All the lake p series cpu now to this date weve been testing the 8 series or high performance offerings from intel. So we wanted to find out what the efficient side of this architecture had to offer, plus it has a beautiful oled display and a new stylish design. Essentially, this is catered towards people who are looking for an everyday productivity laptop. That also comes with a few other perks which ill get to later in the video, but as always lets kick things off with the price. It starts at 1450 us dollars and for that you get a core i7 1260p processor, with four performance cores and eight efficiency cores for a total of 16 threads. Eight gigabytes of lp ddr5 memory running at 5200 megahertz keep in mind that its soldered onto the pcb. You also get a 256 gigabyte ssd and a 14 inch 1200 p ips touch display the sample that we have over here costs an extra 200 and that doubles the memory and storage plus you get an oled quad hd touch display at 90 hertz. Now the base model is a bad deal just to set the record straight because 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage is an absolute joke. In my opinion, but heres the thing lenovo is like canadian tire. You never buy anything at full price. So, in this case, the base9i at the time im making this video is going for around 1080 us dollars, which makes it go from a bad deal to a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately, the model that we have over here is not available at the moment. The specs are great and if youre lucky, you could snag it for around 1250., but it goes out of stock all the time, its sadly the same issue that weve been facing since 2021. So with that, out of the way lets talk about the design of the yoga 9i, they replaced the sharpie and sleek look from last years model with rounded corners and polished edges to emphasize comfort when handling the chassis and its spot on um. It wouldnt even leave any finger marks when youre or any wrist marks when youre typing on it for long periods of time plus, given that this thing can switch to tablet mode holding, it is just a lot more comfortable compared to some of the other thin light. Two in one devices that ive tested in the past, the all aluminum unibody construction is excellent. The hinge is stiff with no signs of wobble and this oatmeal color seriously thats. What lenovo is calling it oatmeal honestly i mean it gives it a bespoke finish. You can also pick it up in gray if youre looking for something subtle as for size, this is a little bigger compared to the xps 13 from dell, but not by all that much. In fact, its about the same thickness were talking 0.6 inches versus 0.58 inches. Its still not as thin as microsoft, surface pro 8, because that device is in its own class, but it does come with a premium.

The 9i is also fairly lightweight, coming in just a tad over 3 pounds or 1.4 kilos, so this will easily fit inside your backpack or messenger bag. No problem. The cherry on top of this is that the included power, brick is extremely compact. Its only a 65 watt charger and it tops up the laptop via usbc, the cable is also really long and it supports rapid charge boost so for 15 minutes of charging you can actually squeeze up to two hours of use, which is great. The keyboard layout is pretty standard. However, if you pay close attention to the right hand, side youll notice, a set of dedicated keys to access performance mode, uh enable the background option. When you have the webcam turned on, you can also cycle between different audio profiles. For the speakers switch between light and dark mode within windows, which i think is pretty cool and a fingerprint reader, i think these one click function. Keys are a nice addition. As for the keys theyre, okay, honestly, i was a little bit let down considering that lenovo has one of the best laptop keyboards around with excellent travel, distance and feedback, but this it feels like theyve taken a lot of life out of the 9i. The key travel is shorter and softer. I think it needs to marinate for a while to get to a comfortable position. What i love is the fact that it comes with very less key wobble and i think its probably one of the upsides of these slimmer switches.

The keys are backlit its, not the brightest out there, but itll get the job done for everyday use. The massive trackpad thats sitting underneath is pretty good, its a glass surface with precision touchpad support, but throughout my testing period i noticed that the accuracy was lagging a bit compared to the xps 13 from dell or even lenovos own thinkpad series like the x1 carbon. Even the integrated left and right buttons have sort of a rattling feel when you register them, but other than that the surface itself is very smooth to navigate within windows. Port selection is pretty limited on this two on one device. On the left hand, side you have a full size, usb type, a three point to gen 2 port, a couple of type c: thunderbolt: 4 ports towards the right hand, side, theres, a power button, a usb type c; 3.2 gen 2 port with displayport pass through and Power delivery and an audio jack, it would have been cool to see a full size, usb port on the side as well and an hdmi port. But you know it is what it is. The webcam is a noticeable improvement compared to the previous generation. In fact, i would actually go on record and say that its much better than lenovos own thinkpad x1 carbon and the reason for that is because this year they implemented a 1080p rgb hybrid camera. So you get slightly more detail compared to last years model plus it supports windows, hello, uh, and i want to pay close attention to the background blur feature that theyve enabled so im going to go ahead and just hit that right now and as you can see It does a pretty good job at isolating the background, and here are my hands, obviously its not as good as rtx broadcast, but i mean for quick, toggle, thats, literally accessible on the keyboard itself.

I think its pretty sweet. The other thing i want to focus your attention to is the microphone quality, because it is absolutely incredible. There is very good uh, you know background separation, my voice just has a little bit more life to it, doesnt sound too compressed. So let me know what you guys think about it: what about if theres, a guy in the background theres, you know theres no theres, nobody yelling in the background, thats, dimitri, stop! Stop now. The speaker setup on the 9i is pretty interesting and quite unique. In my opinion, they positioned two front facing tweeters on the hinge bar now. The idea behind this is to offer a 360 degree, immersive audio experience when youre using this thing in laptop mode and tablet mode. There are two woofers placed on the edges, and lenovo has worked with bowers and wilkins to offer class leading performance. Well, it certainly doesnt feel that way but ill. Tell you what compared to what ive listened to in the past with thin and light laptops. This is pretty impressive: the trebles are bright and crispy with no distortion. The woofers give you a nice little kick, but its nothing mind. Blowing bottom line is that this setup sounds much better compared to bottom facing speakers, so lenovo good job. The oled display on the 9i is fantastic. Its a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, which translates to slightly taller screen real estate, which is a must have for anything productivity related.

The colors are stunning, with deeper blacks and punchy colors that you would typically expect from my oled panel. As you can see, it covers 100 srgb, 96, adobe rgb and 99 p3, so its great for photo editing and netflixing its also pretty bright too. Our sample was able to achieve a peak sustained level of ‘3 nets. The cherry on top of all of this is that it is able to run at 90hz, so itll give you a slightly smoother experience when working within applications versus 60 hertz. Keep in mind that the base 9i with the 1200p ips display has a slightly lower color gamut upgradability on the 9i is limited plus getting inside is also very challenging. You have to remove the rubber strip thats, holding this laptop along with the screws underneath to pop off the bottom lid uh. Once thats done, you can see that the memory started onto the pcb the primary enviou mrsd is right over here and the drive speeds are impressive. We got over 6.6 gigabytes per second on read and over 4.4 gigabytes per second on right. So its a very snappy drive, a lot of you might not know this, but it takes a lot of time to piece together a review, video or even an explain series. One of our main sources of acquiring digital assets for our videos has been through story blocks. They have access to a bunch of stock footage, vector files and music tracks that enable us to give more life to our content.

If youre, looking for a hassle, free experience, theyve got a plan that works for your budget, with unlimited downloads, royalty, free content and, most importantly, diversity. If you want to learn more click, the link down below. So this is the first time that weve actually tested intels core i7 1260p in a system. So i was pretty excited to see what it can do and just to remind you its a lot like its bigger brother, which is the core i5 12600h. In a lot of ways, since it has eight efficient cores and four performance scores for a total of 16 threads, it just has to be tuned to run at lower power envelopes of 28 watts. And, of course, that can be further tuned by laptop manufacturers. Like lenovo. Did here in extreme performance mode, it spikes at 64 watts and then does a bit of a dance around 30 watts before finally settling to a constant 28 watts. I wouldnt really call this extreme, though, since supposedly some companies are running this little chip at 35, watts and higher in their designs. The regular intelligent, cooling mode does some weird stuff, while it normally expected to start high and then settle down its power actually starts off. At 25, watts falls for a while and then hits an average of 23 watts. This is the mall that ill be testing. This thing on by the way and silent well at 15, watts it zips down power and its what id use if i was conserving battery power.

Now, if you look at temperatures lenovos up to their usual magic tricks with cooling as well, since none of the modes hits any higher than 75 degrees during longer tests and considering how thin the 9i is thats, actually pretty impressive. But then again the cpu never sucks backs more than 28 watts on a regular basis, and if you look at clock speeds well, it pretty much follows the power and temperature trends too. Since this is the first p series all the lake processor ive tested its impossible to know if these speeds are good or bad, so they are what they are for now. The nice thing about the yoga 9i is that it stays pretty quiet, regardless of the mode. Its in even extreme performance stays on the quiet side and its not annoying in any way. Meanwhile, intelligent cooling is super well behaved with some of the quietest. Full load results that ive seen from a thin and light thats not running in silent mode surface. Temperatures are also very manageable on the yoga 9i, it doesnt get super toasty, so you shouldnt have any issues using this thing on your lap. So with that out of the way, there is another interesting thing about this laptop, because lenovo has actually done something crazy and equipped a thin and light device with a stupidly huge battery rated for 75 watt hours. I mean thats gaming laptop territory guys, but what does that do actually not much, even with that ginormous capacity, the yoga only manages to tie laptops that have much much smaller batteries and look a while ago.

I seriously wondered about all the lakes battery life and whether or not there was a problem and the more i look at these numbers, the more i think there actually is its not normal. Look weve got a 75 watt hour battery on whats supposed to be an efficient processor and, while 13 hours is good, id expect a hell of a lot more, especially from a thin and light device like the 9i. It just feels like the older lake platform. Either has terrible idle power needs or theres something wrong between the architecture and windows 11.. The other thing i need to mention is how intels treating these new lineup of theirs theyre used to be an h series or higher end laptops, and and u series or ultra low voltage cpus. The p series lies between those and offers a bit of features from both so the 1260p isnt technically from intels, most efficient processor series. You can actually see that here the massive battery still doesnt allow the 9i to post anywhere near best in class numbers again. Theyre good, but not amazing, like the capacity would lead you to believe. So i guess that sets the stage a bit for performance now. What we have over here is a processor that consumes about the same amount of power as a lot of the others in the same market, but it tends to be more power hungry when its on battery mode, but does that translate into better performance? Lets see what were up against now.

Our intent for this one is to have a wide variety of different, thin and lights, running with various cpus and different power levels. Basically, they go from a dell xps 13 rocking a 13 watt, i7 1185 g7 to a ryzen, 7 5800u chugging along at 25 watts. All of the laptops have been updated to the latest version of windows 11 and have been set to their default performance modes, which should give us a good cross section to compare against the all the lake cpu set to intelligent, cooling and 23 watts, starting out with Cinebench – and it seems like the yoga 9i is a winner in both single and multi threaded applications. Remember ryzen cpu is used to absolutely spank intel cpus in multi core workloads, but not anymore. Moving on to lightly threaded apps that people are most likely going to use on something like the 9i and again, the 1260p is able to dominate amds previous generation offerings and even offer a lot better performance than the best tiger lake had to offer. But this is something weve always seen from intel theyre laser targeted in offering great performance in everyday programs that dont pound the cpu with heavy workload. But what happens if you want to add a bit of that into the mix? Well, in longer workloads like blender, the 9i really gets its butt handed to it, since it doesnt maintain higher frequencies. For all that long, so in quicker tests like cinebench, it might look amazing but extend that out to a more realistic workload.

Length – and this happens handbrake is pretty much the same situation theres a massive improvement over the 1185 g7 and the 1165 g7, but competing against ryzen just doesnt happen. I cant wait to see what the 6000? U series brings to the table this year guys but like last year, amds super late into rolling those out, but intel does gain a pretty big advantage anywhere. Their integrated graphics can be used and premiere is a perfect example of that. Now, as we move into gaming theres, some interesting things going on here, for whatever reason little is capping the iris, xc integrated graphics at just 9 watts. Almost every single other laptop here has their igps running between 12 and 15 watts, and that makes a massive difference. Instead of leading the nice frame rates are all over the place, sometimes its one of the best, but in a bunch of other situations, its sitting way at the back, ive got to say this kind of inconsistency is the last thing i want from intels newest architecture. In an otherwise amazing little laptop, so the lenovo yoga 9i is overall, a great little two in one device, its comfortable to handle its built really well, the display is great. The keyboard is nice. The webcam microphone quality is probably one of the best that ive heard. The only problem is the all the leak cpu, which is very unfortunate since you dont, really get the efficiency side of this architecture, even with a massive 75 watt hour battery.

I really hope this doesnt keep coming up in future thin and light devices, and the other thing is the price, because please just dont pay full price for this thing. If you shop carefully, you could snag one for a really good deal or you could wait for amds 6000. U series uh to hit later this year on that notes. Thank you so much watching. I hope you will take away everything that you needed to know about. The yoga 9i from lenovo, let us know what you guys think about the p series from intel.