This is a very promising tablet that I backed on IndieGoGo, so it was released as a crowdfunded tablet on IndieGoGo back in October, when I first paid for this one, and it was 219 us for the first early backers of it, which is a very cheap price. Considering that this right here has the same exact screen that you will find in a high end, premium Android tablet from Samsung, so it’s got the exact same Super AMOLED panel and now that has a resolution of 2560 by 1600. It is fully laminated, so it should be a great looking screen alright. So this box does look a lot like their other tablets that I have reviewed from all DQ and it seems so. Ok it’s moved around a little bit in the package, so there we have. The tablet wow that feels really light and thin get on to that in one minute, we’ll see what else we have here in the box, so we’ve got packaged up in here the power supply and I’m, not too sure. If this is going to be a erro one, hopefully it will be just get into this. I get from the top. We’Ve got a Type C cable, so that is USB 2 type C, that is in there and oh no. I don’t have a charger for some reason. Oh and oh here it is it’s actually in the side here. So yes, they have included an EU one.

Now this is going to support media Tex pump, Express, which means faster charging, because typically, an eight thousand milliamp hour battery could take about four or five hours and other tablets that don’t have this tick. So the rating of this one – this has a maximum output of 12 volts 1.5 amps. So that feels very thin and there is our screen. So we do have slide bezels that are rather slim the top and bottom yeah they’re, not gon na win any awards there. But I will just check the weight now: the official stats say 500 grams and it’s actually a little bit less 491. That is a really good weight and check out how slim that says this is super slim. This has to be one of the slimmest Android tablets that I have seen I’ll just measure that so that comes in at six point: seven millimeters and then it’s course without the camera there is a camera on the rear. So it sticks out a tiny little bit that brings it up to about seven millimeters there, and that is very good, so it’s, a super slim tablet. So just along the top here we have what looks to be an ambient light sensor. Don’T think it’s a front facing flash and then an 8 megapixel camera on the back. A brushed alloy finish. This does feel really good in hand. It’S not slippery, got the audio cube brand there X on the back, and it does mark out and tell us where the type c port is headphone jack and then our power and volume buttons.

This camera is also 8 megapixels here on the rear and it looks like it could be by the feel of it. Maybe plastic that is covering that lens at the top of the X here we’ve got two top frame speakers an SD card tray, so it does have micro, SD card support, a microphone, and you see those speakers there’s little girls there. Now these are tiny speaker so I’m. Definitely not holding my breath that these will actually sound amazing because normally on these tablets, they’re – not very good speakers – hopefully I’m wrong. On the right hand, side we have a 3.5 and I made a headphone jack there with mic support, I believe for then we’ve got a side fingerprint reader and USB type c. Now I don’t believe that this supports video out. Unfortunately, there is no HDMI s and no video out on this tablet. Something manufactures are dropping, but I will check it just in case I’m wrong. There, then, on the Left, we’ve got metal volume and power buttons here now these buttons do not rattle around. They do have a good feel to them, so overall, the build quality of this tablet is quite good, it’s premium, so just paddle up for the first time and the panel looks good. We’Ve got a little bit of a black border you get around and this always happens, but it’s not a huge, thick border there so far, it’s looking very good, an excellent screen, first impressions.

That is, of course – and here we have some vision – settings so it’s very bright at the moment, and the font size by default is very small, and the display size so they’re scaling they’ve set is something like 320 dpi with this high resolution, they’re 2560 by 1600. So there we go, we can tweak this up to have a heavy desire, so that probably looks a little bit better, actually increasing that now, I’m quite fond of having things a little bit small, so I’ll keep it about there. Just so, we can see things a little bit easier with this video and I will go through the setup. I won’t show you all that, because that’s just boring we’ll skip ahead now to what kind of apps we’ve got by default. So here you go. They’Ve gone with a very colourful background, of course, they’re trying to show off this brilliant panel that this has and the default apps that we’ve got so everything looks to be pretty much stocke they’re below, where maybe this one here files go. I have no idea what that is, but otherwise this seems pretty good. We’Ve got googles apps on there of course, Drive duo’s some things that you probably don’t need, but overall that’s not crammed full of bloat I’ll. Take a look now at what we have in terms of the storage, so just quickly brought this up before and we’ve got free 56 gigabytes on here, which is good and also check here.

If there are any updates, so Ramius we’re, currently using 1.3 gigabytes of four. So that is good. The OS is not using a lot, the launcher being stock and everything that is definitely going to help so about the tablet: it’s Android 8.1 and a security patch level November, the 5th 2018. So that’s not exactly a recent they’re, not the latest version of Android either, but for these Chinese tablets that I have been reviewing, a lot of them are still shipping with just Android 8 to 8.1. I feel, as is okay and considering the price of course, of this tablet so far, the performance does seem really good a lot faster and lot smoother differently than the Android halli. Oh tablets, I’ve been looking at so I’m into display settings now, as you can see, and there is an adaptive brightness settings. So this obviously must be this sensor. There’Ll be an ambient light sensor right there at the top, so it’s controlling the brightness. Now that I’ve turned off because I’m currently Idaho never seen brightness, and the reason is that when I try to capture screens that have Oh lead or AMOLED panels, you get this flicker. That comes in with my camera. Now this doesn’t happen with the IPS panel. So maximum brightness just measured it is very good it’s, just over 605 lux, so that’s, probably one of the brightest tablets, one of the right ones. I have, and you see this banding that is happening now now.

This has some pulse width, modulation that’s happening now. This is only happening on camera that’s, just my camera that is causing this, because I don’t see ISO dolls down nice. This is a good level and around about 50 or 40 percent brightness is where I probably be running at most of the time, but for the purposes of this video I’m, just gon na set that at 100 there now, what is missing in the display here is Normally we get mirror vision, settings and that allows us to adjust the white balance and your contrast, saturation and things like that. We don’t have that option here for some reason, which is a shame because with the media techs, you normally get there then cpu’s. You have some advanced settings that these ones I showed you before actually and you’ve, got your sleep and all that and you can change the display size, as mentioned that’s the scaling. The current scaling that I have it at is 280 dpi. Now, looking at some real world images, it looks really good this screen. This is an amazing panel. I mean when I first saw this in that Samsung Galaxy Tab. I thought wow that’s a really nice screen and it is fully laminated too so you can’t see any gap between that. The glass and the blacks look how black they are. They look very good, really nice. Now we do have a couple of modes on here that are helpful, of course, for your eyesight, so we’ve got what’s called the reading mode.

This reader see it puts everything in black and white and then, of course, we have the blue light filter which they have named global eye protection. For some reason, this is one of the questions that did pop up there. Someone asked me over Twitter, so does it support YouTube streaming? 1440P? Yes, it does, which is really good. I thought they might have kept it, but you can see 1440p it’s streaming fine. This is over 5g wireless and sadly, this right here is white vine level. 3. Support so it needs security level 1 in order to get Netflix in full HD. So if you’re gon na be running or plan to run Netflix on this particular tablet and standard definition only now, hopefully, all who cube can release a patch that corrects this. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that now. What about performance, which is very important so so far, I’ve seen some really good download speeds from the wireless up to 21 megabytes per second. This is on 5g wireless here the range seems to be good. I need to test it more. I need to go over the other side of the house to the apartment here and in chrome. At the moment you can see the scrolling speeds. Okay, it’s it’s, mostly fluid. I have noticed it now and then you will get a little bit of stutter I’ll, just go into chrome very quickly as well, and show you how that scrolling works here.

So just refresh the page and load that again so that pops up pretty quick and the touch input all seems good. You see that the scrolling speed here is fluid for the most part, but you see there is some rendering leg look at when that comes in. So it’s, not a super high speed performance tablet there with that performance you can see, but it seems to like the pages and good, so just click on something that I have not loaded before that it’s not in cache, and I didn’t think that worked there. We go so that about the Lakefield processor that popped up really quick, so that was good, it’s all about gaming performance. We know that this chipset, the hexa core, is not the fastest, but it does perform better than the likes of the mediatek helio X, xx series. So that’s the X 23, the X 20 and X 27. This is on the lower settings, so it’s the balanced graphics and then the medium framerate. You can’t go any higher and you probably would not want to because it would just become too slow then. So it is playable, I managed to get two kills and you’re not gon na get the best performance here. Definitely not, but I would say so far in my first hands on whether it playing this game that it is definitely playable and other games such as Shadow fight 3. This one runs on the native screen resolution of 2560 by 1600.

It is very smooth and a lot more playable this one, so it just really depends on the title: the kind of gaming performance you’re going to get just finished up, running antutu and it posts a decent score for this chipset. Now this is exactly the same kind of scores that I’m getting on the dicker core Jaleo X 27, which has a way faster maximum turbo of 2.6 gigahertz. This one is 2.1 paternal storage speeds also check out. I mean this is fine. This is a emmc 5.1 spec, the storage 64 gigabytes, and this is a lot faster than 4.5 point 1. This will definitely not be bottlenecking. This tablet it will be the chipset that’ll, be the bottleneck. As for your ebooks, they look really great on this screen as you’d. Imagine so. Ebooks performance is also very good. No problems with that and zooming into the ticks as well. The quality of it is really good, even when you do have it in portrait like this, you can’t see really any jagged edges at normal viewing distances. Now, if you break out a magnifying glass, then you will, and rather large heavy PDF file. This seems to be good when you do swipe ahead, just like any really Android tablet. It’S gon na be a little bit slow there, but your typical reading pace no problems and again it looks so good on this very premium screen. As I showed you at the start, there’s a fingerprint reader that’s on the side, let’s just check the speed of it it’s about, in my experience two seconds so it’s a little slow.

That was about two seconds, I’ll lock, and do that one more time for you. That’S an easy, almost three seconds: it’s, not the fastest, but it’s good – to have a fingerprint reader on this, at least, and what about our sound quality. So it is above average. I kind of expected this because they did advertise and promote the fact that it has an AKM, Wi Fi deck in there, so it’s digital to analog converter is something a little bit more special, not just one from media tech and the speakers at the top they’ve Got decent volume I find it to be fine. They don’t have much bass at all. They tend to lack they’re. Only a little small tiny speakers do vibrate at 100 percent volume, 3.5 millimeter, headphone, jack quality sounds very good. It’S clean, there’s, no static, there’s, no hiss. So above average audio – and I will give you a sample now of those pop firing speakers all right so after using this now for a good five or six hours, I must say I am impressed with what I’m seeing here we have a premium screen on here That you normally have and a very high end tablet, will high end Android tablet and that, of course, as the Samsung Tab s4, and that thing costs about three times more than this tablet. So it is a very, very nice panel. It is a shame that we don’t have any mirror vision settings, so you cannot tweak the white balance, but I think there are applications out there.

That will be able to do this, for us at least there’s a way around that. So we have stock Android 8.1. We have speakers that sound above average compared to the other Chinese tablets that I have reviewed 3.5 millimeter headphone output is also clean and clear, and it is quite loud once you booster past that warning that Android will give you. It does seem to have a little bit of a power behind that there having that deck is good than just using what your typical onboard, mediatek chipset would be to handle the audio, so that is good. Now the battery life. Of course, I will have to give you an update on the full review of just how long the battery is going to last, for I think, on a lower sitting of brightness. This should go for about eight hours, but this is just an estimate. I’Ll, give you exact figures in the full review and also charge times as well, should be a lot better than your typical again tablet. So I feel for the 219 years that I paid and other online retailers I think, it’s selling now for about 300 u.s.. I think that that is still a good price for this it’s. Very slim I mean look, how slim this thing is it’s super slim and it also has just a very nice build and finish to it fully laminated panel and everything, so that is checking out the overall weaknesses of this tablet.

As expected, the chipset I mean it’s, not a super powerful chipset, so certain games will be a little bit slower than other tablets. You will see a little bit choppiness it doesn’t like a lot of heavy multitasking and the chrome scrolling. As I pointed out, it’s. Alright, you know at your normal reading, pace it’s going to be fine, but you just see that it takes a little while to load in there images that’s, probably because of the higher resolution the 2560 by 1600. But to me this seems like the best that I have seen so far, especially considering and factoring in the price. Yes, it’s missing GPS. Yes, it is missing video output, so no HDMI a and no type C video out, which is a bit of a shame. So I’m, really looking forward to the all docube x2 if they do make another version and they put a much more powerful chipset in this it’s going to be a hell of a tablet..