This is the one Im most excited about, and yes on paper, this does not have many upgrades. You have the M2 Chip, which is a small improvement over the M1. You have Bluetooth, 5.3 supports Wi, Fi 6E supports and thats about it. You dont get HDMI 2.1 and support for AK displays thats reserved for the M2 Pro CS, not many big upgrades, but why Im excited is number one. We should see the M2 Chip fully Unleashed with the Mac Mini because remember with the MacBook Air, there were thermal issues and even with the MacBook Pro to an extent there were overheating issues and thats, because M2 ran at a higher wattage and answer because these base Macbooks dont have the best thermals the performance is restricted. However, we already know the Mac. Minis thermals were Overkill in the first place for the regular M1 chip and so giving this. The higher wattage M2 should not be an issue, because The Thermals are much better than this, and so basically, this Mac Mini should offer the best performance. The M2 can offer on a Mac and thats pretty exciting. When you get to know the price and how this is actually 599, the cheapest Mac apple offers so yeah. The price was a big surprise for us because no one said anything about price cuts and especially as were entering a recession. Many of us were expecting price increases instead of price Cuts, but no apple surprised us and gave us a 100 price cart with the Mac.

Mini for regular consumers and a 200 price cards for those in education CS, if you know someone in college or uni, you can now get a Mac Mini for 500 dollars and thats 100. The best deal in Tech because you cant get a Windows mini desktop that offers similar performance, in fact, Im pretty sure that for 500, the best you could get as an I3 chip, you could get better specs used. But of course, when it comes to the new markets, the M2 Mac Mini is unbeatable. Like seriously. This is a game changer for computing, because now you can spend five hundred dollars and get a machine that can easily power a business, a YouTube channel or, of course, if youre developing apps, you can code on this. It is crazy how accessible this machine is now and yeah. Im very glad. Apples done this. Its gon na increase Apples market share for the mac and its going to be a very popular machine, and another great thing about this Mac being cheaper is the fact its going to make the M1 Mac minis much cheaper on these markets. And so yes, maybe in a few months you could maybe find those for three hundred dollars. That is a crazy deal so yeah. This is fantastic news. No, yes, I know some of you, you guys might be wondering how is Apple, exactly giving us. The price cards are there going to be downgrades well, one Theory, Ive seen is, of course, the nine chip similar to what Apple did with the MacBooks.

Maybe theyve downgraded the SSD in this to one nand chip, which could massively reduce the read and write speeds. Now that would suck, of course, but to be honest, if Apple did that and is passing the savings onto us with a low price, I actually would not mind. I think most consumers would not mind and, unlike the MacBooks apple, is giving us a price cards so yeah. That would be a non issue and I still think this is a terrific deal and its actually great news for those outside of the us as well, because here in the UK, the prices actually arent as bad as they thought, because the US got price cards. We also saw a postcard here for regular consumers and at 649, which is 50 pounds cheaper than the M1 version and thats pretty solids. But whats more surprising for me is that via the education discounts, you can now get the Mac Mini for 5′, which is actually a greater discounts than the usual 10. They give for most Max and so yeah thats a terrific tool for students, especially when refurb M1 Mac minis were selling for five seven nine CS the refresh might not be as massive, but the price cut is a huge deal and this definitely is going to be A very popular machine now, of course, that was not the only configuration that got announced. We saw the M2 Pro Mac Mini launch alongside it and Ive, seen some Flack for this, because if you get the non bind M2 Pro with 32 gigs of RAM its actually the same exact price as the base M1 Max Max studio, which of course has a Better GPU has more ports, has better thermals and is a much better product, so yeah this kinda can be perceived as a decoy model, because Apples using this top saw you to the Max studio.

But if you look at the base version with the double Bend, M2 Pro and 16 gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of storage, I think that for 12.99 is a pretty good deal, because there are some ones seeing something more powerful than the base M2. But of course, dont need the overkill performance of the M1 Max, and so the M2 Pro would be perfect and when the 14 inch MacBook Pro starts at two thousand dollars. Saving this much cash and getting the same core experience, I think, is a pretty good deal. Also, unlike the base version, this does have irrespectable amounts of RAM and storage, and so yes, Im also pretty happy with the M2 Pro configuration CS, all in all Im pretty happy with the Mac Mini lineup, I think Apples nailed it and its undoubtedly the best value In the Mac range – and yes, I know some may be gutted by the lack of a redesign, but lets be honest, guys as Apple showed in their event, Style, video, many use, Mac, minis with server racks and so Apples kind of stuck using the current design. But, to be honest, its not a massive issue, because the current design is pretty safe, its pretty good, if anything, Im more sad about the space gray, finish being killed off. I think that should have been retained for the M2 pro version, but hey, I guess, Silvers pretty decent too. Oh, I just realized. I forgot to mention the specs of the M2 Pro, but basically this is a small refresh over M1 Pro, its based on the same five nanometer process, its got a 20 faster 12 core CPU and a 30 faster 19 core GPU and yeah.

Those are not game. Changing improvements but theyre pretty solid. Nevertheless, but now lets delve into your questions, so at goop filmcast42′ says I think Apples actually beating their maxel projections and also anticipates even better sales numbers when compared with Windows. Pcs Windows machines will, of course, outsole Max and overall units, but Apple has been gaining market share against their Windows competition each year since 2020, while Apple dominates phones, tablets, wearables. There are still plenty of room left for Mac OS to snatch tons of market share from x86 Windows. Now, yes, I completely agree with this. Apple has been on a winning streak with the Apple silicon Max and its definitely going to continue being the case. However, the best way Apple can capture most of the market, in my opinion, is, of course, to launch super Max and Apples doing just that with the Mac Mini, which got a price card, but I also want to see cheaper MacBooks now. Yes, I know that Apple sells a 1 000 MacBook Air, but what Im imagining is the 700 or 800 MacBook that yes has some compromises, But ultimately gives you that performance of the M1 chip at a much lower price and there has been rumors regarding a 12 Inch MacBook Revival, so maybe that is going to be that affordable MacBook and I think many students and light users are going to appreciate that so yeah thats about it guys tell me your thoughts regarding these new Macs in the comments anyways.

Thank you for watching guys.