A lot of people ask me to review. It is probably the fastest. At the time of this video risin, 7 4800 H laptop you can buy. Why is that? Well, they've set quite a high power limit with this particular model. Now it doesn't come with a dedicated GPU. This is called the MEC Revo code. 0. 1. It sped up my configuration here with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram 512 gigabyte in VMI's storage. It does have Intel's wireless, a X, so that's Wi Fi 7. The one is a X 200 card, a 91 watt hour battery all in a package that only weighs about 1.5 kilos, so it's super light. It is thin and actually does have a very good build quality. Now this particular model here the title is not clickbait, you can't actually buy it outside of China. You can't get it, but I do have a contact and China that managed to pick it up for a very, very good price as still of a price and then ship it out to me. So that is why I've got it thanks to them, but it will be sold in Europe locally under the name Shenko to be the via 15, but it will cost you about 1100 euros. This particular configuration. We may see it from other people that will be rebounding rebranding. Sorry, the tongue Fang ODM, which this has so let's, find out. Why I like this particular laptop so much so this laptop did come well packaged up its double box.

It'S got plenty of padding around it and inside you will find this. So we've got some paperwork, our main power cable here, which is nice and long, and this isn't the plug. I need here for Europe, of course, but it is using that Mickey Mouse style plug and you see what I mean when you look at the end of the plug. There see how it looks a little bit like a Mickey Mouse kind of head face there. So this power supply the size of it is not actually too bad at all. It is 90 watts, which is more than enough for this particular laptop here, and it is from a well known brand, as you can see, there's that connector on the other side. So any electronics shop will have a plug for this one. So let's have a look at the weight of this laptop I've, already measured the thickness in its seventeen point, five millimeters. So that is very, very good and look at this weight, so it is about where their claim, as they say, one and a half kilos in well it's, just slightly OH with my scales, but for a 15.6 inch laptop. That is very good, so 2 slim light and portable. So why is this particular model so light that is because it's using a magnesium alloy, so everything the lid here pressing down on the top no flex? Now we do have the MEK, Revo logo. That is right here now, I believe, that's just a sticker.

You should be able to pull this off. If you don't want it now, the lid can be lifted up. One handed as you can see right there, and the hinge does feel very good. No problems with that they presents us then wealthy and interesting keyboard, now it's, the one that has the gaps in between the keys that I don't really like so much because this one can pick up a lot of crumbs and dust and all sorts of stuff in Between them and I find that other keyboard style is normally a little bit cleaner. Now the backlighting on this particular one or just give you a quick sample. You can see very uneven distribution and there's better light leakage under some of the keys. I don't like the way the backlighting works on this. I think it's terrible the backlighting that is now the keys itself typing on this one, very, very good, so pressing down. They give really no flex whatsoever there good feedback and the travels about 1.4 millimeters it's, not super short, but it's, not the deepest either and listen to this. These are not loud keys, it also type on so a real good keyboard. I like the fact that the power button separated as well with a status LED there's a status LED there for our charging as well, just when you're charging it that is on once it's fully charged. It will go out there too, so full size, arrow, keys, page up and down print screen button is there and our touch pad.

So this particular touch pad here is plastic. Okay, it's got a nice smooth kind of finish to it, but it's not smooth as glass, because well it's, plastic and if you double tap right here, there's a status LED that will turn on that lets. Us know that then the touch pad is disabled. The left and right hardware mouse buttons, they feel okay. This is certainly not the best touch pad I have used, but it's, not the worst either palm wrist. This is made out of that a very thin lightweight alloy. So for the ports on the right hand, say we've got our power in for charging and pairing it. Of course. Now I prefer this to be on the back or on the left side, because most people are what right handed right if you're, using a mouse kind of, gets the cables in the way then HDMI. Now. This luckily does support HDMI, okay, so it's 2.0 a and that is 4k 60 Hertz. Out of this one we've got a USB 3 port here and then our type C end. This does support power delivery and it does support data, but no video output. Out of this one I've checked with all my cables and adapters, and I can definitely get absolutely no video output from this one. Then, on the left for our ports here, we've got Gigabit LAN. Now this is real tech, Kensington, lock slot and another two well USB. 2 port here USB 3 right here and 3.

5 millimeter with headphone support micro SD card slot. Now this one it's that real Tech, 1 USB 2 speeds, apparently but I'm, getting around actually pretty good speeds about 40 megabytes per second transfers and reads depending on the kind of music and the cards they sit in almost flush. They just stick out a little bit. So you shouldn't really lose them or have them been damaged, or anything like that, if you're transporting it in a bag or inside a case, then I'll back of it. So we just got the vents here, so that is where the two fans extract. They straight from the bottom, which I will show you shortly and then blow the hot air out the back right there and the front of it. Well, there is nothing, no status, LEDs, no microphones or anything like that, and then on. The underside we've got our main intake here. So this is where the cool fresh air is coming in. Do not block this to rubber feet that do prop it up a good to about three millimeters or so, and these are where the two downwards frying loudspeakers so getting access to the internals, not that hard at all. You just need to undo all of the screws here. There is a Tampa sticker over one of them, which is unfortunate, and I found that this place right here where the LAN port is is the best. So just around here I used a pry tool, place a pry tool and then we can lift off this alloy backing it's, definitely metal.

You can see here with the shininess of it. They'Ve got a thermal pad right where the ear steers, which is great. So that means this acts as a huge heatsink for that SSD keeping their thermals a little bit better, increasing their performance. So we do have a bit of free space in here right. There there's some free space a little bit around here, but overall the layout is pretty good and the build quality does look fairly decent too so it's a face on. I think, if I'm pronouncing that correctly, I just had a look at it. It says D and the speeds are good it's MVM e, but I would have loved to have seen a second MDOT to slot. If they could put one somehow extend this out a little bit, they could have done it and even have maybe just a smaller one. In there would have been great, even if it was just set a three to have that expandability option, so no 2.5 inch hard drive Bay or anything like that. So we've got dual channel RAM. I have confirmed that it is Samsung the brand they're using and it is definitely 3.2 gigahertz, which is great. The recommended speed for this particular chipset, which is right here, there's weather, isin, seven 4800 H – is there with its maximum 54 watt power limit in this particular model. So the two cooling fans to copper transfer heat pipes. It does a good job, considering the kind of power limit that we have here, the battery very large, this one is 91 watt hours and in the down with firing.

Speakers have the space here, so the internal frame here this could fool some people into thinking. It may be plastic that's painted silver, but no, that is a magnesium alloy that they have used for this as well boss battery here. So we can upgrade SSD, of course, and the wireless card not that you would actually want to because it's a very good one. This is Wi Fi 6. It is Intel's wireless IX, 200, so I'll screen here. This is a matte screen. It is full HD, so that's, 1080p 16 by 9 aspect, ratio and I'll give you the stats on its color gamut colour, reproduction and the brightness later on. In this review just wanted to point out the bezels, so the side bezel here you can just make it out and then the bottom one they are not the thinnest it's, not too bad, and we do have a webcam up the top there. So either side of this HD webcam, we do have dual microphones and again in this in depth review. I will give you a sample of the webcam and how those microphones sound so let's have a look at this panel. We'Ve got on this one. It is actually very good now the bezels aren't, the slimmest, as I pointed out, and it is anti glare, so there's got the matte coating on it. The maximum brightness is about 360 nets in the middle. It varies from about three thirty to about 350 360, depending on where I measure it, but it does have a good color coverage here.

The color gamut, so 100 srgb NTSC, 72 Adobe RGB is 78 percent as well as p3, so great overall, a great screen. This is better than what I saw in the last AMD rise in powered notebook, which was the readme book 16. So this is what you will be greeted with when you first get this laptop. I went through all the windows setup, of course it's all in Chinese. This is a Chinese laptop it's, an import, so you only have the windows 10 Chinese Home Edition on here. You cannot upgrade or should I say, add the language pack. You need to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro or I happen to have a CD key, so that's. What I did to keep the drivers and everything intact all the other way, as you can just do. A complete fresh, new Windows, 10 home, install, make sure you backup your drivers I've actually done that right now and I'm gon na back up this software to for their control panel. Before I do that, just wanted to confirm our speeds of that internal drive there. The SSD only unfortunately one nvme, even though they've got a bit of free space, they should have put another slot in there would have been great, so it is listed as a PM 8 v, one which I thought was the PM 8 v, one a samsung, and That would be SATA 3, but no. This is definitely MVA me as you can see they advertise that so 512 gigabytes very good speeds from it.

I mean I have seen slightly faster with a sequential reads, but no that is a good speed there for that particular Drive and how they partitioned it. So they've done this they've put in a hundred gigabyte partition and then data, which is 375, but of course you can change all of that yourself it's going to do a new install then just do it all in one or whatever. You want to do, of course. So there's one other thing to point out that I did show you. Those two RAM sticks in there that we can upgrade. You can put 32 gigabytes in or even up to 64. I think it is so they've allocated half a gigabyte to the raid on Vega. 7, the graphics of – and you can see that it is yes running at the 3.2 gigahertz, so that is all good or correct. There it's not like the Remi book 16 that I just recently reviewed in the channel that the RAM was not running at the correct speed, well low, very low. It was only 2.6 gigahertz, so you will find this in here. The control center – and this will pop up originally in Chinese, but you can change it. Of course, if you happen to be doing an upgrade to Windows 10, it is you just click on this. It wasn't simplified Chinese, of course, and you just tap that and that changes it over so in here we've got all your typical little tweaks here, but the ones of importance, the ones that I should point out really is this right here.

Okay, is our operating mode. Now this is also controlled via the function and f5 key so rendering mode they call. It is their maximum performance. So this is the 54. What power limit? Okay and then you've got these other options here so office mo we've got eco basic and you can control the fan here. So the fan sounds loud, it's quite obvious. They are setting obvious and I'll, give you sample later on about the fan noise, of course, and and thermals, and everything like that. But now I'm gon na get everything all set up. It'S been a couple of days and then do the screen capture right now. Just to show you a bit of performance now you can expect from this particular configuration. So in the end I did have some trouble trying to get the English language pack, so I've just gone with a complete new install I've got all the drivers, so you can download them off the Mac River website, so it's, just meh, crevo comm make sure you Go to the Chinese website because you won't find the drivers in the English side of their website and it's just under here so use a translator. Google Translate maybe through Chrome, you click on support type in code 0 and that will then show up all the drivers. You need so all the benchmarks I'm about to show. You were run individually with nothing going on in the background to get the maximum performance.

The laptop was cool at the time as well, and I am on the latest drivers, according to the driver update here. Ok, so it's all on the top drivers, the best possible performance. I can show you with this current system and it's set up and on that. Ok, the MEC Revo performance mode has being selected and that lets us use the highest possible power limit here, really increasing their performance, so let's start off with. I think what most people want to see – and these are some amazing results that really have surprised me. So, first up Cinebench, r15. Okay, so I have got the window scaling I've set it 250, so things will look a little bit ugly but it's just for you guys out there that are using mobile phones, so almost 1900 CB. That is a very, very good score for a mobile okay. So your mobile chipset, what I'm talking about here that rises in 4800 H, so our 20, the score is absolutely crazy. This is faster than my desktop, which is overclocked to 5 gigahertz. Ok, it only has 6 cause it's the 8700 K and it's water cooled, and it makes a lot of noise, and this thing is just powering ahead of it in this particular test and as you'll see with the other ones as well. So let's, look first at to Geekbench, for the score is really really good, almost 30000 for the multi core score and even that single core score came out to be a lot better than they thought so.

Maximum turbo is 4.3 gigahertz with this particular model, and here is Geekbench 5, so single core score there. You know that is actually not bad, but a multi core score Wow well well! Well! For a laptop, this is really a top into score. Very, very good. Thanks to the 16 threads that this model has, of course, and fire strike, so this is just a 3d benchmark here you can download there's a free version of these benchmarks and test your own laptop to see the kind of performance. A graphics score is the ultimate weakness, of course, of this one that is relatively poor, because this is not a gaming laptop because it doesn't have a dedicated GPU, so it's aimed for people that don't need a dedicated, GPU don't need that they don't want a game Or they want a bit of battery life, so physics score through the roof over 21000. Again, an amazing result very, very good. Now someone did ask me via Twitter, DM diff. I could run this and that's the benchmark with our CPU Z and also validate it and I've done that. Okay, so you can see a little bit of information. Just look at that up in the URL. If you want to click on this, you can see all the info about this particular chip. Here I did run the benchmark and again it just topped my desktop completely so much quicker there. You can see it's even faster we're talking about stock, stop clocks here, but faster than the risin 7v, 3700 X and that's, pretty impressive, just scraping ahead only jealous by four points, but very, very good.

That is just amazing. So our RAM is running out. The 3200 megahertz and you can see the timings this particular Samsung Ram, isn't, actually the best I've seen now. There is the HyperX Ram out there that you can get with the same speed and I believe it has a CL of 20, so slightly tighter timings could give us better performance there there's this one thing. I wanted to point out not that this performance is bad, because it is really really good. Okay, dedicated Ram we've got the half a gigabyte, and I think I mentioned that before and Tong Fang is the actual ODM, so the original design manufacturer of this particular model. One last little benchmark for the benchmarks. I want to drag this out too long, but PC marks 10. So again, this is a really really good score. Very high, now I'm actually running a different SSD I've put a saber and in here, which is marginally faster marginally. So it might make this look a tiny bit better. I just wanted to point that out I'm, not trying to mislead anyone. Why have I done this because 512 gigabytes didn't actually fit everything? I want to put on onto my SSD to show you with demos and games and like that, of course it take up a lot of space, so excellent, excellent performance. It is really very, very good, and what about our thermals or something? I also want to jump into because I'm really surprised at what this is able to do.

So when you take a look at our CPU package here, it is pulling 64 watts. Now I thought it was 54 was the max here, but they've actually allowed it to stretch its legs even more and pull even more so that is really good, but lo these thermals it is so good. It gets up to 86 degrees Celsius. Alright, my ambient temperatures here right now they are 26 degrees, so yeah. Of course, a few ambient temperatures are 35, then expect it to maybe be 90 a little bit warmer or not because the thermals are and the families on this is excellent. So when it is ramped right up, you do hear it. Okay, you're gon na hear that fan when it has really under load and you're benchmarking, you're exporting files or something here is a sample at a hundred percent. What you can expect it and it's actually quite reasonable. So I know HW info doesn't tell us what we're actually pulling from the wall in terms of power usage so fully charged and I've chip dead, so you're, looking at a minimum kind of power use of about 9 to 13 watts is what I'm seeing maximum it. Actually managed to pull about 91 once so slightly over what this power supply is rated to. So I thought we had plenty of headroom with this PSU the power supply unit, but we don't really have a lot if it's peaking and hitting 91. So, looking at the physical temperatures, this one is actually very good so around the WASD Keys, it's, quite cool because the fan is just below it and it actually sucks in a little bit air around and through those keys where it does get hot.

As just above f6, if seven, it gets up to 46 degrees, so yes, that is hot to the touch there. You have to remember. This is pushing out 54 watts it's holding net 54 watts, so these thermals are actually quite good, so the palm rest is cool to the touch always and on the underside. It is a little bit cooler then you'll find on the top side of it. So, overall, I think the surface thermals are actually very good on this one. So just how does Adobe Premiere Pro? This is the latest update version run on this, so normally I wouldn't be running it all squished in like this, okay I've got the scaling. As I mentioned before in the beginning to 150, so that's why it looks terrible, I normally have it set to actually a hundred to fit everything on so with the half playback or full. I have noticed that it is sometimes a little bit laggy. Definitely if we had a dedicated GPU, it would help out here now I'm talking about a very large edit, that I'm doing but it's not a complex edit at all. My videos are very simple: I don't have any crazy transitions or any that so that's close to 19 minutes, okay and when you do Skippy here that it takes a little while to catch up. But overall I'll just give you a quick sample of the playback right here, see how that it's very stuttery.

So this is one area for me – is kind of a bit of a deal breaker well, not entirely. If you run it on half or a quarter. It'S fine, then you can see where the few stutters, so you kind of – do – have to run this at 14. Now, if this did have say a 1650 TI or a 1660 TI on board like other models, then this would be smooth. That will be great, but let's do that export test now, one minute of footage. How long will it take at the 4k YouTube preset, so I am using the same test files that I always use to make this fear, so you can see right there. It is the YouTube 4k preset and I've got a fraction over one minute of footage just down there. Okay, so I'm gon na hit start and then export we'll see how long this takes. Now it won't beat the intel last mini PC. I reviewed because it has a dedicated GPU okay, so this is going to be quick. You see this does power ahead and you see that the CPU and the GPU are both under about 60 50 load, so it's steaming along. But the thing is, with the last many PC I reviewed, which was basically laptop hardware. It has an integrated GPU, but also the dedicated, and it used both. So it used the Intel, UHD 630 and then the nvidia gtx 1650, and it got a time of twenty two seconds for one minute of youtube: preset export footage 4k really really fast.

But this one you'll see is about 44 seconds should be okay, you could say that's about 43 with the delay that it took me to hit the export. So it is still very quick, but it won't beat the Intel counterparts with their integrated GPUs, because it's, using both of the GPU SS mentioned that's, why it does favor adobe products, intel's line of CPUs now it's a gaming performance. So this is an area where, for integrated graphics, this is completely destroying the Intel counterparts that we currently have out at the moment. So the last mini PC – I reviewed with the core i7 from Intel with the UHD 60d graphics, which probably only have about half the framerate of this. In fact, leah sits around like 40 frames per second 30, the 35. This is drilling really well now you did see a bit of a stutter de speck, then that will occasionally happen, but most of the time the performance is just really good. You'Ve got a factor in that this is not a dedicated GPU. This is integrated and it is running constantly at that 1600 megahertz, I don't see it fluctuate and the thermals when gaming they're normally around the mid kind of 60s, maybe sometimes it does top out at 70. Now you can play demanding titles like Call of Duty warzone. You just got to lower the settings, so this is the recommended settings from them, and that is a render resolution of just 720p, but even though it is being displayed at actually 1080p just renders it a little bit low, so that's why I looked a little lucky, But I roll this is not actually too bad.

I think the performance here will sometimes get a little bit stuttery, but you can see it gets up to 70 frames per second. The last I see is about 40, so that is definitely playable, at least so. We have to downwards firing loud speakers, one here and one in here, and they sound pretty average to me. I'Ll give you a sample shortly, but the 3.5 milimeter out it sounds good. It supports microphones, there's no static or interference over the line either either there, which is great now just a talk very briefly about video playback I'm, not going to show you any sample files, but 4k YouTube streaming, flawless, HEV C files, vp9 10 bit files, fine as Well, 4k, no problems, but here are the speakers. Now, hunter percent volume lacks a little bit in volume to me and they don't really have any bass Music now, for example, of the webcam. So this one here is this one: megapixel 720p maximum resolution and it's really pixelated is very grainy and the audio you're listening to is from the dual array microphone. So I read this as average to poor quality, but the good thing is: it has a webcam. Some a recent laptops, I've looked at, do not have webcams in them, and these kind of times we're in, I think, it's essential that we still have webcams, especially this being marketed as like an office laptop okay, so just to cover a couple of things very quickly.

Otherwise, this video is just going to go on forever. Now, Linux support with the latest Linux Mint. It runs it fine. In effect, it absolutely flies with this very, very good. Now, battery life has completely blown me away, not just the performance of this, but also the battery life, because it's seven nanometers there's no dedicated GPU. You can get about twelve hours out of this even more so if you use a lower brightness, oh I'm, talking about the office sitting profile as well for its performance, then you're gon na get like 14 hours 12 hours. It just goes and goes and goes and goes. It is so hard to kill the battery life in this particular model, and this is, I think, it's partly gon na be a battery life king really, I really do think it is so that performance worth the 54. What Parliament that it can hold continually the four gigahertz across all eight cores means performance is the best I have seen for the Rison 7. 4800 H. It is very, very good, but it is sorely lacking yes and integrated. Sorry, dedicated GPU integrated is great. The performance we get from this is just killing anything Intel. Currently, has I mean look at GTA 5 s, performance, brilliant, very, very good there. But if you're gon na be editing 3d kind of images, rendering video editing as well, it's very demanding that I was doing sometimes gets a little bit laggy and choppy because it really does need a dedicated GPU to help boost the performance like an Adobe Premiere Pro.

For example, then that's, why I say get maybe a sixteen sixty or sixteen fifteen laptop, but then again they won't weigh that one point five kilos, so build quality is excellent. The keyboards great to type on the touchpad is fairly decent screen is really good. An overall, very, very good package, if you can pick it up for the price that I paid. If you've got someone in China that can get it for you for that, like 700 euros or so that it's going to be selling for is selling for there and then it will be on special later on, probably grab it, but the local versions of this. So the rebadged ones so that likes of Schenker with their via 15. This configuration is going to cost almost 1100 euros, Wow that's getting a little bit too much. I think because then you can get yourself a laptop with a dedicated GPU with more power. But again you it won't, be a 1.5 kilos, so really that's. The only areas of criticism from me is well the backlighting on the keyboards, not amazing, it's a little bit uneven. It could really do with another m2 slot in there. I would have loved to have seen an additional space for another SSD. That would have been perfect to add one more. The other thing is here well dedicated GPU would have been great as mentioned, and then the battery life is amazing. Now you can use Type C charging, but no video out out of that type C port.

Sadly, so all up mu Linux runs on it great. This is really a fantastic laptop and an absolute beast powerhouse of a laptop for those out there. Looking for battery life and just raw CPU performance, this one is great. So thank you for watching and please do support this channel, give a thumbs up and subscribe, because I went to a lot of effort to buy this out of my own darling funds.