Now ive actually seen this rebranded by a few different companies out there and ive seen prices range from 120 up to 230, depending on the storage and ram configuration. But on paper this looks like a really interesting mini pc, its capable of 4k out its got full hdmi. It also has usb type c, which does support 4k 60 out of there. So weve got two displays. It also has a 2.5 gigabyte, ethernet port and believe it or not, it does come pre installed with wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5.2. Like i mentioned, the price on the m6 can vary quite a bit depending on what manufacturer you pick it up from, but ive got one of the cheaper ones here. This is a non branded unit with 8 gigabytes of ram. You can get up to 16.. Inside of the box youre going to get a 24 watt wall charger, this is powered over usb type c. Weve got some mounting hardware and they also include a six foot. Hdmi cable, another option that ive seen online with these is windows 10 or windows. 11.. I opted for the windows 11 version, so it is pre installed and since its just an x86 mini pc, you could always install linux on it. If you wanted to overall, very small form factor really liking this. It is actively cooled so theres. A small fan in here, but i wanted to give you a look at this compared to an xbox controller, just to show you how small this thing really is: got that single vin up top, which is going to pull that fresh air in its going to come Out of one of the side, ports and just taking a look inside, it does have a copper heat sink, not much going on with the sides in the front.

Obviously, weve got that power button and an led indicator. But when we move around back youll see we get three usb 3.1 ports, weve got full size, hdmi a 2.5 gigabit ethernet port, usb type c. This will supply data and video out a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and another usb type c port, which is only used for powering the unit up before we move over to the specs and test this thing out, i did want to do a quick, disassembly and pulling The bottom off with a single screw, reveals two m.2 slots. This one here came pre installed with a 128 gigabyte m.2 ssd, but we also have another 80 millimeter slot, and this is nvme, so you can upgrade the storage on this very easily. Unfortunately, thats about all were gon na be able to upgrade with this mini pc, because the ram is soldered to the board. I opted for the eight gigabyte version, but they do sell one with 16 gigabytes pre installed. I was kind of hoping to see a couple slots in here, but uh its definitely soldered its using lp ddr4 and, as you can see, weve got a copper heatsink here with a blower style fan and when it comes to the cpu, this is using. It only pulls up to around 16 watts at full boat when youre using the igpu and the cpu side of things. The cpu itself is rated at 10 watts and speaking of the cpu, this is powered by an intel.

N5105 weve got four cores. Four threads base clock of two gigahertz with the turbo up to 2.9. You can get this with eight to 16 gigabytes of ram its using lp ddr4 at 2933. Megahertz weve got built in intel, uhd graphics, but this is definitely upgraded from the older gemini lake cpus that youd see in these many pcs, because we have 24 execution units and this will run up to 800. Megahertz storage is handled by an m.2 ssd or an nvme ssd. You can pick this up as a bare bones: no storage option or you can go all the way up to one terabyte weve got wi fi six bluetooth, 5.2, 2.5 gigabit ethernet. You can run windows, 10 windows, 11 or linux. This one has windows, 11 pre installed all right, so here it is got everything set up, ive, updated all of the drivers. Everything went really smooth its pretty snappy for what were working with. Here i mean this is a 10 watt. Cpu weve only got four cores and four threads. Those built in uhd, graphics, and one thing that i noticed, which was a little disappointing, is the ram in this is running in single channel mode with igpus. Dual channel is definitely the way to go. It is running at 2933 megahertz and i suspect that the 16 gigabyte model may be running in dual channel, so we will lose a little bit of gpu performance, but what ive tested so far is actually working out pretty well when it comes to a mini pc.

Like this, its far from a gaming machine but were definitely going to test out some games on this checking out some web browsing everything loads up really quickly. Weve got that wi fi six and i made sure it was wi fi, six from the device manager and hardware info, because in the past ive picked up these mini pcs that state they have wi, fi, six or even wi, fi, five and its far from it. But with this one here we do have an intel, wi, fi 6 chip soldered to the board, its non user replaceable and using something like this for web browsing email checking. You want to do some document editing its going to be fine. I mean this little mini. Pc can definitely handle those tasks and its actually really awesome to see these lower end intel chips getting a nice little upgrade so with the n5105. In my experience, its a huge upgrade from the older gemini lake 25s, or even the 4105s, especially in the gpu department, because weve got 24 execution units instead of 12 to 16, with those other ones. And even though the ram in this is running in single channel itll, outperform those older gemini lake chips and as for 4k video playback, these little jasper lake chips do a really great job im streaming, a 4k 60 fps video from youtube right now. Stats for nerds is up in the top left hand, corner lets go ahead and take a look at how many frames have dropped if any at all, and it does look like – were getting a few drop frames here and there.

I would never notice this just playing a 4k video from youtube without stats for nerds on about five of these are from the initial load in, but we are still getting a few here and there overall its really not that bad next thing i want to take A look at are a couple benchmarks. I ran then well move over to some gaming and emulation. Here we have geekbench 5. We got a single core score of 614 multi 1944. Obviously, these are lower scores when you compare them to higher end chips, but for something pulling around 10 watts its not that bad. I also ran 3dmark wildlife. This is a vulcan gpu benchmark 2’6 and finally, we have 3d mark night raid with a 3252. This little pc isnt going to win any gpu benchmark awards, but i still want to see how it performs with pc, gaming and emulation, given that were working with such a low powered pc, i figured wed throw some lighter games at it. This is far from a aaa gaming pc, but when it comes to the low end stuff, youre gon na have a really good experience. Heres cuphead at 900p theres no settings that we can really change for graphics but its running at 60. If you take a look at afterburner up in the top left hand corner not bad at all a game, i always love to test on these mini pcs is skyrim. This is the original version were at low settings 720p and it runs at 60.

. This is actually really surprising because jim and i lake really struggled with this, but when it comes to these new jasper lake chips, especially the n6000 and the n5105, which we have in here, work really well with these older titles. You want to do some half life. Half life 2 left 4 dead, even original skyrim dual channel will help out with this integrated gpu, so theres a chance. If the 16 gigabyte version is running in dual channel, youll get a little better performance out of it Music. Before we move over to emulation theres one last thing i wanted to test here, we have forward to horizon 5, but its not running natively on this mini pc im using xbox game streaming and by the way im connected over wi fi with that wi fi 6 Built in it does a good job, but i would recommend using ethernet when it comes to game streaming, whether you want to do stadia geforce now or even this, but it does work on the mini pc quite well. Taking a look at some emulation on the m6. First up we have psp using ppsspp, were at 3x resolution and im using the vulkan back in its kind of odd, because i did try directx 11 at first with this chip and usually on these x86 mini pcs. I usually have much better luck with directx 11, but i did have a few dips at 3x, so i swapped over to vulkan and were good to go with psp emulation when it comes to ps2.

I wouldnt run out and buy one of these specifically for ps2 emulation, but there are a few games. Thatll work really well here. We have tony hawk pro skater 3 at 720p, not bad at all, but i tried gran turismo. It was only running at about 48 fps, even with a ton of hacks on and i did try the development version with vulkan, but directx 11 worked much better with ps2 on the system and finally, we have the dolphin emulator for some gamecube heres. My go to test this is automotista especially up here in these corners. These mini pcs or low end arm chips. Do dip down a lot, but were at a steady, 60 now im at the native resolution im using the directx 11 back in, but it really does perform well with gamecube emulation. When i test out these mini pcs, i always like to take a look at total system power consumption. So, while im doing my testing, i have this plugged into a kilowatt meter at the wall, this idles around 5 watts, while gaming, it pulls around 12.4 watts and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall. While maxing out all four cores and the gpu was 14.6 watts and given the power, consumption and the performance we got out of this little machine, i think its doing a really good job, its far from a triple a gaming machine, but for the form factor and Power consumption: i think this is a great little desktop replacement.

If you need something for light gaming light emulation web browsing document editing, then the m6 might be a good choice for you now theres a couple more operating systems that id like to test on this were definitely going to be doing a video on linux. Running on this little machine and id also like to do just a dedicated emulation operating system like botocera, to see if it would be worth picking something like this up and turning it into a dedicated emulation system and the way its going right. Now, with the availability and the pricing of the raspberry pi 4, this could be a really great option, but thats going to wrap it up for this.