Hey guys were back with a new video, its awesome that youre tuning in because were going to take a closer look at this new gamebox 4k ultra hd game. Stick gamestick wait what it isnt game system, but they call them gamestick. Are they just being lazy and re using the boxes? Ah doesnt matter professional game chip, disneys going to be interesting, comes tv, double rocker, control, 2.4, gigahertz wireless and classic games, and they also call it like the b01 theres. No information whatsoever, theyre also going to put like thats 2.4 gigahertz wireless and im there talking about the controllers, but lets take a closer look any inside. What are we going to get okay so what youre going to get most of the times? Nowadays, there are like grabbing old tv boxes from the shelf and re labeling them. I dont know if this box ever got sold. I dont know they added some nice decals, like game box on it, decide were going to get two usb ports at the back were going to get an input by the way in 12 fold. One times that is needed, ntf card lets check it out how big this bad boy is. It comes with a 64 gigabyte, so im curious. What kind of stuff they added we have. An avl function take consideration that doesnt always work hdmi and one port or ethernet connection thats it yeah so lets stay. Close lets take a closer look at the box itself because im just curious what im going to get so its a tv box.

So it comes with a remote also with this weird plug 12 volt power supply, yeah yeah, okay were going to get, they are smelling quite chemical, and this is like the chip with the cheap, cheap controllers, two of them yahoo, hdmi cable and were going to get This on this deluxe, its in english toilet paper manual explanation: how does it work the csv that theyre running on amy ellick and its going to be like a freaking android box again, but lets boot it up and lets see where actually can play on this design? This thing wicked yeah, so the first thing that i already messed up there is no on off switch whatsoever. So what you need to do is plug it in and it will boot up straight away. So youll notice, like it says, android what i already mentioned. This thing is basically like a very old android box. It comes with the software, it says here, amy alec, and this is more like 3.6 even say you know, ive seen it correctly, and if you pop up the card, it will basically boot up in the normal android menu. Okay, so lets take closer look at the menu itself and im gon na say that the menu i do like this hyper spin effect compatibility. You can say, like amy elec, runs a lot of different emulators, but even going to run on this device. That is more. Like a second question that we need to ask ourselves because its a cheap device, its similar to super conflicts in a lot of ways, so dont expect a lot of perform good performance when it comes to the high end stuff.

Second dreamcast sega saturn stuff, like that. So here you can see that a lot of settings – Music, yeah pressing the wrong button command yourself update download. So if you want to basically update it its still running on kind of a weird old version – 3.6 Music im running on the 720p moment. At the moment, you can change a lot of stuff like especial ratio rewind, you name it but lets take a closer look at some lets, say high end stuff games, yeah, okay, first off lets start with playstation one. So weve reached the point that a lot of these systems will run playstation, one pretty good or very well. So here you can see like theyre running on the native resolution most of the time. But if you want to enjoy some playstation one, you can do so. Even on cheaper boxes, the d pad is not working there. It is just want to check it for sure, but this looks that is playing the playstation 1 games very well. Next up lets try on 64 game. Ah, that is the thing i wanted to see. If it struggles and it glitches out, it doesnt glitch out, but you can see that this game doesnt run well, and this means, like n64, will be mixed back on this device. I know a lot of people really want to play some n64 games from the childhood, but uh yeah its either possible that your game will not run, of course like because of the mig bag.

There are so many different games are not running well, its very hard. Basically, to pinpoint which game will run or not, and when youre going to get yourself like in super conflict pc or stick out like the super console, pc editions, theyre powerful enough to run the game without any hiccups, wan na whatsoever it for a ride. The question remains: how will sega dreamcast run so what were going to try? We got first a two dimensional game and then were going to try out a three dimensional game just to see how good this will run on this cheap game box system. Music, wait! Thats! How check out the d pad Music d pad is really sturdy and really awful, so the download were going to test out super move when gon na say that i will im quite surprised when it comes to the two dimensional part would take a dreamcast im, not Surprised to see some glitches because its still running um in chipset, like aimlergic, that will have the problems. Somethings really weird glitches, but an overall like the performance is not bad. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep Applause. I must say that im surprised by this. Like the three dimensional games also run very well Applause yeah, this game glitches out, like crazy Applause, but im surprised, like i wanted to say, like its actually playable, but it stuck and it froze yeah that just happened: Applause Music. So when youre looking at playstation portable, this is a system that will never run very good on the same piece of hardware like this two dimensional stuff, like maybe a metal, slug game or something else, its highly possible.

It ruins okay with some minor slowdowns and some glitches, but dont expect to run god of war on Applause, this Applause, Applause, okay, so i finally got it open. It was a little bit of a challenge because they clicked it and screwed it so lets click it out, theres, nothing that holds this main board in place, so thats it for its just two plastic shells and a tiny board. The tiny board was no production date or there was no information to indicate that this thing is specially made for this. So i think im right that this is like an old piece of hardware. They slap some sticker on it and thats it. Sadly, i couldnt remove the cooling, so we cant see whats on the chip itself were going to get two ram chips. The where all the magic happens is beneath there, its just basically the only cooling. There is no fan whatsoever and then, of course, like the storage capacity that not going to need because they give us like a 64 gigabyte card thats, where all the files and, of course amy i like will be. But then, overall like this is what youre going to get you can just make it yourself. These are like the cheaper, the cheap boxes and when it comes to specifications dont be surprised that its just like the zipper console, x or even lesser and before we go with the outro flow, were going to take close look at specifications.

So this device runs on mu, elec 3.9 with android 7.1. It has a gpu theres, a mali 450 and the cpu is an s905l the squad core running on 1.5 gigahertz. But then, overall, when youre looking at specifications its the same or coming close to the super console x, so thats all folks, this is what youre going to get with the game books its more of the same when youre looking at these tv box areas using really Old tech and slapping some hemi elic on it and what youre going to get this is the result. The old stuff like atari arcade, will run just fine. A lot of these games will like find on the g box. When you take a close look at it. Like saying overall, like the high end, stuff will struggle, but i was still surprised that playstation portable sega drink, as were running good enough to enjoy. Let me know what i think. What do you just think of something like this? I want to thank you for watching.