Nine eight one two fast one which is good, so what I did if you missed the second video is this: I had it and upgrade it the CPU on it because they had a pentium on it originally, which is just the Pentium gold. Very poor CPU was limiting the performance of even the GPU, but this one right here now with the i 5, the nine 400 is running really greats, and this video a lot of people wanted to know more about it's all about our battery life. Is it worse? Well, yeah we've gone from two cores to six now so differently, and I will show you those figures now what you can expect better life wise, not great, never great, on gaming laptops anyway and also we'll take a look at video encoding performance. A lot of people are asking about that too. So one minute of footage. How long will it take and surprisingly good as you'll see and a follow up on the thermals and any other things I encountered now with one month, but first up the screen. A lot of people ask me about the screen here so 450 Lux it's an LG panel, so it is bright, it's, good, anti glare coating. It has an sRGB of 98 adobe of 62 percent. So the most common questions that propped up I'll cover that one first, because it was all about battery life what's the battery life. Now, what is it going to be the hit going from the Pentium Gold cause now the 9 400, with its six cores? Well, as you'd imagined, it's, pretty much actually halved more than half the battery life, so it's terrible take a look at this, so that is our battery life.

There it's just not great at all we're. Looking now at this was me just in chrome. I managed to get a well. I still had 10 left, but one hour and 33 minutes of just using Chrome. This is what the integrated GPU only so, if you're on the gtx 1650 that's inside here then expect, i would say, even less like half that your buddy gon na get 45 minutes. So this is a huge difference because on the Pentium gold chip, you can get around approximately about three hours. Three and a half chrome use. Maybe three depends on what your screen brightness is. Of course I had it set here configured to 200 lux, which is reasonably bright. You could lower it down a little bit now. The battery capacity that is in this, like most gaming laptops, is terrible as well. I mean it's only forty seven watt hours and it's a gaming laptop, so most people will have it plugged in. I don't see anyone out there, who's gon na, be playing fortnight on just the battery and only have about thirty minutes of gameplay, because you know just not going to do that now, charging times. That was one thing that I didn't actually cover in the you could say that the full review of this – and that is the charge time – is very similar to the actual better life here, which is about an hour. Sorry, yes, no, that is the right one.

An hour and a half to fully charge it that was from the 10, so it's not too bad to charge it at least the charge. Time is good for the capacity now one other thing that was mentioned, a lot of you were asking to see, is where's. My 4k encoding test: how does it handle video coding? Well, especially now of course, going from the two cores to the sixth cause, no contest and performance there that it's a massive huge difference just at the performance overall, I don't need to go into the huge benchmarks here, but I'll show you the timeline here. This is a doe Premiere Pro very quick, very fast, no slowdown right now the fan is normally, but this you can't, really hear it so, the like kind of use you're not going to hit the fan it's. Just when you start to do something demanding like encoding – and you will hear it definitely when it comes on so going over now into export, I will check the time now. What I'm going to do here is set it like all. My other tests have done on previous laptops, so the YouTube 4k preset, alright, so it's, one minute footage right here: I'm gon na hit the timer I'll just hit start now, and then straight here on export, yet is about a two second delay. Let'S see how long it takes to do this, so the fans are absolutely screaming at the moment they're on the maximum.

I think it's quite loud, and it looks like it's gon na be under one minute when the disappears I'll hit pause so yeah under one minute. That is very good and that's actually marginally faster than the older generation of mobile processors, for example the 8750 h and then the other question that popped up. That was, in fact, just covered. The comments really was fortnight fortnight fortnight show fortnight gameplay. Can you run at 144 Hertz with reasonable settings so that's what we're going to test him now, because we want to take advantage of that 144 hurt refresh rate. So can we put vsync on and low settings and will it run and be stable there, and that makes us at least worthy gaming kind of system for that, even though it's got the gtx 1650 it's, not actually a bad GPU. When you take a look at the previous generation it's a nice increase, I wanted to point out too, though, that I am running the latest drivers here, the latest at least I can get using GeForce experience at the time of this video but let's. Take a quick look at the settings, so you can see right now, 144 Hertz, and it will hold it right now on the low setting. So you set everything to low and you put the vsync on. It would just be stable, steady, 144 Hertz. This, of course. Well, he actually just sorted dip down, then it lost four frames per second, but that is very rare.

When is a huge firefight going on things like that, you may occasionally see another little dip. Now you can squeeze the seedings up a little bit. I found that when I was testing before with a few of these on medium, for example, the textures and you don't and you don't, put post processing, keep that on low effects and view distance that that one's actually. Okay, because I know view distance is important for people, so you can see what's going on out there and see look 144 and it will hold that no problems, of course, with the upgraded CPU that I did put in. If you missed that video then do check that one out for that, you can see it shouldn't dip down at all, no matter really what you're doing, and I will just view distance now, because I know there were a few comments saying what about? Having the view distance set on the epic a maximum, and of course this is set to the display resolution matching so the 100 sorry 1080p and it doesn't really make too much of friends. You can see 144 Hertz, so I think it'll be fine. Keep it a low, but the view distance on max and yes, you're gon na have that super smooth, fluid 144 frames per second at 144, Hertz refresh rate matching. Of course, you can't see just how smooth this is here, because I'm recording right now in 4k, 30 frames per second now.

The other frequent comment was that your thermals gon na suck it's gon na overheat, it's gon na shut down it's gon na, be terrible. In fact, this gaming laptop the way it is even though the fans yeah there are they're a bit loud, but they're really about the same as other gaming laptops that I've reviewed the thermals are fine, so you can play this game for hours on end. My ambient temperatures here are 25 degrees, I've got air conditioning on, and the GPU and the CPU will always sit about what it is now so you're gon na be anywhere between lower 70s to mid seventies on the CPU, the highest of senior CPU get up to Is about 78 degrees, or so gaming and the GPU does run quite cool I've, given it a little bit of an overclock here and that just really helps boost up our average megahertz on the core clock and it will hold 3.8 to about 3.9 gigahertz across all Six of those cores, no thermal throttling no power limit throttling, so it handles there's, 65 watt processors inside here perfectly fine. So whatever one you put in there, you can even put the i79 700, not the cave version, just the normal one will run perfectly fine in this, and I believe the thermals will also be fine all right. I think overall for the price that this laptop is now selling, for that it is actually still it is a good deal.

You can't really deny it. I mean there's. A lot of those guys in the comments is always that guy I mean he has to hook me up. He can get an RT X, 2080 gaming laptop for the same price as this, so it's, currently selling for I've, seen for as low as 580 us. That is course with the original process of the Pentium Gold. But if you later on search in the used market find yourself a eighth generation CPU for cheap core i5, even maybe a core i3 one would be all right put it in here and you really open up the performance now what it might even do as well, Because I'm going to be upgrading my home desktop soon to a court, a nine, the nine nine hundred K, as I might run a little experience experiment, I don't expect it to work properly because of the power supply. I'Ve got a beefier power supply, two hundred watts that fits this instead of 150 watt one, but it still probably won't be enough. Then vrm is probably won't handle it, but I'll risk it and we'll see if we can run the CPU, which is 95 watts. No. Actually, the other 95 one, what one my old processor 2, which is the 8 700 K which is currently in that motherboard I'm, going to swap that one out for the new one. If you want to see that video, let me know in the comments, but I think yes, but for the price overall you're getting a decent laptop now it's got the things on it that I don't, like so the terrible mouse buttons speaker, sound poor, they're, terrible the Volume is okay but it's, just there's, no bass, webcam, okay, there's still plenty ports on here, like the fact that it's got a high speed, SD card reader on the screen, the gamut that it's got on here.

The color reproduction is actually okay, it's, pretty good for gaming laptop the high refresh rate, the slimmer bezels it's, not the best. Looking laptops a little bit plasticky a little heavy see my other videos for the complete cons, but overall I'm happy with it. I took a risk buying this the investment and photo I don't even know if this is going to be great it's gon na be a complete just dead on arrival kind of laptop, but no so I think I will breach out branch out. I should say and take a few more risks and possibly get that hussey one that people been asking about. I know a lot of people asking me are through teams on Twitter and in comments it's, one that a lot of Russians are apparently going crazy about it because it's selling for about 100 u.s.. Sorry, one thousand US dollars on Aliexpress. It has an RT X 2060, with the ninth gen core i7 8750 H, so it's, pretty good spec with eight gigabytes of RAM, PCIe SSD or maybe I think, it's just a set of three SSD and has 120 Hertz screen three inch laptops a little bit bigger Of course, and apparently the Cooling's really good on it too, so it might be worth a look as just these ones that are risky, but they turned out to be a bargain like this. So really, I think this is for people out there that don't mind its current performance with the original chip in there, but you always plan to upgrade it and it's so great having the upgradable CPU the wireless as well.

Everything is upgradeable in here, apart from, of course, the GPU and speaking of which that's GPU. It looks like this exact same model it's. Basically, a cleveo is going to be coming with another brand Chernobyl or showing Lou, or something that's called in China and they're going to have the gtx 1660 TI they're going to have also the RDX 2060. So if you want more power and then you can add a eight seven hundred core i7 to it, you can get yourself a very decent, powerful laptop for, I think, a decent price. So thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked it, please do give a thumbs up. It really helps out a lot and I hope to see you back on the channel. I will be heading off to IFA or Aoife in Berlin, so I hope to see you with some of that footage. In the channel too, as well but I'll be back with more laptops, because I've got a laptop coming from Lenovo also, I would probably be checking out the me gaming laptop the latest 2019 edition.