So it is a laptop and then some other very interesting things ever so often, we’re excited about smartphones that are launched and everything, but it’s only occasionally that people of course change their laptops and it’s only occasional that they are excited about a new laptop and so On one of such occasions, it is us talking about the asos zenbook flip s. Now this laptop i’m going to review, but before then let us do an unboxing. This is the zen book. We will study it in a bit this as well. This is where the charger is it’s, a complimentary bag for your zen book and chords. So now that we have the unboxing out of the way, let’s now go to the actual functionality, the hardware, how beautiful it is, and every other thing that you are perhaps looking for in a laptop and something else or a few more things that the asos zen Book zen book zen book flip s comes packed with first off check out our website for the asus zenbook 14.. The review is on our website and on our channel as well. I’Ll leave a link somewhere in this video, whether it’s up here or down below. So look out for that now back to the asus zenbook flip s, it weighs 1.2 kg and it’s as thin as 13.9 millimeters. That is so cool because it’s great to see that not only our smartphones have gotten slimmer and all of that, but even our laptops as well so it’s, not bulky or anything so let’s now take a look at the build right.

It comes in black and copper. I, like the copper color with the black fusion. I think it’s, really beautiful. The aesthetic is just good on the eye. The asos on this one is written in copper and they are very nice highlights and very nice trims of copper, also round the edges of the laptop on this side. Right it’s got an hdmi port. It also has two usb type c ports as well. Now what’s interesting about these usb type c ports is the fact that, because the asos does not come with your traditional headphone jack, your 3.5 mm jack, it has this cable here. That is usb type c, which also has a 3.5 mm jack outlet that you can plug your earpiece to. You may need to be careful, so you don’t misplace this. But of course, if you do uh, you can use a bluetooth earpiece with the laptop because it does have bluetooth it’s 2021.. The charger also is a usb type c charger on this side. On the other hand, it’s got a usb port, just like your traditional usb port there’s, an extra cable that the zenbook comes with, which is a lan cable, land, cable, cable. I like it so much because this does not disenfranchise you in the event that wi fi is not fantastic and of course, you know that sometimes it is a letdown for some people when you’re using your laptop and because you don’t have a lan port.

You are just disenfranchised because wi fi is not working. Lan is the only thing that’s working and it’s just stressful. So this has you know an outlet for your lan cable. So you can put your lan cable in here and then plug with your usb. Just to your laptop and they can continue browsing for me, this is great. I would normally place this kind of 18. I promise you so i really do like that um. I guess that’s about all. Okay. First, the power button is on this side as well. Just beside the usb port, so at the bottom of the asus zenbook flip s, i was thinking initially that this was the event apparently not because there are no holes and what makes events event is the holders there right right here, just by the hinge of the Laptop is the air vent, so you need to pay attention to that when you are going to be placing your asus zenbook flip s in some places, but you know cool stuff that’s, not underneath so yeah, not to mention that let’s now go to the interior Music. So we turn on the laptop and um. I need to mention that it takes seconds for it to come on i’m, not sure what’s going on up there, but it doesn’t take long at all for it to power up. So basically, this is what you have. It is really pretty absolutely so so there’s the camera, which is just right here, um.

Okay, now you can tell it’s touch touch screen as well, so you could go from uh one app to the other. You could view your web pages using the touchscreen feature beyond the fact that the touchscreen is a laptop. It is a convertible you’ve heard of convertible cars and the likes. This also is a convertible zen book. It is a laptop and it is also look at that. Look at that don’t. Do it bella too late. I did it. It is also a tab if you mistakenly press the keyboard it’s not going to affect anything which is what i like initially. I thought this is a bit uncomfortable with the keyboard at the back. It felt a bit weird, but thankfully, no matter how many buttons your finger presses on the keyboard when it is in tablet mode. Absolutely nothing goes wrong and that’s really great, so let’s go back to laptop mode. Shall we the laptop mode of the asos zenbook? Flip s has this touch pad right here that you can use the stylus pen with which is really great, like i said, for illustrators, animators, artists, etc. But beyond that which is kind of obvious right. This touchpad also has a number pad or a calculator, and you can turn this on by clicking on this um soft touch key here at the top right corner of the there you go boom it comes on. I was talking about how sexy yes, the backlight on the asos zenbook flip s.

Uh keyboard is the backlight is so nice yo, but what’s interesting is you can only increase the brightness and i will show you what i mean by that there is just one button that controls the brightness of the backlight of the keyboard and that’s. This f7 key right here when you click on it. This is the lowest it can be when you click on it again, it increases it and says brightness up one more time, and that is maxed out. If you click it one more time it goes off. So there you go so people say sometimes that oh your camera, the owners of the company they are watching us. Your camera is always taking feeds, and i don’t know that that’s true, but asos may have fanned the flames of those kinds of comments by giving you a feature that allows you to turn off the camera on your asus zenbook, even when it is not launched and You’Re not using it for anything, you can turn the camera on or off by this click of a button. So do with that what you will so i want to take a screenshot of the screen that i’m viewing right now on the zenbook flip s. I will do that by this f11 button. I press this and it gives me the option of selecting a portion of this screen to actually save or doing a free, drawing or the entire page. So i will go first for a portion of the screen and take just this first paragraph and it saves to my clipboard right.

Alternatively, i could press the same button and do this and i could just take this man’s hand. Oh my gosh, and it saves that. Stick has made easy, or i could go like so and take an entire snip of the window. I just do this and it saves the entire page for me boom boom. I so much love it. So the camera on the asus zenbook flip s, is exactly what you see right now now they’re both of ai noise, cancel microphone on the zenbook flip s, which will work great for meetings and whatnot uh, but for the video you may not be using much of The camera beyond meetings and whatnot, so it kind of works in that regard. It does video recording as well. So if you find that useful go for it, please now let’s go on to talk about storage space on the asus zenbook flip s. It is a device that comes with as much as 16 gigabytes of ram and wait for it wait for it, one terabyte of storage space. That is incredible. Also the processor is a 11th generation intel our core um, 2.80 gigahertz and the graphics card is intel r. Iris r, x e graphics, so i need to also talk about the display on the asus zenbook flip s. It is one thing that this device has gotten a lot of kudos, for the display is crazy, Music, and so i think that it is a really great upgrade in the event that you want to get a new laptop.

I highly recommend the asus zenbook flip s, because it is really slick, and you know you like to use slick stuff. This is definitely going to align with your lifestyle as a corporate person as well. If you do tons of stuff that needs storage, one terabyte you guys, that is impressive. It is pretty light as well. You could take it literally anywhere with you, it’s, really lifestyle oriented, and so, if you like stuff that’s light that’s very easy on the eye stuff. That’S, really beautiful and i’ll make you the synergy of all eyes when you whip it out at meetings or you’re, doing presentations and whatnot, and you just love ease of doing stuff right. This is what you should go with. You don’t have to go with a tab and a laptop to one place in the event that your smartphone perhaps is low on battery or whatever there’s tons of stuff that you could do here because of the synchronization feature as well. So it’s easy to use.