Now, when it comes down to it, im a big fan of windows tablets, but nothings really hit the market at a decent price point with good performance in a while. Of course, there are some powerful windows based tablets out there like the new rog x13 flow, but thats around eighteen hundred dollars and its basically a gaming laptop with a detachable keyboard. Weve also got the microsoft surface lineup the high end stuff is really expensive and when it comes to the go series uh, the cpu does leave a lot to be desired. But when it comes to the new all do cube, iwork gt theyve opted to use an intel tiger like cpu, and this one here just happens to have the i5 1135 g7 and when it comes down to it, its actually a really great performing mobile chip and Before we dive any deeper, i just want to mention that this video is brought to you by urcd keys ive, actually been using this site for a couple years. Now they do offer steam keys origin uplay. They even offer microsoft applications like office, but the main reason that i use urcd keys is for their windows keys right now. Their windows 10 pro oem key is 19.84. But if you use code eta at checkout, you can get 25 off now. There is one thing to keep in mind when upgrading your pc using a key like this, you can change your gpu. You can change the ram the hard drives, the cpu, the only thing thatll stop.

This key from working in the future is swapping out the motherboard, but theyre definitely cheap enough, and another great thing about buying from here is: they do accept paypal. I just did this build here. I need to activate windows im going to head over to my updates and security were going to go to activation. As you can see, ive got windows 10 pro, but its not activated so im going to change product key im going to paste it in here. Choose next choose activate and windows is now activated were ready to go. My warning is totally gone and basically thats it theyll email, your code, once your payment is processed and thats. Basically it if youre interested in picking up cheap windows, 10 keys for your new pc builds ill leave a link in the description. So this is known as the iwork gt and inside of the box youre going to get the tablet itself, a 45 watt, quick charger and i believe, theyre selling the detachable keyboard separate. Like a lot of these manufacturers – and i think, theres, two models of these detachable keyboards one – does have a built in hinge. This one is just the folio model, but it does have a touchpad built in overall. The tablet looks great. Weve got an 11 inch 1200 by 2000 ips display its got a glass cover over it, and the rest of the unit is fully constructed of aluminum. Taking a look around the tablet over here.

On the left hand, side we do get a micro, hdmi port, and this is hdmi 1.4. We also have two full function: usb type c ports over on the right hand, side, micro, sd card slot, 3.5, millimeter, headphone jack and a full size, usb 3.0 port. Taking a look at the top of the tablet: weve got our volume, rocker power button and some more ventilation. This is an actively cooled tablet, so there is a built in fan actually glad to see more ports than usual when it comes to these windows tablets. Nowadays, having that full size, usb port definitely helps out and two usb type c full function. Ports is a big plus when it comes to the specs of the iwork gt theyre, offering this in three different models, so you can pick them up with the tiger. Like i3, i5 or i7, this one happens to have the i5 1135 g7 four course. Eight threads base clock at 2.4 gigahertz with the turbo up to 4.2, built in iris, xe, graphics, up to 1.3 gigahertz and remember this the i5 version, so it only has 86 execution units 8 gigabytes of lpddr4x running at 4266 megahertz, a 256 gigabyte, ssd micro sd Card support an 11 inch ips display at 2, 000 by 1200, wi, fi, 6, bluetooth, 5.1 and right out of the box. This was running windows 11., all right so here it is overall, its a very snappy experience, whether youre on battery or wall power.

Now there is a big difference here, because on battery the cpu in this is running at about 14 watts, but once you plug it into the 45 watt, adapter thats included with the tablet. It takes that from 15 watts up to 20 and on the boost side of things, itll go all the way up to 30., so you will get much better performance when youre plugged into the wall and of course there are ways to set this up to run. At 20 watts on battery, but youre not going to get great battery life once this is running at 20 watts, with a boost up to 30. and 20 watts seems to be about the max. The cpu cooler can handle. Oh while gaming at 20 watts. It does get a little hot were up there at 88 90 degrees celsius, but it didnt thermal throttle on me. Its got a built in active cooling system and id say its good for around 20 watts any higher than that its going to thermal throttle pretty quickly. First thing were going to test here is some youtube. Video playback were just going to go with a 4k 60 video. I know we dont have a 4k screen here, but this is going to give us a good idea of how well its going to perform and with the i5 1135 g7 in the past, ive never had any issues with 4k playback, especially paired up with something like Wi fi, 6 or ethernet weve got wi fi six here, 4k 60 stats for nerds on screen.

I know its a bit hard to see by the end of this video zero drop frames so were good to go. There i mean as a media, playback device. This is going to work out just fine, whether you want to stream your favorite content or run it from a micro, sd card or external drive, its really up to you. The next thing i did was run a few benchmarks and the first one on the list is geekbench 5 single core 1301 multi 4746 ive definitely seen the i5 1135 g7 much higher than this, at least on the multi core side of things. But given how thin and light this is its not bad at all checking out some gpu benchmarks with 3dmark wildlife. This is a vulcan benchmark, total score here, 9810 and the final one i ran here was 3d mark night raid. We got a total score of 13 357. and remember this tablets running between 15 watts and 20 watts if the cooling system could handle it. I would take this up to 30 and it would definitely unlock the potential of this chip, but the way it sits with the cooling system and battery right now, 20 watts is about the max, but were still gon na test out some gaming on this, because im Really interested to see how this thing performs. First, on the list street fighter 5 were at 720 by 800. Ive got a low medium mix going on.

I do like having those textures set to medium. Mostly everything else is on low, but were not doing any kind of scaling here, except for the main resolution of 1280×800. Its actually running really well were at 60fps and by the way im using an xbox controller connected over bluetooth. Moving over to one of my all time, favorite games, we have skyrim. This is the original version. This is just the one i prefer were at 1080p high settings and it runs at 60.. I did see it dipped down to 59, but thats, something i would never notice if i didnt have that frame counter on. Overall, this tablet can definitely handle skyrim and even on battery were good to go at 60 high settings 1080p. The witcher 3 did much better than i thought it would. I know for a fact that at 720p low settings this chip can do 60 fps at the correct wattage. If we take a look at afterburner up in the top left hand, corner youll see were only running about 21 to 22 watts and our cpu temperature is on up there i mean were at 88 to 90 degrees celsius, kind of fluctuating between and the fan on. This is kicked up, but its really not that loud i mean even up close to it. Doesnt get too loud its trying its hardest to cool this i5 off, and this is really why i mentioned that 20 watts is about the max.

This thing is going to be able to handle, and the final game i wanted to test here was god of war were at low settings 720p and unfortunately, its just not going to give us a steady 30. again. The i5 1135 g7 at around 30 to 35 watts can run this really well original settings 720p. I usually get an average of around 40 fps, but with the way the tablet set up at 20 watts its just really struggling even to hit 30. now its time to see how this little tablet handles emulation and first up, we have ps2 using pcsx2 directx 11 Back in weve got soul, calibur 3, not the easiest game to emulate, but its running really well and by the way this is at 720p. So we do have a little bit of an upscale going with this game. Here, 720p is probably going to be the max for this tablet the way its set up right now, but there are other games where you can go up to 1080 with it just fine another one i wanted to test here was some gamecube emulation using the dolphin Emulator here we have auto modalista, one of the harder ones to emulate on lower end chips, and with this one i didnt see a dip below 60 at all, even around these corners here, if youve ever tested this game out on lower end hardware, you know how Hard, this little area can be were at a steady 60 and this little thing handles gamecube and wii really really well.

Ive done some battery life testing, with the iwork gt and over on their website. They claim that this will get up to six hours of battery life and its really close, i mean for video playback with the screen around sixty percent. I was able to get five hours and 20 minutes out of it. If you want to do nothing but gaming on battery with this, you can expect around two hours of battery life, given that this is running at around 15 watts and thats, just the cpu side of things thats, not taking into account the speakers and the screen. Wi fi and bluetooth, it does support 45 watt pd quick charging and they claim from zero to 50 percent, takes around 40 minutes so were not that far off from other laptops on the market around the same price point i do love the screen on this. It looks really good and i think 11 inches is perfect for a carry around tablet. Be it a windows. Tablet like we have here or something like the galaxy tab. S8. The active cooling system they have in here does work for the wattage its running at, but i do wish it was a little beefier that way we could up the wattage and get a little better performance when it comes to gaming, but its not meant to be A gaming tablet now the one thing i would love to see changed is the volume im not exactly sure if its a driver issue or whatnot, but at a hundred percent it really doesnt get that loud.

We do have a dual stereo speaker setup in this, but it definitely needs some more volume. Even a little bit of overdrive would be nice, but if they would have added a quad speaker set up here with quad 1 watt speakers, it would have been much better on the sound side of things but yeah on the channel. I do test a lot of android tablets its few and far in between when i can get my hands on a good windows tablet. But this is one of the most powerful windows tablets that ive tested so far and when it comes to windows tablets, we dont have that much to work with. Like i mentioned at the beginning of the video, there are some really high end gaming tablets out there on the market. Right now, and basically, we have the microsoft surface line and with the go line which is kind of around the same price point of the iwork gt. The cpu in this tablet here definitely beats out the go line of the microsoft surface series, but thats going to wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching. If youre interested in learning more about the all do cube iwork gt, i will leave a link in the description ill leave a link to their website. You can also pick this up on amazon and, if theres anything else, you want to see running on this.