Well, let me tell you about this drone really quick. It actually has a spot right here for a micro SD card. Finally, they put one in the camera. Can actually angle up a little bit and all the way down 90 degrees that’s pretty decent? It has the claim to fame with this year. Drone is that it has a 30 minute flight time, that’s the spec I don’t know if it has 30 minutes. I highly doubt it but it’s, probably not too far off, because it is not very big. It looks a little bit smaller than some of the other drones on the market, so they’ve slimmed things down put a big battery in it and they get a lot more flight time. Brushless motors foldable, props, foldable arms has a flight range of about 500 meters, at least that’s. What the specs say so that’s gon na depend how good your phone is, because you know the signal is between the drone and your phone. So if you have a crappy phone with crappy, Wi, Fi, it’s, probably gon na, be less than that. There is also image stabilization, but the image stabilization is not on a chip inside the drone. As far as I can tell it’s in the app. So if you have a good phone, you’ll get image stabilization and if your phone’s not so great well, then the image stabilization may or may not work. Also. They do call this a 4k drone, but that’s 4k for photos and it’s 2k for video there’s.

Also, a zoom feature on here a 50 times: zoom it’s, not an optical zoom, it’s, a digital zoom and it’s, not in the camera it’s in the software on your phone, so you’re, basically just zooming into an image. So you can imagine at 50 times zoom it’s, not gon na. Look that great it does have optical flow on the bottom, which means that if you’re flying indoors, you can use that to keep the drone steady course. Outdoors you’re gon na use the GPS and this optical flow when you’re flying outdoors, you can use it for the camera, so it’s got a camera pointing down and you can switch between the forward camera and the downward camera. If you wish alright enough chat, let’s go fly this thing and then at the end of this video I’ll show you an unboxing. So you see everything that comes in this box. Alright, let’s start up. This drone powered on you’ll see some red lights go along here. Maybe you won’t see them outside a dark next power on the controller should see a display rate here, and if I move this up and down and will lock into the drone a nice binding there, we go so you’ll know that you’re connected to the drone. When you see the battery remaining for the drone on this here controller next, we connect to the Wi Fi. Please remember all new drones or five gigahertz. So that means you need a phone that was made in the last couple of years.

That has Wi Fi enabled eight. Oh two point: eight protocol, the app you want to use is called fpv, go hit, start flight hit, submit and we’re in the app and ready to go now. We’Re gon na do the gyro and the compass calibration. The gyro calibration is basically pull these down to the right that should be gyro calibration from what I remember. Next, we do compass calibration, which is right on your screen. It says north south east west right here, press that and for compass calibration we’re, just gon na spin it three times one way and three times in other ways, then point the nose down. Do it again. I just want to point out quickly that you’ll see here. My camera in the front that can go way up and away down and unfortunately it does make they’ll beeps and go 90 degrees down. I’M. Not gon na go all the way down these rocks here. So I’ll just point it like that. Let’S, take a look at our controller. We have 13 satellites over on the top left. We only need seven the fly so we’re all good and our batteries pretty much full, so let’s. Take it up all right start. The motors pull these in and let’s take it up, see how it hovers so here’s our drone get a nice shot of it. Nice close up there. It is hovering and this way it’s all set to go, walk around it.

Alright let’s pick it up Music, Music Music. If you’re, looking at my phone display there’s a little 50 x oom at the top I’m gon na hit that see on the right, I have a little slider I can zoom in. I just grab that little orange thing. I’M zooming in here let’s put let’s, put me in the image I’m gon na zoom right into me. So there you go the more I zoom, the more you could see. Jello now jello. If you see jello on a drone like this it’s caused by the props. Being unbalanced, 50 times, zoom, look at me that looks terrible hit. Okay, come all the way up, nobody’s gon na use – I guess, if you want it to zoom in on something and see it, you could obviously the more i zoom in the more the jello becomes. More pronounced whoa, quick timeout here, because I want to talk about jello in a drone. So if you buy a drone and you fly it and it doesn’t have a gimbal on the front, see there’s no gimbal to control the sideways sideways up down and all the other stuff, then there’s, always a good chance. You might get jello now. Jello is usually 100 well. Let’S go 99.9 percent at a time, it’s caused by props that are not balanced so on this year. Quad. These props are not balanced, so that’s. Why you get jello it’s, not it’s, not like they built the quad and said: hey let’s, throw jello in it as an option it’s, because the props are not balanced.

So when they tested this and flew it around themselves, they probably had props that were really good and it flew great with no jello as soon as you add props that are just made by the lowest bidder. Hence these ones you’re gon na get jello and foldable props. Oh my god. Foldable props are the worst on these low cost drones for jello because they are not balanced and not only that a lot of times, they’re tight. You see how they Bend. They flip out like that, so when they spin, they have to be able to stay a certain way and a lot of times they can’t move as they rotate and they just get stuck in a certain way. Your motor controller, rubber, rubber, rubber rock, like that and that’s jello that’s how you get jello. So if you have any drone at home or say you buy this one and all of a sudden, you get it and you have jello in the video just balance. Your props and the jello will go away and that’s it and now back to the video. So jello is fixable on these drones, but honestly I’m out here recording right now. I don’t have the time to take all this apart and balance the prop I’m, not saying if you buy this drone you’re gon na get jello, your props may be balanced when get it, so everything might be fine but that’s what happens on my little controller, I Have a speed dial here: it says if you move it to the left, it’s minus and if you move it to the right, it’s plus so let’s go.

This should be slow speed, which seems pretty fast to me and I’m, not gon na go too far, because for some reason I have a habit of running into trees. So let’s do this over here and let’s. Put it all the way to the right. It should be there, we go. Two beeps means I’m in fast speed, so ever go. That would be fast speed. I will say to me this drone really seems like it flies like the SJ r CF 11, when I move these controls it’s very similar. So if you’re used to the SJ r CF 11, I think you’d like this drone, because it’s like an upgraded version of that one. Alright. Looking at my screen, there’s a follow me function over on the left. You see it looks like a controller, I’ll click on that, and that should be GPS. Follow me mode, I believe, let’s see I’m gon na walk. Is it gon na follow me it’s? Actually pretty good now I don’t have the image stabilization on or anything. So this is no stabilization and follow me. Okay, stabilization is on I’m gon na put the follow me function on. Does the stabilization make it more like there’s a jello in the image, it’s kind of weird? So this is what stabilization on and follow me. It does have a nice follow me. It does seem to be working okay. If you’re, looking at my phone there’s an orbit me function, I’ll click that please use the remote blah blah blah submit so now over on the top right.

It says orbit to the right or orbit to the left. So I don’t all pick one sending data, so it should start to rotate in location where it is it’s going around. So I could control the camera. I can move it up and down. Let me show you the 90 degrees down. Let’S go all the way down. I think I still have stabilization on so there’s there’s, looking down as it’s orbiting, also well it’s, going over it’s going over slowly up ahead here. So I can use these joysticks that control it. So I can make the orbit even wider. There we go. I got her going way back now and there she goes around nice wide orbit and move it up so I’m, not hitting anything. This is what the orbits around looks like what the stabilization off. So maybe the image is a bit sharper with the stabilization off it’s, it’s kind of unclear what how it’s working on here! Alright! If you look at my screen I’m going to show you the waypoints and it’s a bit of a problem because so watch when I go to waypoints, I have no Maps so I’m. Looking all over my screen, I can see it says Google at the lower left, but I could try to go in out on my screen here. I got nothing, nothing normally it’s, just the way the maps are, I can’t see any way to get the maps to work so without maps.

I can’t really show you the waypoints on here. My phone is an Android phone and sometimes maps don’t work on certain phones. They seem to work on iOS phones, but on Android, sometimes not. I did try loading them before. I actually connect it, but it wouldn’t. Let me load them or connect because it says hey, you have to be flying to have this Waypoint thing run so tire guys. Can’T get the maps to work. You can look at the bottom camera. So if I click to the bottom camera there we go we’re gon na look down I’m gon na, take it up and I’ll walk under. I should be under it there. Here. I look up and take it away up so now: I’m shooting out the bottom camera that’s. What I’m filming with it’s only a 720p camera looks like I’m on the moon, so I’m at a beautiful beach, see the beach out here. Here we go I’m gon na. Take this away up and let’s see what we see now here you go I’m just gon na show you the camera, take a look at this, so we can see the curvature of the world. If I bring the camera up, we could straighten it out there. We go so that’s cameras full up. Look at that. I can look at the props and if I bring the camera down, so we’ll get the props out and we get the world we can make the world look like a GoPro round and then we and look all the way down 90 degrees back down me see That little shadow way down there that little dot that’s beep so I’m going full blast forward and there we go so I just brought the camera down a bit.

I think I got the props in the frame a little bit. Let me bring the camera down a bit boy, and did I get it any better? I’M out a hundred metres right now, I’ll just see how far I can go. I’Ve got enough battery power. It says, I’ll see what the range is on this thing at 170. Oh, that beeping tells me I’m getting low signal yeah, so I could see it right there receiver sink, though it says, receiver signals back, but I lost it. So I lost signal at 280 meters, so I’ll hit return home and it should come on back. So now, just in case you don’t know how it works with range on a drone. It works like this. You see my phone, I have a cover on it. A rubbery plastic cover that affects the range a little bit. The range is between your phone and the drones. So that means, if you have a crappy phone with crappy Wi Fi, one of them is gon na, be weak and you’re, not gon na get a long range. All right so let’s see how close it comes to our landing pad here’s the take off bad where it took off and that’s where it’s coming down over there. Some reason it does not like where it took off all right, so there we are. It should turn itself off and there we go all ready to pick up. So what do you think about that guys? What do you think about the fast and the furious all right, so the zenkei one drone? What did you think of that? Well, you know what, if you take the jello out of the video, because I was just re watching the video you could take that jello out.

If I took the time and balance the props, the video is actually quite decent. You know the colors look pretty good, except for the bottom camera, the bottom, the bottom camera on all these drones. They use a 720p camera. It doesn’t have the right colour effect or lighting it’s, not even made for taking video it’s made for optical flow. So it never has good video on the bottom, but all at all, you know this thing here flies fine it’s got a nice long flight time and it does what it’s supposed to do. I could only get like I said: 280 meter range, but then again that’s up to my cell phone. If you have a better cell phone than mine for Wi, Fi, you’re gon na get farther it’s that simple, so I’m gon na put links below to where you can find this drone. It is on the geek bine website and I believe it is on sale. I don’t believe it’s very expensive. I think it’s just over 100, I’m, not sure but yeah so check below you’ll see the price. Maybe I threw the price in the description. I never know check below anyways. If you, if I haven’t mentioned the price or you’ve, seen the price and you’ll find out what the price is for your country and if it’s something you want, then go ahead and get it because it’s a it’s, a full featured drone. Alright guys hope you enjoyed that review I’m out here at a beach at the moment, because, well, you know there’s not too many days left to be able to beach in my area of Canada, so before winter is coming I’m out here enjoying what little Sun there Is left not that it’s gon na affect my white skin but anyways thanks for watching this video? If you have any questions about the drone, just post them below, if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and we’ll catch you in the next video with lots.

More reviews take care. Alright, you just watch the video on the Zen k1 and you want to check out what comes in the box. So I’m gon na show you super fast cuz. I know you’re a busy person, so first thing you get in the box would be the instructions. Next thing you get the drone itself and the controller and the drone you’ve seen it in the video already it’s brushless motors foldable arms, brushless props batteries on the top on the bottom. You have the optical flow rate here and your microSD fits right in there get the lighting. So you see it, you have your camera in the front, see how it points up a little bit and it can come all the way down 90 degrees here and, if you’re wondering about the battery, let me just pull it off on the bottom. It says it’s a 2500 milliamp 11.1 volt battery and it is charged by USB right there and now let’s quickly weigh the drone 501 grams. Let me just pull out the controller it’s, an interesting design it’s almost like a little Xbox controller, just a little bit different. The way you hold it, you’ll notice, there are no antennas on here, which is a nice feature, because a lot of times antennas are just for show. They do nothing. You do have the two dials in the front ones for speed ones. For your camera to go up and down, this is for your cell phone.

Is your display right there and if I power it on there, you can see the display that I was talking about in the video, shows it all and ignore these little things. This is just for protection packaging and it actually looks like that and you will need batteries and they fit in the back, and I believe it takes three double A batteries and if you’re wondering, if there’s anything else in the box. Well, yes, there is you pulled this out. I can get this whole thing out of there and underneath you have your charging system, which is basically a USB cable, and you have your spare props right down in that box, and that is everything thanks for watching don’t.