So when this new studio display got announced, you know its a very apple design, its a 27 inch 5k screen, surrounded by all these little apple bells and whistles, and with the stand included for 1600 bucks, a lot of apple fans were understandably very happy, but then, After the dust of the announcement settled, a lot of us found ourselves asking wait. A second. Is this? Actually, a good deal so now ive been using this display for about two weeks now, and i have an answer for you, but i need you to understand how im getting there so for most people who are not interested and were never gon na, buy this screen. Anyway, the is it worth it. Conversation basically comes down to the spec sheet and just comparing it with other similar displays its like when you go to buy a house and the appraisal just goes and looks at square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and materials used in proximity. It comes up with a price based on what other houses with the same sort of specs are going for. So this new studio display is 27 inches. Diagonally 5k resolution 600 nits brightness its a ips lcd at 60 hertz with p3 color. Its got a webcam up top its got some speakers at the bottom, some usb c ports around the back and its 1 600. So if i was an appraiser looking for a comparable house, i would be looking at the lg ultrafine 5k.

That is also a 27 inch: 5k ips lcd, its at 500 nits, also at 60 hertz with p3 color, a webcam some speakers and some usb usb c ports on the back thats, 1, 300, but its also 5 years old. And while there are not that many other 5k displays out there, there are a ton of 4k screens and one of those would be the dell ultra sharp u2720q. That is also a 27 inch ips lcd panel with thinner bezels, also at 60 hertz, and also with p3 color and some ports around the back super well reviewed 589. So if you just go by the specs of the panel, its actually pretty clear that this display and the tech youre getting for the price is a bad deal, but the second youre actually considering buying a display. You realize its not just the display specs of the panel that make or break the experience, its all the stuff that surrounds the screen for someone actually considering using it and apple products. They just have a habit of doing this thing where they dont have the best specs on paper, but they offer a unique combination of things that make it really hard to do any sort of one to one comparison, because nobody else has that exact, unique combination of Things like you know how they make up the most cherry picked stats in nba media, like oh. This guy just became the third player ever to get a triple double before his 26th birthday after eating apple jacks for breakfast that morning or like wow theres, only five players to play 800 games and join the 13.

5 5.9 1.4 49 30 club anyway thats how it Feels talking about this monitor so, first of all its 5k, not 4k and, like i said, theres tons of 4k monitors out there, but this one is 5k for a reason. Its basically the same panel from the 27 inch imac, which many people, including myself, really liked. Even though its quite old so its sitting at a solid 218 pixels per inch – and it also benefits from being exactly twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of 2560 by 1440.. So scaling is super clean and everything looks sharper as a result. And then, as far as single backlight lcds go its pretty solid, its got bumped up to 600 nits, which is plenty fine indoors as long as youre not near any windows, i have not had any issues worse than normal with ghosting or light bleed, as you see With some lcds, but obviously its nowhere near something like a mini, led display with separate backlight zones that can do really good hdr. And then this one ive been testing is the nano texture version, which is a 300 upgrade its extremely good at killing. Reflections and its impressive that its this good for 300 bucks when the same treatment on the pro display was a thousand bucks. But honestly, i still probably wouldnt recommend it unless you literally work with a window like right behind you or something, because the version without nano texture is always going to be slightly sharper and punchier and much easier to clean.

But speaking of upgrades, this monitor, which has the stand permanently attached, so you know its included, which is nice but uh. It has height adjustment, which is cool right, its nice, but the the base version doesnt have that, and so this just just the ability to adjust height is a 400 upgrade to this stand. So the version without adjustment is a little bit low and i think a lot of people started to notice that – and you know the imax didnt have height adjustment, but just for a monitor this expensive to have to spend 400 extra dollars to be able to do This seems kind of ridiculous, even though you can go to an apple store, if you do get buyers remorse and have them add it after the fact. But hey if you do its a really solid stand, all metal perfectly balanced and spring loaded to hold the panel firmly in place its actually more sturdy. In my experience than the pro display, xdrs, mostly because it doesnt have to rotate, and just the overall build quality of this monitor is top of the line it is built so well and of course, this will never show up on the spec sheet and this isnt Even something traditionally that matters all that much with a monitor something you dont touch. You know a phone, you want to be built, well things you hold and carry, but this is just going to sit on your desk, but they went over the top with the build quality, the overall design, aesthetic.

So in a world of basically, all plastic monitors. This ones full metal, jacket, sharp corners, the precision drilled perforations at the top for ventilation. All of it. Kinda is in a class of its own, and i love it. They left enough room inside for a power supply to be built in so theres no power, brick or wall wart. This is probably the best looking and best built monitor out right now. Now, of course, yes, youd have to really care about something like that to spend extra on it if its just gon na sit on your desk, but there also is a catch and its a really weird weird decision, but the power cable is not removable. I mean when you look back here its a black plastic circle that looks like it should be removable and it turns out. If you pull really hard, you can actually rip it out, the back, but its pretty clear, its not designed to be removed by the user. This is from the same company that designed a new magsafe connector for the new imac. This is a super. Baffling choice turns out theres a special tool required to remove the studio display properly. I dont count that, as user removable weve all seen what a normal removable monitor cable looks like, but now, instead its kind of in this homepod situation, where, like its clearly not meant to be user removed, and so now, if the cable does get damaged at all.

If you run a wheel over it or pet shoes on it or something, you have to send the whole thing back to get repaired thumbs down now above this panel is a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera with center stage and triple microphones, all powered by a literal A13 bionic chip for those who remember correctly thats the same chip that powered the entire iphone 11.. Now, while this is basically the same webcam hardware as the new ipad air, it looks substantially worse like its just flat and grainy all the time in any lighting i throw at it. Maybe i just got my hopes up too high. I mean i knew it would be softer because its cropping into a 12 megapixel ultra wide frame, so theres less pixels. I knew wouldnt have shallow depth of field or anything its, not a big sensor, but i mean the mics sound, pretty good, as you can hear, but theres just no shadows, it refuses to let anything dark actually, look dark, which for me is not great apple, is Actually, promising a software update that may help things. Imagine that a software update for a monitor. Apparently it has 64 gigs of on board storage for some reason. But yeah bottom line is its its convenient that theres, a webcam built in but theres definitely still a market for, like an opel, c1 type webcam the stuff that looks way better than this. But then there are the speakers so theyre all situated in the bottom of the monitor.

Here there are six total four force: canceling woofers and two tweeters. They say its the best computer speakers theyve ever shipped in any of their systems and its true its 100. True this thing ive compared it to the 16 inch macbook pro. These are substantially louder. They fill a room if you wanted to, they can create a somewhat convincing dolby atmos surround setup. If you want its its really good so for built ins, they are above and beyond the rest. They dont sound as good as dedicated speakers, but if you really want good built in speakers, then yeah, if youre into that these do it by the way apple should just make speakers right. I mean the homepod doesnt count. They should right. They should just make speakers. So anyway, if you want a monitor for the panel quality and the panel quality alone, then there are lots of others just like this for way less money. But if youre, one of the surprisingly large group of people who are waiting for a monitor that would work really well in this apple ecosystem world of products, then this is just what youve been waiting for its pretty much made to be used with the new mac Studio, hence the name i also plugged into the macbook pro which charges the laptop at 96 watts, but hilariously. I really just didnt think it was that great of a pair i mean it looks great next to it, but the macbook pro has a much brighter higher refresh rate mini led display.

That just looks way better to me and was preferable for me to use. So i just ended up wanting to use the promotion of the laptop screen all the time, but then you know just for fun. You can plug it into an ipad and it works perfectly normally mirrors and charges the ipad and we also plugged it into a pc. And it worked like a normal monitor at full 5k resolution, and it does actually use the speakers and the webcam. But without any of the processing or center stage that comes from lighting up that a13, what an odd combination of parts for real honestly for nearly two thousand dollars, if you just close your eyes and say, okay, its 20, 22 and apple – is going to make a Studio display, youd, expect mini, led, maybe or maybe promotion or maybe it might have face id or a good webcam or just any combination of those things. Instead, it has none and a non removable power, cable and a non user. Upgradable stand todd. That is a rare swing and a miss for me. Someone who works in a studio but the real question. The real question is: is the studio display a good deal or not? Well? Is the rolls royce ghost a good deal, because its the only four door sedan with suicide doors and a 6.7 liter v12 for under 400 000? Does that make it a good deal or how about are the nike hyper adapts a good deal because they are the cheapest best self lacing shoes? You can get right now for 350.

Does that make them a good deal? I guess what im trying to say is: maybe it doesnt really matter if its a good deal or not, if its exactly what you want like if there are other cheaper options, it doesnt really matter, because theres only one that does the exact thing that you want.