We’Ve made a research for sufficient time to find out them. If you are trying to find out which windows tablet is the best here is the video for you stay with the video to last. After watching this video, you can simply pick the right one check the description for links to find out the price of the items included in this video. So let’s start starting of our list at number 5. Fusion, 5. Ultra slim windows tablet pc an ultra slim tablet with windows, 10 operating system it’s, a new version of the windows tablet from this brand. If you are looking for a perfect tablet for daily uses like for office, education and industrial use it’s a good option to go with featuring 8 gigabytes, ddr4 ram, which is powerful and efficient enough for quick working. In fact, it is powerful enough for handling most of the daily tasks, designed with a 10 inch full hd ips display that allows viewing your favorite movies tv shows and even can play games perfectly fast. Charging facility helps to charge 80 percent in 45 to 50 minutes and takes 70 to 80 minutes for a full charge. Here is the item number four fusion, 5 fwin, 232 plus s2 offers multi tasking efficiently and even without slowing down windows. 10 operating system made this ideal for professional performance. It has six gigabytes ddr4 ram, which can handle every daily task. It has a front facing webcam and microphone which helps to attend classes from anywhere and work from home it’s.

A stylish and ultra slim design, 64 gigabyte storage capacity, allows storage of many of your favorite files like music videos and so on, built in dual band. Wi, fi and bluetooth. 4.0 technology allow an easy connection with those devices. You can extend the storage capacity up to 512 gigabytes as it supports microsd cards. The item number 3. Fusion 5 windows tablet pc. When you are looking for a budget friendly item, it is going to be a good option for you. It has been designed with 5mp and 2mp dual cameras. An ultra slim and stylish design provide an excellent user experience with 2 gigabytes of ram with a windows 10 operating system. You will get a smooth performance for storage of important files. It has a capacity of 64 gigabytes, a graphic display providing an optimal view for your favorite tv shows, youtube movies and even for playing games. Intel quad, core processor runs various apps smoothly featuring wi fi and bluetooth 4.0 for an easy connection. Number two: in our list: fusion, 5 10 inches windows tablet pc a more powerful tablet, with a quick and ultra smooth using experience ideal for most of the daily tasks, and the tablet is perfect for students, the businessman with an intel, quad core processor and 4 gigabytes Ram you can get a quicker performance for all apps. In fact, apps will run smoothly as you want, besides a full size, usb 3.0 port. It has also bluetooth 4.

0 technology. It has four gigabytes ram and has 128 gigabytes of storage space, which is large enough for the storage of many files, perfect tablet for casual gaming, online classes, working from home and various entertainments, the top one in our list, fusion 5 fwin 232, plus one of the Best tablet from this brand, which is very popular with users, giving you all the useful features and functions designed with a 10.1 inch ips display that performs with a resolution of 1280×800. It has 4 gigabytes, ddr3 ram and 64 gigabytes rom. As its storage capacity. A dual speaker allows listening to music clearly and ensures more entertainment with a 5mp back camera and 2mp front cameras. You can do all the daily jobs supports multiple languages in multiple audio formats, including wma, mp3, aac, wave and so on. In addition, it also supports multiple video and image formats check the description for links to find out the price of the items included in this video hope. You found this video helpful to find out the best windows tablets amongst a lot of items.