Between 37 000 milliamps, Music, 45 watts of fast charging, which means Indianapolis, 50 MP, AI camera, so Organization for daily driver and the design – oh, my God, under 10k. Oh speaking of the price, yes guys, yes, 10K. What 13 gigabytes and get this up to two? Five? Six gigs, then internal storage, guys this is the gaming phone to get 10 okay Brands and phones well have to see lots of beans and youre watching unbox Diaries Music. Oh by the way, if you want to check out the full specs of this phone, weve got it all for you: uh techno, 4×4, Pro and uh very shiny, its a very shiny product gaming phone gaming venue box. And what is this dahil recession designer in the money user manual and whoa? Look at that presentations, big things come in small packages, 45 Watts, wow, ejector, pin and the USB type c cable and the earphones, not my microphone. Nice, oh by the way, since gaming, Phonto collaboration, gaming experience, meaning Optimus. Here it is: oh, my goodness, gravy and wow grade school designs, gray and fluorite, blue okay tongue twister and kanyang colors, yes, but this one has a totally different design and shapes effects. Shattered glass designs: yes, there is nothing else under 10k magnetic design, Oppo Vivo infinix, but this one is the main difference is pieces, are regular pisidiba and giving PC maraming paellao major radical young design, yeah gaming phone at all. Actually, In fairness, I love the design.

It looks really nice gamer feels like matte finish, and you also have some flat sides curve. I think this is going for the hybrid box type and curve type phone, a pure box type or pure curve type in the middle and by the way Flagship gaming phone uh. I dont know what that is. Foreign, no whats, not corny, are the sides of the phone cases, volume, rocker power, button, its a right side. My speaker, USB type support, is a microphone headphone, jack and one side, plus micro SD card slot for exploitability. On top of the two five six gigs techno fans for the first time ever is an AMOLED display, que pover series OMG much brighter, better color, better contrast, better everything, guys version 90 Hertz refresh rate on top of the AMOLED 110 kilometer up to 180 Hertz touch Sampling rate Punk gaming, navigating on the home page doing pretty much anything, looks really really damn smooth classes from the 96 95 nope. This is a big jump, feelings, Flagship level of performance. Now, 2019.10 interface. You know wow Ganda. Now this is what Im talking about amulet display Applause, Wow, first time, zoom in say, YouTube snakes, but, yes, Im able to play a 1440p video in YouTube 60 frames per second image. Quality is okay, so not only in video performance but also quality. No in terms of volume, Ive heard much better speaker, but in terms of pagka, clear and pagka immersive, guys DTS audio, which means kind of extreme higher quality music.

It will give you a much clearer, much more immersive experience, support and, yes without further Ado lets, get it on with the gaming part. I dont play games on my Android game space and I see Panther engine 2.0 console game mode, boost the graphics boost the performance, sports mode calls text, chats information like in battery new Wi Fi signal everything actually is boosted here and its much more optimized for gaming. So mobile Legends, as you can see whatever that means, and just like that, I went in to check out the settings – oh my God, a high refresh rate at high graphics, but yes, playing mobile Legends on this is pretty good. My academic experience theres no getting away from that. No smartphone is perfect, but yes, animation, human skills and, oh, you got ta. Try this out. Gyroscope, look at this 90 FPS mode wow and look at this feature: hunting mode, putting black and white and overall marketing performance. Yeah flagships phones, just like the Techno power 4, Pro impressive and last but not least, is again chin impact the ultimate Benchmark game in the Play Store for Android phones and, as you can see, my channel is a high graphics, medium graphics in the first released as Time went by advancing young processor As Time passed by and unlocking opponent file size. This is one big massive game now for Mia. I recommend playing on a PC or console okay. Now the camera has a 50 megapixel AI camera with a 2mp depth sensor at it.

It looks okay, no theyre, not really promoting this as a major camera phone. Okay for your daily driver. Just dont expect too much for me super night mode, AI camera, slow motion, Pro mode 30 frames per second and 1080p 60 frames per second bam: kamustana Snapdragon 695. A 1080p 30 long and get this uh been a 2K 30 FPS notification, so looking sick here and what merusian beauty mode? Okay, steam beauty mode, no Music um, but I dont know why but yeah now so far there is no phone thats as good as this, except for another brand. This is the price guys, eight one, two, eight nine thousand six hundred and ninety nine pesos only and get this 1100 pesos 8256 for only ten thousand four hundred and ninety pesos long also available techno, popo, 4 expandable up to 13 gigabytes RAM for only 7900 and 99 pesos pro version Melbourne, techno pox in the market. I know okay, but all I can say is impressive storage for 10K Americana 256 gigs everything about the Techno power, 4 Pro blows my mind and I believe sobrama. You have to buy this on Christmas guys.