What it’s actually is it’s a magnetic one, so you have a four pin exactly so we can do also a communication. You can connect it either way. It is a flat connector, so it means that if you have some kind of flat device like my tablet here, uh it – it is very you know very small and just just go splash with the with the case and if you connect it to the power, it Also has an eye screen led at the end, so i wanted to test it out to see if it’s any good, actually so it’s good for usb 2.0 communication works quite well. I tested it out, but what worries me is charging, but i tested it with this. Measuring current measurement usb things uh, it was well it limited the current. I did my own setup with you know a socket and a plaque and another cable. I also tested that it was limiting all the current to one amp, but for some reason the tablet was still charging at a higher current, so i decided that well, i don’t really need it to have a milli, milliamp uh figure exactly. I just wanted to see how good it is. So i just decided to measure the current on the tablet itself. The run is on the windows 10 device. All we have to do is go to start menu type in powershell and run it as an administrator, and i have the script here, so i can run it just fine.

Just let me get the keyboard and start it up and, as you can see, you can monitor the discharge and charge rate so currently it’s over 505 thousand uh. These are not a milliamp volume, so uh don’t take this in in this way, it’s just a right. Let’S say so: if you have a pc with a huge load that’s over that’s, taking your power from your charger and over that that even have to grind the battery, you can connect the charger to your pc and notice that it is less uh. It is on the discharge rate side, and so that that can happen if your charger is just bad, let’s say and it doesn’t it cannot deliver enough power for your pc. So, as you can see, there is barely any difference either way. You can connect this and we have values over 3000 here, and this is a charger with the blackberry charger. Let me swap around is the samsung one, so values here are fairly similar a bit over 3000 from what i noticed depending on the current load of the system, it can go to three and a half thousand uh, so that that’s fairly good – and let me swap Around to uh the samsung micro usb cable here i have samsung micro, usb cable connected that’s, the original one, as you can see, it’s fairly similar it’s a little bit less to be honest uh, so that that doesn’t bode well for the original cable but uh.

This is what you get right now. What’S interesting is the samsung cable actually works a lot worse on the blackberry charter because, as you saw there, a little bit over 2 000 uh in in the value and again that’s only alright. So this is again a samsung charger, so again very similar uh, and so that means that this cable that was made by uh let’s, see here, uh that’s, a uh phonic and that that’s some brand that you can find on aliexpress it’s really good, even though it Is a magnetic cable and this doesn’t look too. You know that that doesn’t look too great, also uh. What you can get from them is uh another set uh. These are uh. You can get a different connector. So if you want, you can use the same cable for uh micro, usb device, but also maybe just connect it there a lot, but also maybe for your phone. If you want uh with a usbc, uh cable and it works really great – i tested it out and i really don’t see any difference between uh the the the standard uh phone capable. I i got with my uh with my phone and and this one so that i’m really impressed, especially if your phone is capable of higher uh voltages, so that’s also really good. So it really doesn’t matter at this point and i think they improve this in in the way that one is the double sided connector over here, but also two.

It has data transfer, so it can communicate with the charger and actually uh. You know yeah get get the right current, that it needs for the device, so i think that this cable is actually pretty good. I was expecting that it would be. You know fifty percent sixty percent of the of the current current capacity of the standard cable, but no uh, and i think that this design, the flat uh magnetic design, is actually much much better. But just you know be on lookout. Just make sure that you don’t uh, buy a cable from from manufacturer that doesn’t have a good opinions, because i was using the those phonak cables before uh to extend uh. My my my phone charging cable next to my bed to three meters and they were pretty great. I mean that the the charging was up to. I think three amps so – and this is this one – is rated for up to 2.4 amps and i think that that just do exactly that. Thank you so much guys for watching and hope you enjoyed.