. So this is basically menace forums cheapest, offering when it comes to a ryzen powered mini pc, and we definitely take a look at a lot of ryzen powered mini pcs on the channel. One of my favorite things to review weve seen them go for 400 up to eleven hundred dollars, but this one here and its bare bones form factor is 270 dollars from menace forum right now, so it is their cheapest offering when it comes to these ryzen chips Along with the bare bones model that theyre offering on their website, they also have a fully configured model with ac wi, fi, bluetooth, 5.0 up to 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and a 512 gigabyte m.2 ssd and, along with the mini pc inside of the box, youre. Also going to receive a 65 watt power supply, a six foot, hdmi cable and a six foot display port cable weve also got the option to add a 2.5 inch drive inside of the unit. So we get some accessories for that. Some mounting hardware and a vase amount, so we can mount this up on the back of our monitor bottom of the desk or a wall. It really depends on what you want to do with it now getting inside of this mini pc is actually really easy. They got a little spring mechanism here, youre just going to push down on it. We can pull the top off and then we have access to the internals, the ram and the storage.

It uses dual channel sodium ram and i can get this up to 3000 megahertz in this. It also has a single m.2 ssd slot. If you did want to add a 2.5 inch, ssd mounts right here in the top half of the case, so they do make it really easy to upgrade the ram and the storage in this little pc. As for i o up front here, we have a gen 2 usb type c port. The yellow port here is actually usb. 3.0 gen 1. theyve also included an extra gen 2 3.0 port up front here and around back. We have two more usb 3.0 ports, full size, hdmi full size, display port 2.5 gigabyte, ethernet port and our power in when it comes to the specs of the un 350 for the cpue of the ryzen, 5. 3550H 4 course. 8 threads with a base clock of 2.1 gigahertz and a boost up to 3.7 weve also got built in radeon vega, 8 graphics at 1200 megahertz. It supports up to 32 gigabytes of ddr4 sodium ram running it up to 3 000 megahertz with a little bit of tweaking in the bios, and this little machine is capable of running windows or linux. But for this video weve got windows 10 pro installed on it, and i kind of want to jump right into some testing on this thing all right. So here we are ive got a 32 inch 4k monitor attached and, as you can see, the monitor absolutely dwarfs this little pc ive got everything up to date.

Ive installed some games, some benchmarks and some emulators that were going to be testing out in this video. But so far, everythings been working great with the um 350. havent run into any issues, no overheating or anything like that. By the way out of the box, the cpu is actually set at 35 watts, which seems to kind of be the sweet spot for this little chip here and the cooler theyre using now. It is possible to up the tdp. You can go up to 50 watts on this little chip, but the cooler here, just isnt gon na handle 50 watts so 35 is definitely where its at with this mini pc, but as for everyday desktop use, email checking web browsing video playback. This thing handles it. Just fine, you want to do some 1080p video editing youre, not going to be able to do 16 streams of 4k on this. But if you got some simple videos that you need to edit or even photo editing, the 3550h will handle it and, as for noise out of the built in fan under normal use, even set at this 35 watt tdp, you can barely hear it and while gaming, It doesnt sound like a jet engine or anything like that, but when i did go to 50 watts on this thing, it went to 100 and it can get quite loud, but out of the box, the way its set up right now. The fan curve is really nice, so taking a quick look at some 4k video playback ive actually set the monitor up for 4k with no scaling.

So i know its a bit hard to see. Stats for nerds up in the top left hand corner, but we have a youtube video at 60 fps 4k and its trucking right through. We did get a couple drop frames on the initial load in, but its not bad at all i mean for what we have here. This will handle 4k, just fine ill get a bit closer here, as you can see so far, weve got four drop frames and by the end of this we only had seven drop frames, so yeah not bad at all. So the next thing i want to take a look at are a couple benchmarks and first on the list we have geekbench 5 single core 900 multi 3444. Now i was actually expecting a little more out of the single, but then i got to thinking i mean its a third gen ryzen apu were not going to get the kind of scores. We see out of the 5000 series apus 6270, and this is just a vulcan benchmark for that built in vega, 8 gpu and the final one here is 3d mark night raid with a total score of 10 754.. Remember these built in radeon vega, 8. Graphics are only running at 1200 megahertz and the ram is at 3 000 megahertz right now, but we still need to see how this thing can handle some real world pc gaming and first up, we have cs, go 1080p medium settings actually doing a pretty decent job.

Here i expected it to very well optimized game been on the market for a while and with these radeon gpus ive actually had really good luck, especially if we have a decent cpu here. By the end of this match, we had an average of 92 fps, two guys moving over to the art of rally 1080p medium settings. We average 108 fps like this and im sure we could go up to high settings and kind of just turn. V sync on. I know its not a top the line aaa game, but its still lots of fun, and it works very well on this mini pc. Moving over to the original skyrim. When i always like to test with these mini pcs, 1080p medium settings were getting a steady 60. and to tell you the truth, i probably should have went back and just turned some of these up to high because im pretty sure its going to handle it. Just fine and the final game i wanted to test was forza. Horizon 5. right now were at 720p low settings with the resolution. Scale set to balance were getting over 60 here and if i turn v sync on, we can run it at a constant 60. With these settings, but theres a lot of people out there that just dont want to run these games at 720p. I completely understand so i wanted to see how well it would run at 1080p, and i was positive.

We werent gon na get 60 at 1080p on low settings, so what i did was turn vsync on and from the settings. I just turned it to 30fps and i know a lot of people out there do want to run this at 60, but it is possible to run this at 1080p low medium settings 30fps on this mini pc now its time to check out some emulation and first Up we have ps2 using pc, sx2 1080p directx 11 back in and initially i was using the development version of pcsx2 with that new vulkan support, but it wasnt doing well on this little chip. So i just swap back over to directx 11 and we can run a lot of these games at 1080p. Im sure some of them may need to be dropped down to 720, but it does handle ps2 quite well. Moving over to psp using pp, sspp 6x resolution. Vulcan back in and yes, this will do chains of olympus just fine, but we do need to drop that down to three, but for a lot of the stuff for psp we can go up to 6x and some of the games that run at 30. You can run them at 10x on this machine and finally, weve got some gamecube using the dolphin emulator directx 11 back in 1080p. F: zero gx on this fire level, which just really takes a toll on the cpu and gpu with lower end chips, but were at a constant 60 here and when it comes to wii games.

I also tested sonic colors and tatsunoko vs. Capcom itll also run it at 60fps with that directx 11. Back in when it comes to total system power consumption. I always measure this using a kilowatt meter from the wall at idle. The um 350 pulls 12 watts, while gaming, we average 36 and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall, while maxing out the cpu and gpu was 68 watts and just for reference while doing 4k video playback, it pulls 16 watts. So, in the end, its a capable little mini, pc its not as powerful as the 4000 or 5000 series mini ryzen pcs. That weve been taking a look at on the channel, but this is a lot less expensive. Like i mentioned, those range from you know, 500 up to 1100. This is coming in bare bones at 260 dollars and it does a great job at emulation. You got some light gaming going on here. The older titles are going to work. Just fine. If you want to do some source stuff, like half life, 2 left 4, dead, 2 and titles like that, they work just fine, as you saw skyrim and cs, go work really well, and if you dont mind playing at 720p, you can even do some aaa games On this machine, emulation is great: weve got ps2, dreamcast gamecube wii, this really isnt going to handle ps3, im sure theres, a few games that might work with it, but this being a 3000 series, ryzen apu with 4 cores and 8 threads.

I wouldnt count on ps3 with this, but 4k video playback. You want to use this as your basic desktop for email checking web browsing 4k video playback. This will even do some 1080p video editing and photo editing just fine. We do have plenty of power with this little chip, but in the end, its always up to you if youre interested in learning more, maybe picking one of the um 350s up, i will leave some links in the description but thats going to wrap it up.