Now you would think the performance of both of them would be the same with the same Ram, the same Ram speed as well and the same configuration now. Both these models also have 64 gigabytes of internal emmc storage, but you can see clearly here with 3dmark Icestorm 1.2, that there is a large difference there in 3d performance. Now. I do think that, as OOOs have clocked down the the 3d clock on the intel generation, a graphics that both of these have here so there's a bit of a difference there. You can see quite actually quite a difference there with the scores and also Geekbench 3 scores here, which is good way of gauging the actual cpu performance, a slight difference there as well. Now I did apply a copper heatsink mod to the X line 8 Pro here. These scores are before I applied that mod, so I'm, not cheating in any way. Just to let you know now, the screens, of course very different. We have a 4 by 3 ratio on the X line 8 here, and that has a very nice 2048 by 1536 resolution. Now this has a ppi of 264, so it's a very sharp screen, but it lacks the brightness that the Zeus has here. This booth has a very bright screen t100 screen to show you the brightness. Now, if I turn it up, it will actually overpower the camera here, recording and make everything dark, but it's an extremely bright screen.

Just as a comparison, I have the screen here on 50 and this one here is running at 75 and they still looks to be at the t100 being brighter there. Now the screen on the t100 here comes with a docking keyboard. Of course you can see. Is a fully laminated display and the tick last isn't now this screen has a much lower resolution: it's 1280 by 800. The viewing angles are actually bitter than the tick last and while you look close, you can see those pixels when you do look up close there, but using it from arm's length. You'Re not going to see the pixels and you don't have any scaling issues when you're using this resolution. Windows is applying scaling on the tick last x98 and basically, both of these systems very different, really, but the take last definitely ones when it comes to performance. And if you want to type do some practical things, then the t100 here is probably the one to get like if you're, considering both for them now in real world performance, if you're just doing docks you're using the internet looking at YouTube, and you want the keyboard There not see this is probably the tablet you want to go for, and the overall build is good now better life. Also here, this is t100 completely destroys the teclast. It gets about three hours more. This can get about eight and a half hours with around 40 percent brightness of web use.

On the other hand, the tip glass will struggle here to get maybe four and a half hours. It definitely seems to eat through the battery a lot and I think, it's something to do with the BIOS and probably because it performs much better. It tends to hold the turbos a lot longer in the clocks than the azouz t100. So, overall, if you are considering looking at these two, it really depends what you want. If you want a practical machine that they can come a netbook there, it as a clamshell folds up nicely, and you have that physical keyboard and better battery life brighter screen. Maybe I would consider getting the t100. I do have issues with my one with the touchscreen. This is actually going to go back because it has ghost touching I've got other videos of that in the channel and then, if you want more of a tablet, that is the same screen as the iPad ear, then this is the one to get with a 4 By 3, ratio prefer to look at websites like that do a bit of gaming, but you don't need the keyboard, and this, of course, is much cheaper. This is around 2 and 30 us and this model right here about 300 or 350 there, so that's, a quick comparison there between those two models do stay tuned to the channel. If you're interested in tablets from China, Dell will have more often coming very shortly.