3s on the market right now, so Onyx is coming in at the perfect time to release theirs. This is the books tab X, an e paper tablet PC. In fact, this is the first time weve ever seen. The words e paper tablet PC in the same sentence on a books device. It has a 13.3 inch screen 1650 by 2200 207 PPI. It has a stylus layer, it has a capacitive layer, it has an octa core processor, six gigs on board Ram 128 gig storage and Android 11. Music. This is a massive box, obviously because it is a 13.3 inch device. I must say I do like the side where they did this books logoing its kind of like a Louis Vuitton, Chanel kind of repeating pattern across the side of the unit. This thing is black front and back theres, really not too much to the Box itself. Its very just kind of normal – and it says books – make a difference and theyre no longer saying like a tablet. Unlike any tablet, this will open up like this, and we do have a foam layer on the inside. This is very important is something theyre very serious on, because this is a very expensive, 13.3 inch device, typically the larger the screen, the weaker it is in the center. So if something lands on it right about here, typically, it is more prone to breakage than other devices lets put that off to the side.

For now Inside the Box, you have two canisters here: nothing in there Im not sure why they have not put anything in there as of late theres, the warranty card and the quick start guide in several languages. As you can see, right here about 15 different languages, put that off to the side as we will not need it moving forward for now, and this box has your stylus and the USB. I hope which I hear they went with the pen 2 Pro, and this is a review sample. So maybe it will be different, but we hope – and it is the pen 2 Pro now there has been a little bit of a problem with this pen recently not functionality wise, but color wise people are saying theyre getting different, color pens thats, because Onyx does play Around with their colors a lot, sometimes they do black. Sometimes they do blue. Sometimes they do blackish, green and its all kind of muddled. Together that you cant really tell this. One honestly looks like a super super dark navy, blue with about 10 percent black piled over it, so its kind of hard to even tell what color it is. This one does have an eraser at the back and a little thimble cap, and this is using the standard, Wacom tips that fit everything in the industry from Onyx, stuff, the quadrino stuff, the remarkable Etc, and they have the USBC Cable in there. Now there is no HDMI or anything like that, because this is not the Lumi one.

This is technically not even the Lumi anymore, its the tab X. So really they foregone or for went the whole micro HDMI thing. This is a really big unit, its looking really nice. The back is definitely blackish green thats, not blue and thats, not black and its, not gray. That is definitely a blackish green. It has a green tinge in the flake. It almost is like a little bit of a cross between a forest and a sage. You do have these little speaker, Grille cutouts, which are beautifully lined with an aluminum dotted Grille, underneath the outside tooled grill thats, a very nice contrasting pattern. You have this little moniker down below that has all the information on it with your serial number, all the FCC certifications. You have your USBC, nothing on the left side, nothing on the right side and the top has the power button with status indicator light. Now I must say its a little bit confusing when you get it, because you want to hold it portrait, but it actually has the books logo Down on the Corner landscape oriented as if youre supposed to hold it with the asymmetrical Ledger, are on the right, but Typically, that is usually on the left, so its a strange layout, its not a bad layout, its just strange weve, never seen a device that we were really confused with when we took it out of the box. Now this is a 13.3, which means a full size piece of A4 or, to a lesser extent, eight and a half by eleven theyre, a little bit different will fit on this page so which that means is that when you have a PDF or something you dont Have to scale it and you dont have to scale it bigger its actually just going to fit on the page.

In fact, 13.3 and above are the only size devices to actually be able to fit pieces of paper. To be honest, the amount of setup required was almost nothing. They didnt ask Wi Fi, they didnt ask setting up the stylus or anything like that, so thats, actually a little bit nicer that they dont force you to go through all these things. You do have a navigation bar down below, but you can choose gesture support So swipe swipe up. It does have Google play right out of the box, you dont need to bind the unit or anything like that, and you do have a top down with several speed modes, which is really nice. You can find all those in the e ink center, which is right here. This is looking very nice and in our review we are going to mostly focus on things that this can do that other devices cant so were gon na. Let the ebook reading and the manga and all that other stuff take a back seat and look at things like keyboard split screen, screen, PDF, editing, and all of that this is everything that comes in the box. With the brand new tab X from Onyx books, 13.3 inch and really the only feasible 13.3 inch that has this level of functionality on the market today for goodereader.