brief model: this was by no means uploaded in my essential channal so i am importing it right here about 1 yr later cuz i put some effort in this-

lengthy model:
like…a yr in the past, huion pill contected me for a sponsored pill evaluation, i assumed i will have time to really do that
what i did not expectied nevertheless, is that my artwork faculty functions begins at september, so in the summertime break instances (july/august), i’ve to REALLY foacus on my artwork so i could make in, which means i literaly must focaus to 8am until 10pm and go residence like…at 10:30pm

i used to be having lack of sleep, vitamin (cuz all i ate was 1 snickers bar and chips so i can sleep at lunch time) and was basicly unable to do a pill evaluation which was purported to be uploaded about early august
fortunately, huion stated it is cool and instructed me it was alright to delay the evaluation

nevertheless, when i really completed it and emailed them, for some motive thay by no means ship me a ultimate reply which is a approval of the evaluation video (i would like them to approve my evaluation so i can add it if anyone do not know)

and…a few yr later (now), i discovered this clip nonetheless exists on my telephone, and must add it right here cuz i do not need it going to waste ?

i nonetheless really feel actually responsible about not importing that evaluation tho ?