I have with me a techno 7D tablet. This techno 7D tablet has a Google account lock and in this video I will show you how to bypass it without a computer. So now lets get started. Connect your tablet to a Wi Fi network and then press next foreign Music is locked to a Google account, which means there is no option for us to skip this process. And the tablet is asking us to sign into the previous Google account that was synced to desktop so make sure you follow me to the end of this video, and I will show you how to fix this. Without a computer in 2023 now go ahead and click emergency then double tap on the emergency informations. Then right now we are going to add contacts. Okay, so make sure you insert a valid SIM card. Then you tap on the pencil icon on the right corner of the tablet. Screen now select contact, you can go ahead and add a new contacts but Ive already added contacts, so lets continue tap on the three dots and Click Share. Now youre going to tap and hold a Gmail logo and select app info then go ahead and tap on notifications, Music. Thank you, foreign Music browser Music, and we are going to use the Chrome browser to download a very small application that we are going to use to remove the FRP so go ahead and search for add, ROM, slash, bypass, okay lets, go ahead and type in add Room, slash bypass and then youre going to select bypass, Google accounts 2022 Music foreign websites.

Then what you need to do is you have to scroll down and search for the Google settings APK and click on it to download Music. Now we need to press continue to give the Chrome browser access to the storage. Then you go ahead and click ok to start downloading. So you click on the pointed Arrow at the right corner of the tablet screen. Then downloads – and here we can see the progress on how the APK I mean, the application is downloading, so lets go back and fix some few things before the application finished downloading. So you go ahead and click on the open settings, and here we are in the phone settings. When you go to the about phone, you can see that this is techno 7D and it is running on Android 7.0 version. Now we head back to the settings and then well go to the security Music. Then go to device. Administrators deactivate find my device, and now it is deactivated. Then we go back to the settings again and then we are going to search for apps foreign okay. So lets search for Google Play service and then you click on it now. First stop Music, then disable the app Music. Then we head back again and well do the same for Google Play Store. You first stop Music and then you disable the app good. So lets go back again, just in case you are being redirected here. You can just follow the process gently to return back to the browser foreign Music, Music.

You tap on the downloads Music. So guys, as you can see, the Google settings APK is still downloading. So lets just wait for a little while and after the download, then we complete this process. If youre new to the channel make sure you hit the Subscribe button and like this video, if youre having any difficulty, make sure you drop a comment and Ill get back to you as soon as possible foreign Music. So now the APK is completely downloaded. Lets go ahead and install it so click on it then click on the settings and then we are going to enable unknown source so that we can be able to install this app. Then you will go back again and click on the Google Settings app. We have the option to install you. Click next, then install Music foreign Music may take a little bit longer, depending on how fast the device is. So you can just click open, and this is to be sure that it has successfully been installed. Then we head back foreign Music again slash bypass, then you click on it and select bypass. Google account 2022 Music. Then inside the art room website, youre going to click on the open settings, and here we are in the tablets settings. Then you click on the accounts. Now lets add a new account, then click on Google Music. So if you figured it out, you could see that the Google icon has changed to a blue, and that is because of the APK.

I mean the application that we have installed so now. Lets go ahead and sign in with a new Gmail account, so make sure that this Gmail account that youre signing in is valid, and you know the password Music. Then you click next Music and enter the correct password for this email address Music. When youre done with that, then you press next and agree. So just wait a little while and you will see a pop up that Google settings has stopped thats it. We have logged in and you can see that we now have a Google account on this tablet. Now head straight to the apps, and then we are going to click. The three dots at the right corner of the tablet screen then reset app preferences resetting the app preferences will enable the Google Play service, as well as the Google Play Store. Yes, so here you are here, we are, you can all see that the Google Play service and the Google Play Store is now enabled. So you can go ahead and first stop the Google Settings app uninstall it. I mean the Google Settings app that we have downloaded and installed in this phone, which has enabled us to bypass the FRP. You can go ahead and uninstall it so guys lets head back to the main menu and complete this process immediately without wasting much time Music right now we are back to the main menu, so you can go ahead and reboot the tablet just go ahead and click On the reboot and reboot, the tablets guys make sure that you always follow the video step by step.

Okay, as far as You Follow the video step by step, you are guaranteed that it is going to work 100. Okay, because in this method, you dont have to skip anything, you dont have to every second means a lot in this process, so lets wait a little while so that the tablet to put back to the main menu and thats it. We just set up the tablets at this very moment. You should make sure that your Wi Fi network is still connected to the tablet. Okay and the tablet we use the Wi Fi to verify. The Google account that we have logged in to the tablet so lets just wait a few seconds and then the verification will be complete. It is officially confirmed that we have added a new Gmail account. Now all you need to do is just click next and next and next and next here you select your country, then I select Ghana and confirm it, and that is it. That is it guys. It is complete. Now you can go to the settings and remove the account or add a new one as you wish, and that is it for the Tecno 77.0 Android version, guys if you like, the video make sure that you hit the Subscribe button like this video share with yourself. You can drop a comment and support the channel in any way that you can okay, because the solution lives here, guys stay blessed and see you in the next.