This is like a simulator dedicated arguing with people online charging way too much for simple things: make as much money off children as he can. This is accurate representation of a roblox dev. That kind of sounds a lot like me. Lets get it. Oh, my god lets get a good look at me, real quick, oh my god, that is the worst thing. Ive ever seen on this website. Look at his face moving around. Is this allowed peter griffin? I really yeah. I wouldnt really want to climb that mountain of a man. He has a photo of himself thats cute. Oh my god. The little kicky feet all right. What did we get now? Microwave mayonnaise, yummy, yum yum, no step stop! Stop it bye, bye, nerds! Please this reminds me of little nightmares yeah. That is a hundred percent him right. There thats his day job his game, fart simulator has not taken off. Yet all the girls are gon na love him once fart simulator reaches him. A million dollars earned man. Look at that ive never seen anything like that on this website, and i hope i dont again im his little discord. Kitten! No! Stop! Stop! I am your little baby im your little baby, anime babe. All right check me out hello. My love, hes mine, dude dream face review, green eyes, dream look, hes got his bloxy awards up here and i have mine right here. I forgot to fix this thing and i think i i cant find the wings this used to have wings its used to this used to be somebody im sure, roblox, really loved.

Seeing me do that im sure that made them feel so warm and yummy inside and they get they got little butterflies, hes tickling. My little baby feet plays with tiny toes someone else. I dream this review point of view. We are snuggling while you develop your new roblox game, were snuggling and theres little bugs on your face this one clam, i dont know what that is. Pokey phobia. This is the phobia of pokeman. You should be scared of pokeman. She is a really bad person play the clip: oh new pokemon tweet. Oh, no, that i mean is dead and uh theres a lot of blood on pokemans hands and a lot of blood on my car tempest told me this is silly that he said what a silly little game youre about to play yeah. This is going to be like a scary one. I think, but like a weird im, just im trying to play just the silliest little games roblox has to offer your stamina only goes up if you stop moving. I dont like that. Wait i feel like is that the phobia of corn clam clam picky, someone commented on one of my little funny bean throw up videos that uh they have like a phobia of beans. Im. Sorry about that, but this is probably the wrong channel bro. This game sucks temper sucks at suggesting games. Oh i hear something funny, hey im, not scared of you hey! I really mean it im, not scared of you.

I really really mean it. He doesnt even exist thats, not like five nights at freddys, wheres that coming from oh youre on this side, huh, oh god, he sounded like he have big boots, freddy fazbear, from five nights at freddys. Where are you? Oh, i heard a little animatronic bear laughing. What does it mean? The army has begun, that sounds bad wow, oh god, okay, stop! Cornelius caught you there. He is a lot of cornelius all right that was okay, um, so that game developer game was a pretty uh. Brutal video game lets play this. One labor island tycoon smiley face labor island tycoon is a game about cheap labor greed and ballot battling it out with other factories. The glowing green beam of capitalism im at the nike factory, all right rubber maker. This is good click that its just its a baby. I love child labor, see this isnt really uh child labor, and i have to leave a dislike on this game for now, because of that im putting in effort right now. Look at that look. I had to do the clicking there, this isnt, even a okay, yeah thats, definitely a child. Oh my god. I love this hes. So sad. Look. We have a total of two crying children making a lot of money for us. What else do we got? We got adidas sportswear, yeezy factory, balloon factory, bouncy, ball factory, furby, factory, tire factory and pool floaty world.

This is the food we feed our employees. Okay, you didnt have to do that man if they thought i treated these children bad. Look how theyre treating me like guys you, you never know until you hear both sides. All right. People in this server are really annoying, so i just decided to nuke the whole thing, so i bought a shoemaker and i bought an underground mine. Look at a little guy. He needs a stool to get up here. This is beautiful. Whoa, hey, hey what whats going on! What are they doing? Those are my children. I gave birth to all these kids all right. This guy told me to say my prayers uh and he has a gun point in my head. Let me say him real, quick, this guy, this guy is stuck in the the child labor money machine. Let me just say my prayers right there. You are now my prisoner, amongst my other prisoners, average laborer 200. 000. Why would that cost so much its like this guys messing up my money, hey! I got him. Well turn you into rubber. What are you guys a little idiot? I dont have youtuber friends good. You do not want youtuber friends, the average youtuber is a actual sociopath. What are you guys doing? Those sleepy boys, where are they all dead? Are they just? Where are these my guys? Oh god, i hate you. It doesnt explode industrial wobble, whoa oops. That was not to you.

That was to somebody else. Albert please add me, you may have max friends, but do you have any random friends that you dont, like? I feel like thats kind of an odd question. You have any friends that you dont, like? Oh, hey! You just get that okay, now youre being annoyed, youre, stealing the money, hey thats the money. I earned thats money that these children earn. For me, these children think im their god, like, i feel like i just took a little too far. That was um. That was me parodying, something anytime. I do something bad, please, im gon na use the defense that was me parodying, something its going to work every single time. A hundred thousand i dont have a hundred thousand kids. I need you to work super hard today. I know you work super hard every day, but please, oh please. What does this do? Oh youre, literally youre on fire now from what i just did to you, hey dont, hey you shouldnt, be using people like that. I would never use people like that hes using them, as if theyre just a stepping stone these people, they dont feel used ha ha like youre, going to hell that doesnt. What youre doing me does not do anything. All right were gon na cop, the new, the new laborer, this guys kind of green, my little coven baby. No, no! I just spent money on you youre, really on fire. Today, little guy hey dont light my employees on fire, haha, youre rubber, now youre my little rubber boy whoa.

No, if im going out of this world im, taking you with me little guy oopsies, im being im being sent to the mines. No hey: can you just like find somewhere to go dude? No, this he keeps taking money from me all right, guys, um, i think im gon na be a really good guy and its. You know its been a few weeks so im gon na give these people a break child labor irl is bad and video games still bad that uh game developer game.