This was recently on sale over on amazon for one hundred and eighty dollars, and i couldnt pass it up. I took a look at the specs and the form factor here and i think its gon na make a great little desktop. Slash media player, slash emulation, setup, ive, actually tested the same chip thats in this and another mini pc recently, but uh. This is actually coming in a lot cheaper with the same specs so inside of the box youre. Obviously gon na get the mini pc theyve also included a six foot, hdmi cable and a 24 watt 12 volt power supply. Take a look at the front of the unit. There is a hidden led here that lights up when everythings up and running over, on the right hand, side they have included vga, which is a little odd, but i guess it would come in handy for an older monitor on the right hand, side. We have a full size, sd card slot, two usb 3.0 ports and our power button around back weve got our power input, another usb 3.0 port, full size, hdmi, gigabit, ethernet and weve also got our audio input. A 3.5 millimeter audio jack plus our bios reset button. Taking a look at the specs for the cpu, we get the intel celeron n5105. This is definitely an upgrade over the n5095. We get four cores base clock of two gigahertz with the turbo up to 2.9 and all four cores will run at 2.

8 when it comes to the gpu. This does have the upgraded celeron gpu with 24 execution units up to 800 megahertz. This has 8 gigabytes of non user, replaceable lp ddr4 ram soldered to the board its running at 2933 megahertz and it is in dual channel, so it does help out with gpu performance the one that i opted for. It came with a 128 gigabyte, m.2 ssd. This is user replaceable. You can go up to one terabyte in this unit, its got built in ac, wi, fi, bluetooth, 4.2, and it runs windows 10 out of the box, but ive actually upgraded mine to windows, 11. and real quick before we get into testing. I wanted to give you a look at the internals here, its actually really easy to get apart. There are seven screws on the bottom you need to remove and then we can slide this whole board right out its actively cooled. So this things not going to overheat and it pulls maximum of 18 watts from the wall, its a really low powered unit weve got that user, replaceable, m.2, ssd and really thats about it thats. The only upgrades we can do to this, given that the ram is soldered to the board. So in this video i wanted to take a look at the windows. Performance were going to test some 4k video playback test out. Some native pc games well move over to some emulation in windows and were also going to run an operating system called bottocera from a usb drive, because right now, with the prices of the raspberry pi 4.

I think this would be a great option for a little emulation setup if you wanted to spend just a bit more money than an 8 gigabyte raspberry pi and get a lot more performance out of it. Okay, so here it is got everything set up. I actually upgraded to windows 11. It did come with windows 10 pre installed, but it gave me the option, even though this thing is actively cooled. You cant hear the fan unless you put your ear right up to it. This things running at about 15 watts and even at full boat. That fan is basically in audible from about a foot away. As you can see, we have that intel, celeron, 5105 cpu eight gigabytes of ram, and this is running at 2933mhz in dual channel. That was something i was worried about and the built in intel, uhd, graphics with 24 execution units when it comes to web browsing very snappy. It doesnt have wi fi 6 built in, but it does have ac wi fi very snappy. Little experience checking emails web browsing. Some video playback, which well take a look at some 4k video playback in just a second but overall as a little web browsing machine. You cant go wrong with this little chip. It does work out quite well for things like that. So whenever i test out 4k video playback on these little mini pcs, i always like to turn scaling completely off with windows. That way, we have a full 4k viewpoint, and this is a 4k 60 fps video.

I will have stats for nerds up in the top left hand, corner ill zoom in in a bit after we get to about 6 000 frames, but i want to show you how well this does run 4k. Video overall ive been really impressed with this little chip. The new jasper lake celeron cpus are actually really good low power. Consumption weve got great 4k video playback, but they do make a couple different variants. The m5105, which we have here, has that higher end gpu built in with 24 execution units same thing with the n6000. But if you pick up the n5095, it only has 16 and this does make a huge difference. So, as you can see, our viewpoint is at 4k. Our current resolution is at 4k were running this at 60fps and so far weve only got 11 drop frames. This isnt bad at all and youd never notice those drop frames unless you had a frame counter on. Like we do right now, next thing i did was run a few benchmarks. First up we have geekbench 5 single core 618 multi 2015, not the highest scores on the planet, but these are actually really good for this 10 watt chip were working with here. Next up. I went with 3d mark wildlife. This is a vulcan benchmark for the built in gpu, total score 2537 and finally, 3d mark night raid with a 3860. so overall for an everyday desktop. Theyre, really not that impressive.

But when you factor in how small this is and the wattage is pulling from the wall – theyre not bad at all, now its time to move over to some pc gaming and then well move into some emulation. So i went with some lower end games just to see what it could do. First up we have battle toads 720p low settings. I thought wed definitely have a constant 60 here with vsync on its definitely playable. I really wouldnt even notice it if that frame counter wasnt on. I could play through this on the mini pc, but i was really hoping for a constant 60 out of this one. Next on the list, we have the original sky rim 720p low settings, and this does run at 60, as you can see up in the top left hand corner. I do have afterburner running and with this built in fan, like i mentioned at the beginning, youre not hearing it at all and it definitely keeps the cpu, nice and chilly. I never hit thermal throttle. Actually, we never even hit 68 degrees celsius with this unit and finally, for the pc gaming side of things, art of rally 720p low settings. I got an average of 68 fps out of this and in most cases it is much higher. But when theres a lot of trees on screen, you will see it dip down a little bit now its time to move over to some emulation, and here we have gamecube using the dolphin emulator vulcan back in native resolution.

It runs gamecube really well, even some of the harder to emulate stuff like automotive will play at 60fps, but youre still gon na run into a few games like zero. That just wont do full speed on this little setup. Since i was right there with the dolphin emulator, i figured wed throw wii game in here. Vulcan back in native resolution. Tatsunoko vs capcom again were at 60. im actually really impressed by the gamecube and wii performance out of this little chip here. Actually works really really. Well now, its time to take it up, a notch to ps2 using pc sx2 were at the native resolution, directx 11 back in and in my experience this does require a little more cpu power than the dolphin emulator to get these games running at full speed. Now there are games that are gon na work with the pcsx2 emulator on this box, but dont expect to run every ps2 game at full speed. One that i always like to test is gran turismo 4 and unfortunately, it just wasnt quite hanging at 60.. We did have some major dips and initially going into this, i got really excited, but as soon as i started turning some of these corners and we had that longer draw distance, you can see it dipped down into the 40s really unfortunate, but i kind of expected This were only at 2.8 to 2.9 gigahertz on this cpu. So emulation on this in windows is actually really great.

Itll do psp itll do dreamcast n64, as you saw weve got gamecube weve got some ps2 games, but i did want to test out a standalone emulation front end known as bottocera. A lot of my regular viewers might know about this. Its running from a usb drive right now and ive just installed a couple games in here to test out, but everything works. Weve got ethernet, wi, fi, bluetooth, hdmi sound over hdmi. There was nothing that i had to change in here. I just flashed it to a usb drive added a couple: extra games and booted it up. So here from the information you can see, we have that n5105 running on this little pc and emulation is actually really great. Again, we saw ps2, it will run some ps2 games, but in windows we will get better performance due to that directx. 11 back end we can use and as soon as bottocera adds kind of the development version of pc sx2 with vulcan support, we will start seeing better performance with ps2 and podocero with this little mini pc. But right now it definitely has psp covered with tekken 6 hero, its actually able to take this up to 4x resolution using that vulcan back in and if you wanted to do the harder to run games like chains of olympus, you will have to drop it down To 2x, but it still looks great and it runs at full speed. Lets move over to dreamcast real quick and i just went with marvel vs capcom 2.

were using the flycast 4 inside of retro arch. This little pc has more than enough power to emulate dreamcast, whether you want to use redream, which, in my opinion, would work out better, especially in windows or flycast, which we have run in here. So i mean we definitely have multiple operating system options for this, and if you wanted to turn it into a little emulation, console thats way more powerful than the raspberry pi. Its really easy to do overall, really enjoying this little pc and youll, find a ton of these new celeron cpus the 5105 and a lot of mini pcs on amazon and ebay. Nowadays, one thing you really need to look for is make sure its running dual channel ram, thats really going to help out with the gpu, and i would stay away from the mini pcs that are using the n5095, its just not as powerful as this one. At least on the gpu side of things, cpu performance is right on par, but if you want to do any gaming or emulation, you definitely want those extra execution units with the price of the raspberry pi nowadays for retro gaming. This actually might be a good option. We do have more power than the raspberry pi 4. and right now, if you were to go out and buy an 8 gigabyte, raspberry pi, a decently sized micro, sd card power supply and a mini hdmi cable. This is only going to come in around 30 more dollars and its definitely worth that extra performance.

You can run windows, 10 windows 11, basically any variant of linux as long as it supports an x86 cpu, and we also have something like botocera or retropie x86. So you can turn this into a really nice little retro gaming setup, so yeah. I think it performs really well and if youre interested in learning more, maybe picking one of these up, i will leave a few links in the description.