 and personally that’s what i would recommend for switch gaming, but for 99 of the other stuff that we saw In this video it works absolutely amazing, even a lot of ps3 games and wii. U games will be fully playable on the io neo now the unit that i’ve been testing on and that you’ve seen in this video is actually known as a founders edition it’s. Basically, the first rendition that’s been released to the public and they do plan on doing some more optimizations to the system.

The console and things like that and i’ll definitely be keeping an eye on their progress. But if you’re interested in learning more about this, i will leave a link to their website and their upcoming indiegogo page.