This is right here on the left and x98 plus you can see my little label at the top there, so both of these tablets have the same exact, Retina screen and then a very similar design. The front panels, the same plastic bezels. They don't have a scratch resistant screen, so they're running the iPad, Retina screen, basically it's the same screen it's the LG IPS panel it's a very nice screen and you can see there's a bit of a color difference here. That says more of a cool blue whitey kind of shade that's is both white on here as a more of a warm white and a cool white, and they both have the same across resolution, which is 2048 by 1536, 264 PPI. So the screens do look very sharp and very nice that PPI is not actually that far away from my surface pro 4 that I have that has 267, so not much at all in there. So a very nice looking screen good blacks, good colors, viewing angles are great as well, and things look pretty good there. So between both of these, there is quite a large difference, so they're both cheery trailer chips. That says the atom. X5 0 8300 in it. And this has the atom x5 z 8500 in it so faster. You can see, obviously right now deep bench schools look about. There is a big difference there, especially when it comes to the multi core score, almost well eight hundred and something or other points.

There is quite a large difference and this tablet has four gigabytes. So does this one, so they are the same physically different kind of design. So this is a squared off edge on the x9 8 plus – and this has the older air, 3g style, shell. That has a rounded edge to it, which makes it look a little thinner. And I prefer the rounded off edges, although I'm, starting to actually like the squared off edge as well, because it does make the tablet feel a little more stronger than a Y. But I think it's, just maybe the square edge tends to feel stronger there. Now both of the screens are actually running at 75 brightness, but you will notice all so with the difference in color. There there's also the difference in brightness. The x98 pro screen is definitely a lot brighter and you do see that so 3d performance there's a huge difference here. This is a 3d mark 11 and you can see there that quite a large difference, the skitzer performance, 314 and 425. So our large difference there remember these are just atom chipsets here with generation 8 Intel GPUs, they have 12 executional cores on them, and this is clot to 500 megahertz, the GPU and this one's at 600 megahertz. So again, another advantage given to the pro here and definitely a lot faster. And lastly, if we have a look at the ice storm to score about 8000 points difference now, I have seen this ice storm 1.

2 school get up to 26000. Now this recent test that I ran didn't get as high, but I think it could have been down to temperatures on the chipset. This in Windows gets up to 86 degrees and it does throttle, does have thermal throttling. This model here gets up to 71 and there's. No thermal throttling – and I do have a feeling that tickle us have actually clots down the turbo power limit and the turbo power time on this CPU just to try and keep those temperatures under check and it seems to be working, but it sacrifices performance a little Bit now just using Windows. The pro here is just so much faster, a lot more fluid when it just comes to doing everything I bring things up. I just noticed that definitely, the pro excels with its faster clock speeds, because it's 400 megahertz faster. It does make a big difference there now both of these machines. They don't have 3G SIM card slots, unlike the air 3G I'm hoping that maybe next year, two clusters can at least add maybe 3G or 4G to both of these models, or at least one of them, and you can actually see that the screen is flickering there Too, on the x98 plus that's only flickering on camera by the way I'm looking at both of them, and I can't to take that flicker at all so that's, just something that's being picked up on the camera there, but all in all, if you're deciding between both Of these models, you also have to factor in one other thing.

That is, this has dual boot at the moment, the extranet plus does not have dual boot. You can see right here, android logo tap this, and it would ask me if i want to boot over into android, which i'll say yes, and it now will proceed to go over to android something this model. Hopefully, we'll have early next year or the end of this year, I'm, hoping that tech glass will release dual boot and they both have 64 gigabytes of storage. Obviously, with the one operating system, you get more storage for windows here of this one, you don't, because you're having to share that between Android and Windows and price wise between both of them. This one sells for about a hundred and seventy three on bhangra con and this one for 215, with coupons and discounts included there so there's a large gap there too, when it comes to the price, but not too large and the performance. Definitely if you want performance, this is the model to get now. If you want battery life, this one here gets around six to seven hours of battery life in Windows 10, and this gets around about 4 to 5 and Windows, 10 battery life and around about 4 hours in and Android, which I have just booted up now and The screen is turned right down the brightness there we go bring that up so there we go so it's a quick comparison between the both of you're thinking of them.

If you're more of the gamer, then this is the one to get. I think next I need Pro even with the throttling that that only happens in Windows by the way it doesn't happen in Android. For some reason, Android the temperatures do not go over 45 degrees. So if you gamer that's the one to get – and I wouldn't worry too much about throttling, if you're going to be gaming in Android, then you're not going to have a problem but in Windows. Yes, it does get hot this one and if you're charging at the same time and using Windows, then yes, those temperatures will reach 86 degrees, or so my pick of the I prefer the performance. I think I can still live with around 4 or 5 hours battery life and yeah I'd. Take this one, the x98 plus thanks watching the video I level up and coming on tablets from China.