Today I have the latest 2022 model of the Lenovo Idea battery. If youve been watching my videos long enough, you might know that lenovos IdeaPad Series has always ranked high in my list of the best budget, Ultra books. In fact, I liked last years, IdeaPad 3, so much that it was my top choice for the best budget laptop. This year, Lenovo has refreshed it with Intels 12 gen CPUs, which makes it all the more exciting. My unit is loaded with the core i5 1235u CPU 8GB RAM and 512gb SSC storage for a cost of some 500 in the US, 90 000 rupees here in Nepal and around 58 000 rupees in India. But if this price is slightly higher than your budget, you can also go with the I3 variant. With the same memory configuration for a couple of bucks less. You should also be able to get much better deals during the Black Friday and cyber monday deals in the coming months. So watch out for that as well. Another thing you might also be interested to watch out for is this cool opportunity from omis. It is currently hosting a Sweepstake where you can enter to win the premium. Tesla Model S apx plaid, while supporting a great cause. The donations you make will benefit the Peterson Automotive Museum in its goal to explore and present the history of the automobile and its impact on global life and culture. Whats sweet is even if you dont win, you will still be helping the Peterson Automotive Museum in their course now.

The Tesla Model S Apex flat, is the most sought after electric vehicle on the market. Right now, it is top of line loaded with Cutting Edge Tech and boasts an impressive ‘6 mile driving range and a top speed of 200 miles per hour plus custom features added by experts at unplug that you will not find in any other Tesla so head to Omaze.Com to enter today, the experience closes at January 27th, so hurry up all right lets start this review by talking about its performance. As I mentioned before, I have the Intel variant of the idea battery in case youre curious Lenovo also sells the same laptop with ryzen 5000 CPUs, but I didnt choose to get the ryzen powered ones because Intels 12 gen processors are much better options. Considering all the performance upgrades they bring here, the Intel variant of the IdeaPad 3 was able to handle most of my non demanding everyday tasks with ease. I spent the majority of my day at office working on scripts and articles alongside light editing on Photoshop, while browsing through at least half a dozen Chrome tabs, and with all this I am yet to experience any status so far. Based on your usage scenario, Lenovo also lets you choose between various performance mode through lenovos Vantage app. I found that the intelligent cooling mode gives the best results under my usage, with a good balance of performance and battery life and a quieter fan, even when multitasking, although, while light gaming or doing some heavy tasks, I would set it to extreme, where its fan can Get a bit louder, but I wouldnt complain because it does a good job of maintaining the thermos.

Now, since this is an Ultra Book with integrated Iris Graphics, heavy gaming is not possible here. It can only handle a few less demanding titles in the lowest settings, with a fair amount of stability and thats about it. As for memory, it comes with 8GB of soldier RAM, and you also get an additional sodium slot in case youd want to add some more. The results from the onboard 512gb m.2 nvme SSD are quite satisfactory too, and good thing is that it is user replaceable and you can even add an extra HDD or SSD on the vacant. Sata interface plus something I am quite pleased with about the IdeaPad 3 – is its battery life. Intels. U series, processors are all about prioritizing Energy Efficiency over raw performance and the I5 1235u on this laptop does exactly that on a full charge. It lasted me like five to six hours, which can be considered quite good for a budget. Ultrabook plus charging is also quite convenient here, since it supports something called rapid charging protocol which can fuel the laptop from 0 to 80 in about one hour. This feature is not enabled by default, but you can turn it on under the Lenovo Vantage app that I talked about earlier now, design wise, nothing much has changed from last year because you get the same brushed matte finish on the lid and the keyboard. But I have to admit that I, like this silver, finish better than that of the dark gray option of last years model, so the overall design feels quite premium, and this laptop is well built too.

I did not find any concerning Flex in the keyboard and the hinge is also quite sturdy. You can even lay the lid to a considerable amount if that is important to you. Another thing that I really appreciate about this laptop is its flip to open feature. I use the 14 inch MacBook Pro as my daily driver and getting a similar feature here made me feel right at home, and not just that. I feel like, even though its a small add on it, genuinely enhances usability and convenience. You can then sign into your PC via the fingerprint sensor, embedded into the power button in terms of IO. You will find the micro SD card slot and one type, a port on the right on the left. Lenovo has installed a type, a port, HDMI type c, and a 3.5 mm combo audio jack. Now talking about its keyboard, the keys on it are well spaced out with good travel distance theres, also a dedicated numpad section over on the right. I am sure someone who works with numbers will definitely find it useful. It is a slightly compact though, but it gets the job done. However, my unit does not have a backlit keyboard for some reason. I guess this is a region specific thing, as the IdeaPad 3 in the United States and India do enjoy a backlit keyboard. I am also a little disappointed that Lenovo did not upgrade the trackpad this year too, not that its not responsive or anything but its too small and off centered so using it has not been a pleasant experience for me.

Hence, while reviewing this laptop, I use an external Mouse instead. Similarly, like last years, IdeaPad 3, I found this years TN display on it to be strictly average as well. The viewing angles on this years, IdeaPad 3 appears to be somewhat better, and even the overall quality of this screen is not as bad, but even so, colors look a bit dull here something thats clearly noticeable, while watching movies and such I didnt feel the same way. While doing my regular office work, though, so, if you want to get this laptop or your regular General tasks, this TN panel is not bad to work with. But if you watch a lot of videos or movies, I would recommend you get the one with an IPS panel. Instead in terms of brightness, the IdeaPad 3 has 250 nits of Max brightness, so its only ideal for indoor use and nothing more. I have also noticed mild backlight bleeding on the bottom of the screen, but its nothing to worry about, since it is only visible when watching really dim lit content with the lights off. Now, what did I miss the audio and the webcam? I have to say that Im quite happy with the performance of its speakers. They sound quite clear theyre, not very loud, though so. Consuming content and listening to music in my room has been a decent experience. But when it comes to the webcam, I would say its just so so, like most other budget Ultra books, you get a 720p webcam here whose output is soft and grainy.

So if youre someone who needs to attend a lot of meetings, it would be wise to get a third party webcam. The audio pickup from the microphones is satisfactory for online meetings and classes, but its background noise cancellation feature does not work as effectively as its promised. Okay, wrapping up this review like its predecessor this years, IdeaPad 3 checks out most boxes for a good low cost Ultra Book it comes with a capable 12 gen CPU, a modern, looking design, a decent keyboard and quite nice battery life with fast charging support. Throughout my review period, my only gripe with this laptop has been its average TN panel, but if you just want a laptop for your regular office or school work, this screen should be good enough for that. However, if screen quality matters to you a lot theres, always the option to get the IPS one, which should cost you a little more so yeah. All in all the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is quite a well rounded package and its definitely up for my recommendation. Alright guys that was all for my full review of the 2022 edition of the Lenovo IdeaPad 3.