Well were here to tell you that isnt the case weve bought and tested a lot of keyboards over 185 to be more precise, and through all that testing, we found five standout models that we consider to be the best budget keyboards available, though theyre cheap. They still offer a solid build quality and a satisfying typing experience. Many of the keyboards on this list use scissor or rubber Dome switches. So, if youre interested in a purely mechanical option check out our recommendations for the best budget, mechanical keyboards or if youre, looking specifically for a gaming keyboard with a low price point, there are our picks for the best gaming keyboards under 100. If none of those work for you theres, always our best keyboards article while weve tested quite a few keyboards weve only found one that hits the perfect balance between a low price point and high functionality the Logitech k380. This compact model is a favorite among students for its portability. Wireless versatility and ease of use as a fully Wireless unit. Youll never have to worry about bringing around charging cables as it uses two AA batteries for power lasting up to 24 months with a fresh set. It only connects with Bluetooth, so you wont run the risk of losing a USB receiver anywhere. You can pair it with up to three devices at once and easily switch between devices using hotkeys on the function Row. The base version comes with both Windows and Mac.

Os Legends printed on it, but theres a Mac specific variant available with a few different color schemes, if youre only in a Mac ecosystem, considering its price point and versatility its an exceptional little unit with great build quality, though it may take a bit of time to Get used to the smaller sized circular keycaps many gaming keyboards come with a fairly steep price tag, so it can be a bit difficult to find a good unit with a cheap price tag. Fortunately theres the EVGA z12. This keyboard has many features like full RGB backlighting. Five macro keys and dedicated media Keys. It also has companion software to let you customize the lighting and program macros and the z12 even has onboard memory to save your custom settings, of course, as its a cheap board. It has some downsides, namely the latency isnt as low as more expensive options, but its still low enough to handle casual gaming and slower paced games, plus the rubber Dome switches feel a bit mushy to press but theyre surprisingly light and extremely quiet during operation making it A good choice if youre looking for a gaming board to use in shared spaces like dorms or a living room, all told its a great entry level board. That gives you a taste of all the most common gaming features without the Steep price tag. The Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard is the most straightforward keyboard on this list, making it a great choice for the office or the less tech savvy.

It only connects with one device at once using Bluetooth, so you can use it with any mobile device tablet, PC or TV that supports a Bluetooth connection. You might not expect this cheap unit to be one of the quietest keyboards weve tested, but it is thanks to the rubber Dome switches and soft touch covering that goes all around the keyboard, its nearly silent to type on its also fairly satisfying to type on. As the rubber Dome switches have good tactility, so youll always know, when youve registered a key press, its important to note that this keyboard frequently goes on sale, so be sure to check in frequently, if youre eyeing it up. If you tend to work off iPads tablets or even your mobile phone, we recommend the Logitech k480, its a compact unit, thats very similar in design to our top pick the Logitech k380, but features a built in device tray. So you can prop your mobile devices up at a nice viewing angle, while in use it only connects with Bluetooth and pairs with up to three devices at once, and you can switch between devices using a Nifty little dial in the corner. It comes with two AAA batteries for power, which can last up to two years before you need to replace them. It uses rubber Dome switches which provide good resistance to help you from making typos and missed, presses, theyre, also extremely quiet to use. So if you work in libraries or co working spaces, you wont bother anyone around you as with any cheap keyboard.

There are a few downsides like a lack of backlighting and a cramped typing experience at first, but that said its still a decent feeling board thats great.