So what you are spending three hundred dollars is three metal sheets, glass and few screws. The black cover is a joke. You cannot securely put the camera without moving the cover. There is no secure positioning for the tablet either it can fall any second, not security at all. It is poorly constructed design and not useful. If you want to use a dummy battery for long readings, it is impractical, overpriced and we will be returning it never mind. The remote, like other, have pointed out. It feels like it was purchased in one dollar store and 10 000 price increased. It does not. Work. Is flimsy and you have to push buttons really hard for command to register. This is a very good teleprompter, since it accommodates ipad pro and projects. A larger font than most the quality and workmanship are very good sturdy and designed. Well. However, i wish the covering cloth was at least one inch bigger all around to comfortably fit over the reflection chamber. I had to stretch the material very hard to get it to fit and hope it stays in place. It would have been much better if the cloth could be secured at in pace via velcro or some other means very well made strong, rigid works. Great great price manufacturer has a good website with tips on how to use it all depends on what you need. But that said here are a couple of things. The ipad placement could have been better secured.

The cover cloth it’s the worst thing ever this alone ruins the application of this tool. It constantly gets on the way of the camera. It’S super tight you most likely will have to create your own. Every time you try to squeeze your hand to adjust the camera you’ll mess up the shot overall, the price for this teleprompter is ultimately way over what it’s worth well built in works. Well as hardware challenges, finding decent teleprompter software for ios tablet included software and remote works. Fine, but is very basic. Black altitude was somewhat difficult to install very, very tight, but once on works well in material seems sturdy. Excellent, build quality and attractive mid level price. I have ordered from korea and the shipping arrived two weeks earlier than expected and i was very thrilled. It fits just right for my samsung galaxy pro page 900 13 inch tablet because of the big screen i have struggled with a remote for a wee, but through amazon service and the seller. Pixel discovery guide me with quick solution and all works. Fine very, very satisfied. Not a big deal but it’s going to be more for the money with a bigger cover cameras fit but too tight, and i have to deal with the angle to hide the square in picture. But, as said not a big deal, the product is super. If you do an upgrade of cover, put me on list thanks, solid device took one star away, because first order was missing.

Apart had to send back and get a replacement, which was a hassle after losing my formatted script for the third time. Because of this, i decided to write a review good first off the quality of the physical product is fantastic. The glass cannot be seen in playback and when i t works, it is a massive time saver and makes for improved presentation. Very bad. Of course, as you use the teleprompter, the remote is vital. The problem is this: one is just plain terrible in the hand the remote feels like it costs 6 cents. You literally have to pry the back cover off the plasticy remote use, what’s left of your fingers to remove the batteries and shove them back in to try and connect the remote to your tablet again, every time. Okay, so that’s done – and you have now got this web app open, wish it was a desktop type app you drop in your script, which always formats in the weirdest way with spacing, etc. This should just retain format from all docs at this price point, so you need to readjust all the formatting, so it is actually readable time. Great 20 minutes later you have your readable script, remote connected let’s. Do it? You click one button on the remote and it takes you out of the teleprompter app that’s right. All that formatting is gone because your teleprompter remote magically became a mouse keyboard and selected the back button, a major issue, since it is a web app.

I can’t see any situation where you would need this feature, and it makes me think this remote has just been repurposed from something else. It 100 causes more harm, as opposed to doing any good. I now need to go work out how to get out of this useless feature and just to what a teleprompter user would need. That’S right, let’s get back to ripping the back of the remote off. Once again, i am actually just going to leave the back cover off. You may as well, throw it away for your fingers sake. I am bitterly disappointed in the quality of the apb and remote at this price point. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of options out there, but a complete redesign of this apb and remote is needed. It completely messes up what would be a truly magical product if you go with this, invest in a pair of pliers and some therapy sessions more than happy to update this review if these issues are fixed. Firstly, this absolutely worked is advertised. It is a bit fiddly to assemble the first time round, and a couple of the screw fittings would benefit from having rubber washers included as the initial fit was a bit loose, even with screws tightened, as other reviews have pointed out, be prepared to adjust the cloth. Hood to stop it encroaching on the lens we used. A small dog clip. The remote is pads googling reveals it works well with android, but it was hopeless.

With our ios kit, we used pro prompter app to connect an iphone 10 as controller for an ipad pro for the price i can’t grumble. This is a good solution without spending several hundred pounds more. We used this on a professional shoot and also modified it to be used as an enterotron glass included was flawless thumbs up.